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How to Wear A Monochromatic Outfit With Vintage Style

I recently participated in a fashion challenge on Instagram to create outfits using a different color each day for a week. Boy, did that get me thinking about another way to look at my wardrobe! I came up with some of the most fun and exciting combinations I’ve put together in a long time. So I wanted to share how to wear a monochromatic outfit with vintage style.

Monochrome Vintage Outfit in Green

What Is A Monochromatic Color Scheme?

A monochromatic color scheme simply means picking one color, say yellow, and wearing all yellow clothing. It can be the pure color or different:

  • Shades (darker as if mixed with black)
  • Tones (darker as if mixed with grey)
  • Tints (lighter as if mixed with white)

While I’ve seen many monochromatic looks with solid color pieces, you can also throw in a print or even print mixing, as long as it sticks to your one color choice as the main color.

Monochrome Vintage Style Outfit in Blue

How to Pick A Color

Let’s face it, color just makes you smile. And with summer on the way, it’s time to break out some bright hues. You can probably put together a monochromatic outfit using what you already have, in my case, a lot of vintage clothing. Most of us gravitate to one or two favorite colors when we shop for clothes. For me, it used to be a lot of black and white, and now it’s rich jewel tones.

Monochrome Vintage Outfit in Orange


How to Put Together A Monochromatic Outfit With Vintage Style

The way I came up with these outfits is I had a color for the day. So I went to my closet and laid out everything I have in that color. Then I started pulling together an outfit based on what worked together. It’s fun to do this with separates because you have more options, but don’t forget accessories – purses, scarves, tights, bangle bracelets, earrings and shoes. If you’re not a big accessory collector, you may want to reach for a neutral or metallic shoes and handbag to complete the look if you don’t have any in that particular color.

Monochrome Vintage Outfit in Yello

Try Different Textures

Part of the fun of creating a monochrome look is mixing and matching. Since you’re working with one color, you can do this in the texture of the clothing. Try mixing different types of materials to create interest – think silks, linens, velvet, cotton. This will give your outfit more dimension and make it look downright touchable.

Monochrom Vintage Outfit in Purple

Now that you know how to wear a monochromatic outfit with vintage style, what color will you choose to challenge yourself to put together a new look?

Check out more of my fashion challenge outfits on my Instagram page.

Until next time,


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How to Style a Sweater Vest Creatively

I love a good sweater vest. This simple layering piece became a trend last year and is perfect for between seasons when it’s just a little chilly outside but not cold enough for a full sweater. While this piece has a reputation as a conservative mainstay when paired with a button-down shirt, I wanted to share how to style a sweater vest creatively.

Sweater vests come in all different colors and can include some fun patterns. I try to look for unusual designs or a good ol’ fashion grandpa sweater.Styling it with other prints and textures can create an interesting look with vintage style.

Mixing Prints with A Sweater VestVintage sweater vest

Vintage sweater vest

I found this sweater vest at a vintage store and just loved the print. At first, I wasn’t sure how to style it and just paired it with solid colors. But then I started to have some fun with it. I put it over a thrifted button-down shirt with a small print in complementary colors and then some pants with a light plaid print in the same color palette that lets the bold print of the vest stand out.

Mixing Textures with A Sweater Vest

How to style a sweater vest

Styling a sweater vest

I fell in love with this grandpa-style beige sweater vest at an antique market. It looks like it was lovingly hand-knitted. I decided to have some fun with it by pairing it with a thrifted, silky bold-colored pink and orange print button-down shirt and vintage pale pink linen skirt.

Mixing Prints and Solid Colors with a Sweater Vest 

Wear a sweater vest with vintage style

How to wear a sweater vest

Don’t limit your sweater vests to just going over shirts. They also work great over your summer dresses when it’s not quite warm enough to wear them. I paired this thrifted green sweater vest over a vintage pony-print dress and added a vintage belt to give it some shape.

What ways can you think of to style your sweater vest? Maybe over a hoodie, with a t-shirt or a puffy-sleeve blouse? The options are limitless!

Check out more ways to style creatively with vintage and thrifted finds on my Instagram page.

Until next time,



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How to Wear a Women’s Crewneck Sweater With Vintage Style

Crewneck sweaters are a wardrobe staple. They’ll take you from the first crisp days of fall to that last chill in the air in springtime. But while they are a basic, they can also be a little boring and nerdy, when just worn over a button-down shirt, which is how you mostly see it styled. Last winter, I invested in a good assortment of crewneck sweaters (mainly because I had no warm clothes after moving from Southern California to Colorado) in classic colors. I learned how to wear a women’s crewneck sweater with vintage style.

Vintage dress with crewneck sweater

Crewneck sweater with vintage dress and hat

Style a Crewneck Sweater Over a Vintage Dress

You can use a basic crewneck sweater to winterize a vintage dress, even if it’s in bright spring colors. Just ground the color palette in a more seasonal neutral such as this tan crewneck sweater over a bright paisley vintage dress. The collar on this dress works well peeking out of the top. I added a little ribbon tie. Top the look with a fun vintage-style hat and, depending on the outside temperature, boots or cute shoes.

Women's Crewneck Sweater with a Vintage Scarf

Women's crewneck sweater with a vintage scarf

Style a Crewneck Sweater with a Vintage Scarf

A basic black crewneck sweater goes with everything but can blend into the background – that makes YOU disappear! Jazz it up with a beautifully-patterned vintage scarf like this one I have from 1960’s designer Vera. The bold colors give the outfit a pop. It also provides an opportunity to coordinate it with the rest of your outfit, like this pinup-style purple pencil skirt and lavender vintage handbag. It makes black anything but basic and boring.

Crewneck sweater with detachable Peter Pan Collar

Women's crewneck sweater with detachable Peter Pan collar

Style a Crewneck Sweater With a Detachable Peter Pan Collar 

Vintage-inspired Peter Pan collars have been trending for the past year. Lots of crafty makers on Etsy and Instagram create detachable ones in fun designs that simply tie-on. These are perfect for adding some style to your plain ol’ crewneck sweater. Coordinate your pants or skirt with the colors in your collar pattern, like I did with these vintage pants, hat and ankle booties, and you have quite a clever retro-inspired outfit!

So spice up those plain ol’ staples in your cold-weather wardrobe by learning how to how to wear a women’s crewneck sweater with vintage style. This styling works well when you’re out in the cool weather and also look great on Zoom when that sweater is all everyone will see! You’ll learn to love your winter-wear workhorse all over again.

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Style Trends You Can Steal from “The Queen’s Gambit”

Netflix’s runaway hit mini-series “The Queen’s Gambit” about a gifted female chess player is extraordinary on so many levels. But it’s the fashion that’s a real standout. Set in the early 1960s, midcentury modern style trends such as Peter Pan collars and headscarves make several appearances, but it’s the clever use of chess-inspired fashion that makes the wardrobe choices unique. There are plenty of style trends you can steal from “The Queen’s Gambit.”

While the fabulous “Queen’s Gambit” wardrobe was my gateway to the show, I quickly realized how compelling Beth was as the lead character. And I grew impressed with the super-smart writing and the exceptional attention to detail in everything from the set decoration to the chess plays and references. You can’t help but binge-watch the entire series.

And it was worth a second watch just to study the costume design choices. I loved Beth’s vintage style and how she used clothes to reveal who she was, even though she rarely let anyone get too close. As a collector of ’60s vintage fashion and mid-mod-inspired style, I also realized I have similar looks in my closet and zeroed in on some “Queen’s Gambit” style trends you can easily put together too.

“The Queen’s Gambit” Style Trend: Chessboard prints and plaids

Beth either consciously or unconsciously gravitates towards plaids and strong lines in the clothing she wears. This plays on her love for chess and chessboard patterns. You can steal this style trend with plaid and checkered prints. Look for subtle details, such as this vintage sweater with black and white-patterned trim paired with a vintage plaid skirt.

Queen's Gambit Plaid Fashion

Queen's Gambit Style Plaids


“The Queen’s Gambit” Style Trend: Monochrome

More style trends you can steal from “The Queen’s Gambit” include a monochrome color palette. Just like with the lines in the prints, Beth also tends to wear a lot of stark black and white, another nod to the chessboard and pieces. Steal this look with split shades of black and white such as this simple yet bold, A-line dress topped with a black tie-belt trench similar to one Beth wears.

Queen's Gambit Style Monochrome

Black Coat

“The Queen’s Gambit” Style Trend: Peter Pan Collars

Even though she’s a shark in a chess match, Beth maintains her girlish innocence with the ‘60s trend of Peter Pan collars. You can find this collar style on lots of modern dresses. You can also steal this vintage style by converting the clothing you have by adding a detachable collar that ties on top of a shirt or sweater or is worn dickie-style underneath.Queen's Gambit Peter Pan Collars

Rhinestone Peter Pan Collar

Peter Pan Collar

“The Queen’s Gambit” Style Trend: Chess Queen White

Nothing is more striking than wearing all white, especially in winter. Beth pulls out an all-white outfit after defeating the Russian champion and struts through the park as the Queen chess piece come to life. You can steal this style trend from “The Queen’s Gambit” with a long white coat and hat. Don’t forget the gloves to complete the look. Just like in chess, the one who starts out with white will always have the advantage.

Queen's Gambit Chess Queen White

Winter White Coat and Hat

The Queen’s Gambit is available to stream on Netflix. What trends will you be stealing from the ultra-stylish show?

Look for more of my midcentury modern-inspired looks on the Stiletto City Instagram page.

Until next time.


“The Queen’s Gambit” stills from the Netflix television series.

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Vintage Style Between the Seasons


Coming to you from quarantine…

The whole world is on lockdown while the coronavirus rages. I have to admit it’s made me really nervous and I miss going out. But I’m finding simple pleasures at home like going for walks and slowing life down to what really matters.


I also still enjoy putting vintage-style outfits together, even if I just wear them for Zoom parties with my friends and taking pictures around my neighborhood!


Winter lingers in Colorado well into April, but spring tries to poke through with plenty of sunshine. The cool temperatures and warm sun of between seasons are the perfect time to put on those vintage-style dresses and top them with a cozy sweater and a light scarf. I love the opportunity to mix patterns, and my most recent obsessions are Fair Isle sweaters and vintage paisley scarves. Mix them with a floral print dress and it creates a delightful treat for the eyes. The key is just to stay with complementary colors and you can never go wrong.

Vintage style floral dress, fair isle sweater


Vintage scarf, fair isle sweater


Vintage tooled leather purse


Vintage floral dress, fair isle sweater



I wanted a cheerful look to brighten my mood and I recently found a sunny yellow Fair Isle sweater at a thrift store in the Summit County mountains right before all the stores closed to curb the pandemic. I paired it with one of my beloved vintage dresses in a festive floral pattern, and a bright orange vintage paisley scarf I bought off Etsy. Brown lace-up boots and a tooled leather satchel purse I picked up for a steal at a vintage expo complete the look.


Vintage style look, knit dress, fail isle sweater


Paisley scarf, vintage brooch, fair isle sweater


With the temperatures shifting between the 40s to 70s, a light sweater dress is a good option for between seasons vintage style. I realized I rarely wear this 1970s-era knit dress that’s been in my closet, and it’s perfect for the weather. I paired it with a thick, button-down Fair Isle sweater I bought as a splurge souvenir when I traveled to Iceland last year. I added more texture to the look with a paisley scarf pinned with a vintage brooch my hubby brought me from London’s Portobello Road. I hope the virus will be gone soon and traveling will be a possibility later this year.


Vintage style look, vintage floral dress, fair isle capelet


Fair isle capelet


Vintage style purse

Another souvenir I picked up in Iceland was a hand-knitted, Fair Isle-pattern collar capelet. I love how you can just throw it over any sweater, like this simple black one, and it makes a statement. I used it to tone down a 1940’s evening dress to a more casual look with just the floral skirt showing. I added a pop of an orange vintage scarf and a retro-style handbag.


Stay tuned for more looks as the spring season begins and be sure to follow me on Instagram for my OOTDs. Virus be damned, I’m still dressing up!


Stay well,


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Stiletto City Takes Vintage Fashion A Mile High

Hello Stiletto City readers and vintage fashion lover! It’s been a while since I posted and there is so much to fill you in on! I’ve relocated from California to Colorado and taken Stiletto City to higher places – one mile high in Denver to be exact! While I loved living in Los Angeles for many years, the cost of living and traffic were becoming too much. So now I’m living near the beautiful Rocky Mountains and exploring a vibrant new city, plus, mountain life!

It’s taken me a couple of years to settle in. But I found a vibrant vintage fashion scene. (Lots of fantastic vintage stores and vintage-loving people in Denver!) And, I’m learning to dress for something I never had in LA – seasons!

So for my relaunch, I wanted to share some of my favorite vintage fashion looks from this summer and where I wore them.

1950s/60s Casual at Lakeside Amusement Park

Vintage fashion 1960s inspired outfit

Vintage fashion 1960s inspired look

If you are ever in Denver in the summer, I highly recommend this historic amusement park. Lakeside opened in 1908, and it still has many of the original rides and signage. Writer Jack Kerouac also wrote about it during the brief time he lived in Lakewood in 1949. For our fun amusement park day, I paired a 1960s floral-print top with a pair of capri pants and channeled my inner Audrey Hepburn with some black pointed-toe flats. I carried my goodies in a vintage white basket-weave purse. Of course, it’s not summer without sunnies, so I brought my favorite black cat-eye sunglasses. I put my hair in a vintage scarf, to keep it out of my face for all the fun rides, added some vintage hoop earrings and bright lipstick.


1940s Summer Dress at the 1940s Ball

Vintage fashion 1940s inspired outfit

Vintage fashion 1940s inspired look

Colorado has two big 1940s Balls each year. The summer ball is held outdoors at Boulder Airport, so I opted for a breezy, floral-print, ‘40s-cut dress. These are hard to find in vintage now because the delicate fabrics didn’t last. So the closest you can probably get is a reproduction like this one I picked up from Colorado’s The Hop Shop. I paired it with some tinted cat-eye sunnies and a ’40s rolled, up-do with flower clips.


Mid-Century Gooviness at the Denver Mod Convention

Vintage fashion 1960s inspired outfit

Vintage fashion 1960s inspired look

Denver loves mid-century design and clothing and there is an annual, three-day convention dedicated to it. I wore a ’60s era, pastel, candy-striped cotton dress with string-tie belt, a matching pink scarf and vintage, floral, clip-on earrings. Since the theme was “The Atomic Age” this year, I accessorized with a space-age silver circle handbag and heels. I picked up a pair of pink cat-eye sunnies and vintage orange flower pin while shopping.

Stay tuned for more outfits of the day (OOTDs) and vintage fashion in upcoming blogs as I learn how to dress in vintage for the seasons and explore more around the Mile High City!



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Going Vintage Style at Fair Oaks Pharmacy

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDLocated right along famous Route 66, Fair Oaks Pharmacy is a throwback to decades past when the local soda fountain drugstore was where the community would go for an ice cream, pick up some personal care, maybe little gift, and chat with friends and neighbors. Heck, Hollywood has a history of beautiful starlets being discovered in the local soda shop. So it felt like stepping back in time when I went to meet some gals at this 100-year-old, vintage style, Pasadena institution for a vintage day out.

Fair Oaks Pharmacy Pasadena CA

The place is full of charm from its Tiki-style trim around shelves of retro memorabilia and toys. There’s a full room just for shopping for kitschy knick-knacks. If the giant ice cream sundaes aren’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can also pick up some can from the wall of candy jars featuring vintage flavors. Need a last minute gift? There’s full selection of bath and body products and greeting cards. You can even pick up a prescription from the health center, which is a full fledge compounding facility.

Fair Oaks Pharmacy Pasadena CA

Why don’t they make ‘em like this anymore? The Fair Oaks Pharmacy is an idyllic cornerstone to a quaint street of little shops that’s perfect for a stroll on a nice day.

What I Wore

It’s only fitting to wear vintage style for such a historic spot. And on this perfect springtime California day, I wore one of my favorite, colorful, sheath dresses. I love that this one has a little belt to give it more shape definition. I paired it with my baby blue vintage reproduction shoes and matching vintage straw purse.

OOTD vintage style dress

What to Wear

With spring in the air, it’s time for vintage style florals. A fitted shift dress can take you from day to night. You can step out to your local ice cream shop, then dance the night away in these retro reproduction microsuede heels. Find a matching vintage purse, like this sweet straw handbag by searching “blue straw purse” on eBay. You’ll be ready for any occasion. Click the links to shop* this look!

floral vintage style look

Fair Oaks Pharmacy is located at 1526 Mission St, South Pasadena, CA 91030

See you at the soda shop!

Photos edited with PicMonkey*. Get it!


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Dressing Vintage Style to Historical Union Station

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDWhen dressing in vintage style, there’s nothing like a historical landmark to provide the perfect setting for your outfit. Luckily, Los Angeles still has a few beautiful buildings that have been preserved insteand of torn down to make way for ugly development projects.

One of them is LA’s Union Station, which opened in 1939 and is the largest railroad passenger terminal in the Western United States. Conceived on a grand scale, it became known as the “Last of the Great Railway Stations.” It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

Union Station Los Angeles

Designed by John Parkinson and Donald B. Parkinson (the Parkinsons) with the assistance of supporting architects. Union Station’s look combines Art Deco, Mission Revival, and Streamline Moderne style, with elements of Dutch Colonial Revival architecture.

The waiting area has the feeing of elegant grandeur of a time long ago. Nestled in the corner is a place for passengers to grab a drink and rest a spell at Traxx bar. The bar is a comforting repute and also opens up to a fabulous view to appreciate the station’s lovely architecture. Across the way is a full restaurant for those on long layover from their train rides or just wanting to escape the bustle of downtown LA.

Union Station Los Angeles by Stiletto City


What I Wore

For this night of having a drink at one of America’s great crossroads, I put on some comfortable yet elegant, vintage style that seemed appropriate for visiting a historical landmark. I opted for a vintage dress in warm fall colors. I actually purchased this dress from Pinup Girl Clothing’s Micheline Pitt who noted how much she loved the details of circus characters in the print and the pearl studded details in the front. I paired it with a vintage cigar box purse and t-strap vintage inspired heels. It set nicely against the background the Union Station’s tile and for a drink at the bar.

Vintage Style Look

 Vintage Style Look

Dressing Vintage Style for a Night Out with History

If you’re headed out to your own local historic landmark or any place that makes you feel transported back in time, bring a bit of vintage style just as ladies did a few decade ago when looking classy and feminine was de rigueur. This classic 1940s inspired chiffon swing dress features a vintage caped bodice with a teasing and pleasing keyhole, fitted waist with sash tie, and crepe lined swing skirt. A cream-colored, vintage style purse and t-strap shoes complete the look. Click the links to shop* the look!

Vintage Style Look

Hope you get a chance to take in a bit of history at a landmark near you!

Union Station is located at 800 N Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Traxx Bar is just inside the main front doors in the waiting area.

To the past,

Photos edited with PicMonkey*: fearless photo embetterment. Get it!

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Ladies Tea Party with Vintage Style

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDLadies who get together for afternoon tea time is a classic social tradition that dates back to royal Britain’s Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, who started drinking tea and eating light snacks when she became peckish in the afternoons.

Now it’s a great excuse to get dressed up with some vintage style and get together with the girls. Recently, a bunch of us got together at one of Los Angeles’ prettiest tea rooms at the Biltmore Hotel.

Retro Style Ladies Tea Party

About 20 of us graced into the Biltmore’s glorious Rendezvous Court in full vintage outfits, including hats and gloves . The hotel patrons didn’t quite know what hit them as we snapped photos and took our seats at the round tables. The waiter served us tiered trays of little fingers sandwiches of salmon and egg salad as well as so many yummy cakes, cookies, scones and macaroons! We chose from a generous selection of black, white, green, oolong and herbal teas that made it all go down heavenly!

Biltmore Hotel Rendezvous Court

And we all really enjoyed the beautiful surroundings – and I don’t just mean all my lovely gal pals! The Biltmore’s Rendezvous Court was designed by Anthony Heinsbergen.  The three-story ceiling is Moorish plaster with hand-painted beams, carved wood and 24-carat gold accents.  The bronze and crystal chandeliers were imported from Italy in 1923; the fountain was added in 1986 and is made of Tennessee rose marble.

The grand bronze doorway is designed in the Spanish Baroque style, with an astrological clock installed in 1923.  It’s been seen in films “Daredevil,” “The Nutty Professor” and “Beverly Hills Cop” as well as TV shows “Without a Trace, ““Mad Men” and “Heroes.”

Biltmore Hotel Rendezvous Court

What I Wore

Our ladies tea was clearly a vintage style, dress-up event with hats and gloves recommended. We wanted to go back to a time when people dressed in their best for a special occasion. I paired a red lace vintage dress with some dramatic black accessories including a vintage, wide-brimmed hat and black silk short gloves. I added some red flower hair clips to the hat band to tie the look together.

Vintage style for afternoon tea party

How to Dress for a Vintage Style Tea Party

Plan a tea party with your girls and use it as an excuse to put on some glamorous vintage style of your own. This stunning dress is both feminine and unique with a beige lining topped by a black mesh overlay and velvety swirls. While it is new, vintage reproductions style, you can also search for an authentic vintage dress on eBay. Add in some color with burgundy accessories such as a feathered hat and gloves with a black bow detail to tie back into the color of the dress. Click the links to shop* this look!

Elegant Vintage Style Look

Hope to get a chance to take in an afternoon tea soon!

The Millennium Biltmore Hotel is located at 506 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90071-2607. Traditional afternoon tea is served here Saturdays and Sundays. 2-5 p.m.

Tea time!

Photos courtesy of the Biltmore Hotel.

Photos edited with PicMonkey*: fearless photo embetterment. Get it!

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Putting Together a Retro Style Day to Night Outfit

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDI had the great pleasure of guest blogging recently for the Pinup Persuasion blog and I shared how to use a vintage dress in a day to night outfit – because we all know what it’s like to get into a time crunch and you still want to look good! (Read the article here.) I shopped my own closet for what I had in my retro clothing collection to create a day to night outfit and I wanted to put together some tips for how to dress with style in a similar look, even when you don’t have time to go home and change.

Retro Style Day to Night Outfit Stiletto City Sept 2015


How to Put Together a Vintage Inspired Day to Night Outfit

Pick a rockabilly style retro dress. There are many vintage inspired dresses available such as this floral one, or search eBay for a 1950s dress. (Click the links to shop* the look!)

Retro dress

Putting Together a Daytime Vintage Look

Grab a light sweater in case you catch a chill or the AC is cranked up somewhere you happen to be. A classic cardigan always works or even this little cropped sweater is perfect if you have a full circle skirt.

Black flats are always a sure bet if you’re running around town, they’re comfortable and will take you through work or a day of shopping. Add some pizzazz to your outfit with a pop of color such as this bubblegum pink purse. Use accessories to add more vintage style to the look with this matching earrings and brooch set.

Don’t forget your makeup, your lipstick color can totally change your fashion look from day to night. Partner this sweet retro outfit with soft pink lipstick.

Daytime Retro Look

Take Your Outfit Day to Night

When the sun goes down it’s time to add some sparkle and drama to your retro fashion. Swap the sweater for a beaded cardigan. Carry just your essentials in a little deco style clutch. Catch the light with some rhinestone earrings and put your best foot forward in shimmery, rhinestone t-strap heels. Gloves make the look even more dramatic. Opt for satin gloves (available in the most bridal sections) or go to eBay to find a pair of vintage gloves for an even more authentic look.

Don’t forget to change out your lipstick, a perfect red shade says classic rockabilly girl. Maybe put your hair into evening updo.

Nighttime Retro Look

Then you’ll be ready for a night on the town. All dressed up and nowhere to go? Be sure to check out the Where to Go section of Stiletto City for nightclubs in LA and other hot spots!

Stay stylish,

Photos edited with PicMonkey*: fearless photo embetterment. Get it!


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