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Retro Glam Style at General Lee’s

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDLooking like one of those bars you have to be in-the-know about, General Lee’s is subtly tucked into Chinatown Plaza, with a tiny neon sign above the doorway. Enter and you’ll find two floors to explore. Tiki-style palm frond upholstery jazzes up the conversation-inducing seating arrangements as part of the Asian-influenced interior design by William Edwards. Expert mixologists behind the venue’s two bars will keep you enticed with creative libations crafted with clever ingredients.

General Lee Bar

The bar itself has quite a history, its name pays homage to General Lee’s Chinese restaurant, which occupied the space from 1878 to 1985, which was a favorite spot of Frank Sinatra, Gary Cooper and Judy Garland.

It’s now known as a favorite watering hole for those seeking interesting cocktails and an old school vibe. The venue also hosts occasional live DJs.

What I Wore

The night I went, the world was still reeling from the passing of David Bowie, so I decided to put together an outfit to pay tribute the best way I knew how – with fashion. Drawing from one of my favorite films, “The Hunger,” I channeled Bowie’s immortal lover Miriam (played by Catherine Deneuve) with a mix of seductive retro glamour and sophistication. A sparkly, low cut , three-quarter sleeve wiggle dress provided some sexy retro glam style with spiky stilettos and fishnet stockings. I added a vintage purse with a bit of fringe trim, and the look was completed with a black pillbox hat and veil that Miriam would surely favor, and marked my mourning for the great Starman.

ootd retro glam style

retro glam style accessories

Dressing Retro Glam

To bring some retro glam style to your look, think bling and sophistication. A little sparkle in your outfit or accessories, such as this bedazzled retro style evening bag, helps you get your glam on without overdoing it. A sleek silhouette, such as this cap sleeve wiggle dress in a deep green hue, will up your game. Fishnet stockings bring just the right amount of sexy. Then top it off with a veiled hat or fascinator for just the right amount of drama. Click the links to shop* this look.

Retro Glam Style


Now go out and be glamorous!

General Lee’s is located at 475 Gin Ling Way, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Style on,

Shag Store photos courtesy of the Shag Store.

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Swing Dress Style to Heart Clifton’s Cafeteria

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDWe waited for it. Word spread throughout Los Angeles a few years ago that Clifton’s Cafeteria would be undergoing a massive renovation and reopening.  Finally, in the fall of last year, Clifton’s double doors ushered in a new era – and it did not disappoint! With it’s all encompassing design full of intrigue and whimsy, it’s a place to be whether you are out for a casual meal or fancy cocktails. It quickly became the largest jewel in the crown of a revitalization-in-progress in Downtown LA’s Historic Core.

Clifton's Los Angeles

Originally opening in 1935 and decorated in the style of the Brookdale Lodge, where founder Clifford Clinton spent much of his childhood, Clifton’s was known as the world’s largest cafeteria and attracted everyone from luminaries such as Walt Disney, to blue collar workers, to the depression era’s down ‘n’ out who were welcomed with the policy of, “pay as you wish.”

The new Clifton’s retains much of the quirky charm of the original, including a forest theme featuring a five-story redwood tree sprouting right through the middle of the venue, as well as waterfalls and charming bridges, and winding, cavernous paths dotted with taxidermy wild animals – a tribute to founder Clinton’s love of hunting (though if you hold your phone over the nearby plaques, you’ll hear about wildlife conservation efforts.)

Clifton's Los Angeles

Under the carefully guided vision of its latest owner, Andrew Meieran (known for his stunning creation of the Edison Bar), the new Clifton’s has three floors to explore with a bevy of treats for the eyes and belly. The Cafeteria is located on the first floor with classic foods from pizza to pie to Jell-O. On the second floor is the Monarch Bar where you can socialize in elegant style under the giant redwood tree and take your trays of food up to the many tables and chairs and nooks and crannies to dine with your peeps. On the third floor is a Gothic Bar, which offers dramatic style. More rooms and bars are expected to open in the near future including a Tiki Bar, which my little circle of friends are quite excited about! 

What I Wore

I went to meet friends for Valentine’s weekend cocktails so I felt a frothy, feminine vintage-style swing dress was in order. I’ve always considered myself a pencil skirt, wiggle dress kind of girl but with some recent purchases of a full circle skirts and dresses, I’ve been enjoying the new silhouette. Pair it with a voluminous petticoat and you have a classic ‘50s heartbreaker, such as this look I put together with a red, floral swing dress and black petticoat peeking out to accent the pattern. Some delicate, vintage-inspired earrings and black pumps completed the look – and a rose from my sweetie!

OOTD valentine swing dress style


How to Have Swing Dress Style

You’ll feel like the belle of the bar in a swing dress with a fun print and a frothy petticoat underneath like this dress in hot pink with white polka dots. Add a white petticoat to compliment the print and you won’t be able to help but sway bath and forth like sweet Sandra D. in “Grease.” Some classic pumps will take you higher and balance the look with ultra girl appeal. Click the links to shop* this look.


swing dress style

If you’re in LA, you simply must check out Clifton’s Cafeteria, have a drink and enjoy their “cabinet of curiosities!”

Clifton’s is located at 648 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014

We heart you Clifton’s!

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Designer Spotlight: Atomic Swag Retro T-Shirts

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDT-shirts are a staple of any wardrobe, but a good graphic design on them really makes statement. From bands to brands, what you wear on your T-shirt reveals a special hint about who you are and what you’re into. It’s like a signal to another like-mind, ‘Hey, this is who I am, do you get it? Then we should be friends!” Plus, wearing a graphic T-shirt, as opposed to a plain one, can add texture and personality to any outfit.

Atomic Swag T-Shirts have been growing in popularity among the retro set for their authentic vintage reproduction designs. The T-shirts themselves have a vintage look with a natural, cream tone and extra softness like some of your well worn, favorite tees or treasured vintage finds.

Atomic Swag T-shirts

Atomic Swag was founded in 2008 by the team of Michelle Griffin and Brian “Shorty” Poole, a creative couple with deep roots in the rockabilly scene. We caught up with Michelle to find out the origins of the company and what makes their T-shirts so special.

How did Atomic Swag start?

We first started out as an online retro boutique in 2008, selling everything from Tiki décor, jewelry, some rockabilly record label tees and motorcycle/hot rod racing tees. Then we started making 1940’s reproduction Hawaiian playsuits and some 1950’s Hawaiian reproduction dresses.

As much as we love wearing vintage clothing, I hated making dresses! There’s so much work, time and frustration in making them. I realized it wasn’t my real passion.

What made you decide on T-shirts?

We looked at what we sold most online and found out that T-shirts were our number one seller and one of our favorite parts of our business. Shorty worked in the T-shirt merch industry at the time. We were already printing T-shirts for our friend’s bands like Deke Dickerson, Big Sandy, as well as Don the Beachcomber restaurant and the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend.

We’re vintage collectors and love vintage novelty print anything, so the math wasn’t hard to do. Also, I saw a huge empty space in the retro T-shirt market. No one was doing reproduction design T-shirts. So we had a very definable niche with no one else in the arena.

Atomic Swag T-shirts

What is your background in fashion design?

I have no formal schooling. I home sew for myself. I’ve learned from eight years of hands-on experience and from my boyfriend’s vast and deep knowledge of graphic design, T-shirt printing and merchandising. We know the best fabrics to use, and which inks and activators give the T-shirt that bright vintage look and feel, mesh counts, layout design, and the best printing techniques to use, along with many other factors that go into T-shirt production.

Do you use original images or do you license and reproduce vintage imagery?

Most of our designs are exact reproductions with no copyright on them. In the past, Shorty would design some and I would design some as well. But I can only come up with an idea, gather vintage elements or influence and then hand them to Shorty to put together.

This year we’ve hired some new artists to do designs. We’re very excited about these designs because each artist has very distinct drawing techniques that are strictly ‘40s/’50s style. They don’t specialize in any other style.

The T-shirt material and look has a very vintage feel. How did you achieve that?

Black T-shirts didn’t become popular to print on until the 1970’s and not everyone is a fan of white tees. So we started using cream/natural colored tees years ago because they look more like an aging vintage tee. Plus, vintage art wasn’t created to go on dark colors – only white, so just sticking it on a black tee doesn’t seem very authentic vintage to us.

Are the shirts cut in a specific way?

In the 1950’s there really wasn’t a “ladies” fit tee. They were all unisex, so we use a modern fit ladies T-shirt. I prefer the longer length so you can tuck your shirt into your jeans or skirt.

Our men’s shirts are a basic T-shirt cut. The sleeves are slightly shorter for most modern fits today, and we chose this T-shirt cut because the sleeves are closer to the vintage men’s sleeve cut, but not as short. Vintage men’s T-shirt seem to have a really short sleeve that most men today would view as feminine, so we chose these two cuts for men and women very carefully.

What about the inks for the graphics?

We use the same inks as the 1950’s inks they used to print cotton tees, making our prints actually “pop” a lot more on our 100% cotton tees than a lot of the stretchy, man-made material T-shirts that a lot of retro companies out there use today. Our prints are bright and crisp, not like the “muddy” or “murky” looking tees that are faded to look vintage. We make our tees bright on purpose so they resemble an actual 1950’s freshly printed T-shirt.


What I Wore: Atomic Swags Latest Designs

The folks from Atomic Swag were kind enough to let me give their latest T-shirt designs a spin around the city.   First up, the Aloha Tee with hip shakin’ hula girls. I paired this with my tiki-print skirt and hibiscus hair flower and it was the perfect outfit for cocktails at my favorite Tiki bar.

atomic swag aloha shirt

Next up the, Square Dancers Tee with a swingin’ couple decked out in Western attire. I paired this one with a pencil skirt, my old, trusty, cowboy boots and red bandana headscarf to head out to the local chop house for a good steak!

atomic swag square dancer shirt

Atomic Swag’s new designs are also perfect for upcoming events such as Nashville Boogie and Tiki Oasis!

How To Wear It

A graphic T-shirt can add personality almost any outfit. Use it to top off your favorite jeans for a casual look or go bold and juxtapose it with a fancy skirt. Here I paired the Aloha Tee with a pair of denim capri pants and Tiki-print wedge shoes. I like to wear my tees untucked to elongate the torso, but if you like to tuck in your shirts, add a wrap belt in a go-with-anything neutral color that lets the graphic of the T-shirt be the star of the show! Click the links to shop* this look!

Atomic Swag Outfit

Shop Atomic Swag T-shirts online.


Photos edited with PicMonkey*. Get it!


Shirts modeled here courtesy of Atomic Swag.

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Pinup Style for a Rockin’ Dinner at Genghis Cohen

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDThere are some places that are just so comfortable you find yourself going back again and again. For me, one of those places is Genghis Cohen. Established in 1983, this rockin’ Chinese restaurant has been a longtime fixture for rockers for their affordable food, and live music room. It’s a great place to put on some casual retro style and grab dinner.

I’ve been there so often the waiters always seem to recognize me and greet us with a friendly hello. The food is tasty (love the noodle dishes!) and comes in big portions. You can get your meal served with a strong drink from the bar. Plus, there’s always an opportunity to catch a good local act in the adjacent room.

Genghis Cohen Los Angeles

What I Wore

You can’t go wrong with a pencil skirt to dress up or go casual. I teamed mine with a dotted, mesh illusion, black top and some groovy fashion-print boots I picked at a vintage store in Nashville. A gunmetal silver purse and chunky black earrings complete my casual pin up style look.

pinup style dinner outfit

pinup style accessories

Casual Dinner Pinup Style

Create intrigue by mixing textures with a bold, blue and black print pencil skirt and dainty lace detailed blouse. Matching blue shoes keep the color going while drop earrings add to this casual pinup style look without being overpowering. A silver, pinup style handbag can be found for a steal on eBay. Click the links to shop* this look.


Casual Pinup Dinner Look

So get your style on for a dinner with a date or friends and catch a cool, local act while you’re at it!

Genghis Cohen is located at 740 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046


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Fashion and Beauty Link Party

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Gettin’ Sassy Retro Style at the Sassafras Saloon

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDThere’s nothing like heading out to a cool bar to see a good band, good friends, and have a drink to let any stress of the week roll off your back. I put on some casual, retro style and ventured out recently to the Sassafras Saloon in Hollywood to do just that.

This has to be one of the coolest looking bars in town. Remodeled a few years ago, it looks like it’s been there for decades with a down home, lovingly distressed, old New Orleans feel to it. They serve signature cocktails with their own house blend of ginger beer. Bottles of homemade sarsaparilla spin on rotating conveyer belt above the bar. I loved ordering my drink and watching the bartender mix the concoction with some of that sweet potion from the mysterious brown bottles of goodness. In case you aren’t familiar with sarsaparilla, it’s a sweet soda made popular in the 1930-’50s cowboy movies and it’s rootin’ tootin’ good!

Sassafras Saloon Hollywood

Sassafras Saloon Hollywood

On this particular night, I was knockin’ it back to the sounds of Maureen and the Mercury 5, who I’ve been a fan of since I saw them at Viva Las Vegas a few years ago. They got the place jumpin’ with their mix of rockabilly and jive fronted with Maureen’s powerhouse vocals and sexy, sassy stage presence.

Maureen and the Mercury 5 Sassafras

What I Wore

For my retro style look for the night, I brought out Elvis looking tough on a motorbike on my t-shirt atop a forest green swing skirt. Some high heeled saddle shoes had me ready for boppin’

OOTD Casual Retro Style

Retro Style for Saddlin’ Up to the Bar

If you’re headed out to a cool bar or to see your local rockabilly act, keep it casual but cute in a black and white dotted tank with Peter Pan collar and bow neck tie. A bright yellow swing skirt will make you stand out and put everyone around in a cheerful mood. Lace up some saddle shoes and pack up your things in a bag featuring Elvis movie posters and you’ll be ready to rock! Click the links to shop* this look!

Casual Retro Style Look


Sassafras Saloon is located at 1233 N. Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90038

See ya at the bar!

Photos of Sassafras courtesy of the 1993 Group

Photos edited with PicMonkey*. Get it!


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Award Winning Retro Style and Music at the Grammy Museum

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDOne of the best things about living in Los Angeles is having the music industry in your own backyard. The Grammy Museum opened in 2008 as part of the LA Live entertainment complex downtown and provides a way for LA residents and visitors alike to get up close to wardrobe and artifacts belonging to the iconic music award winners, as well as explore music genres and history.

As a lover of vintage style, it’s fair to say I also love the music of past eras. On my visit the Grammy Museum I was excited that they were featuring exhibits by two of my all time favorite artists – Frank Sinatra and the Supremes.

When you enter the museum you start on the top floor and work your way down. I saw memorabilia from Elvis to Tupac, learned about Seattle’s music scene, and saw Michael Jackson’s sequined gloves.


But I have to say I stopped in my tracks when I hit the Supremes exhibit and a whole wall of their dresses! So. Many. Sequins! I must have left nose prints on the glass looking at the details of these beautiful gowns and the pictures of the ladies wearing them. They were so beautiful! What an amazing trio they were!

Grammy Museum Supremes Exhibit

Grammy Museum Supremes Exhibit

Then it was time for a little swagger and a sip of whiskey to enter the realm of ol’ blue eyes, himself, Frank Sinatra. From his humble beginnings in Hoboken, New Jersey to the becoming one of the first pop idols, they had items from both his musical legacy and his film career. Really makes you realize what an icon he was!

Grammy Museum Sinatra Exhibit

What I Wore

I put on a little retro style that fit the period when Sinatra and the Supremes were at their peak with pinup hair, a leopard print top and circle skirt. Since this was a daytime event, I kept accessories simple with a pop of green in my Kelly bag-style purse and Mary Jane heels. My earrings brought a bit of glamour with gold, shell-shaped earrings accented with a gold bead.

Retro Style OOTD


Retro Style OOTD

Retro Style for Daytime Fun

If you’re headed out to a museum or daytime event, you might want to be a little more practical in your outfit (I know it’s hard to contain your glamorous, pinup self!) This outfit I styled after some of the photos of the teenyboppers in Frank Sinatra’s audience. They look so cute in their prim blouses and bobby socks while going wild over their music idol. So take a cue from their retro style with a sweet, yellow blouse with scallop neckline, double-layer circle skirt, oxford shoes and extra-dainty bobby socks with lace trim. Click the links to shop* this look!

Retro Style Bobby Socks Look


Hope you get a chance to take in some musical culture at the Grammy Museum sometime soon!

The Grammy Museum is located at 800 W Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015

Fly me to the moon,

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Comfortable Retro Style for Movie Night

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDWhether I’m going out with my man or with some gal pals, movie nights are always a great time to relax and escape into a fantasy world. One of my favorite movie theaters in Los Angeles are the Arclight Cinemas. With a sophisticated atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to put on a little retro style and make it a night on the town.

One thing I’ve always hated about most movie theaters is they are filled with rambunctious groups of teenagers or noisy kids who disrupt my experience. The Arclight offers a more adult atmosphere. It may be because the ticket price is a little higher than most or that they have a restaurant and bar right in the theater that draws a more elegant crowd. Some of their locations even have theaters that allow you to take a drink in from the bar – that’s my kind of movie watchin’! They also often feature costumes from current films on display, which are always fun to see while waiting for your film to start or strolling out after.

Arclight Cinemas

The Arclight has several locations around Los Angeles – Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Culver City, Pasadena. Each one maintains the same world class environment. The one in Hollywood is a standout since it was built onto the historic Cinerama Dome theater where the 86-foot wide screen is curved and huge!

Arclight Cinerama Dome Theatre


What I Wore

I’m all about adding a little retro vibe to any outfit to make it stand out in sea of people dressed overly casual or super trendy, and to bring back a little glamor of some of the icons of the silver screen. On this night, I put on a comfy black t-shirt with pinup-inspired keyhole detail. I paired it with a colorful pencil skirt in royal purple and added a pop of leopard print – my go-to neutral! Lastly, I put on some statement jewelry with chunky earrings and cuff bracelet featuring movie starlet.

retro style movie night look

retro style movie night look

Put On A Retro Style Movie Night Outfit

Movie night means getting comfortable – but never sacrifice style. This casual little black dress with keyhole cutout has a touch of retro style and works both for a night out with the girls or a date. Jazz it up with some dramatic statement earrings, a purrrfect leopard print purse and chunky cuff bracelet for a look the can take you through drinks, a movie and dinner! Click the links to shop* this look!

retro style movie night look


The Arclight Cinemas are located all around Los Angeles. Check their website for addresses and movie times.

It’s showtime!

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Ladies Tea Party with Vintage Style

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDLadies who get together for afternoon tea time is a classic social tradition that dates back to royal Britain’s Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, who started drinking tea and eating light snacks when she became peckish in the afternoons.

Now it’s a great excuse to get dressed up with some vintage style and get together with the girls. Recently, a bunch of us got together at one of Los Angeles’ prettiest tea rooms at the Biltmore Hotel.

Retro Style Ladies Tea Party

About 20 of us graced into the Biltmore’s glorious Rendezvous Court in full vintage outfits, including hats and gloves . The hotel patrons didn’t quite know what hit them as we snapped photos and took our seats at the round tables. The waiter served us tiered trays of little fingers sandwiches of salmon and egg salad as well as so many yummy cakes, cookies, scones and macaroons! We chose from a generous selection of black, white, green, oolong and herbal teas that made it all go down heavenly!

Biltmore Hotel Rendezvous Court

And we all really enjoyed the beautiful surroundings – and I don’t just mean all my lovely gal pals! The Biltmore’s Rendezvous Court was designed by Anthony Heinsbergen.  The three-story ceiling is Moorish plaster with hand-painted beams, carved wood and 24-carat gold accents.  The bronze and crystal chandeliers were imported from Italy in 1923; the fountain was added in 1986 and is made of Tennessee rose marble.

The grand bronze doorway is designed in the Spanish Baroque style, with an astrological clock installed in 1923.  It’s been seen in films “Daredevil,” “The Nutty Professor” and “Beverly Hills Cop” as well as TV shows “Without a Trace, ““Mad Men” and “Heroes.”

Biltmore Hotel Rendezvous Court

What I Wore

Our ladies tea was clearly a vintage style, dress-up event with hats and gloves recommended. We wanted to go back to a time when people dressed in their best for a special occasion. I paired a red lace vintage dress with some dramatic black accessories including a vintage, wide-brimmed hat and black silk short gloves. I added some red flower hair clips to the hat band to tie the look together.

Vintage style for afternoon tea party

How to Dress for a Vintage Style Tea Party

Plan a tea party with your girls and use it as an excuse to put on some glamorous vintage style of your own. This stunning dress is both feminine and unique with a beige lining topped by a black mesh overlay and velvety swirls. While it is new, vintage reproductions style, you can also search for an authentic vintage dress on eBay. Add in some color with burgundy accessories such as a feathered hat and gloves with a black bow detail to tie back into the color of the dress. Click the links to shop* this look!

Elegant Vintage Style Look

Hope to get a chance to take in an afternoon tea soon!

The Millennium Biltmore Hotel is located at 506 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90071-2607. Traditional afternoon tea is served here Saturdays and Sundays. 2-5 p.m.

Tea time!

Photos courtesy of the Biltmore Hotel.

Photos edited with PicMonkey*: fearless photo embetterment. Get it!

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Bringing Retro Style for Cocktails at the Idle Hour

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDThere’s nothing like a drink with a good gal pal to help you blow off steam from a long week and provide an excuse to get dressed up in some cute retro style and gab about clothes, makeup and upcoming events.

Recently, a very cool bar opened in the North Hollywood area and you can’t miss it driving down the street. Shaped like a huge wooden barrel, Idle Hour was originally built in 1941 following on the heels of “programmatic architecture,” in which buildings were designed in unusual shapes to catch the attention of passersby.

Idle Hour Bar Stiletto City Sept 2015

It served as a tap room for several decades, then a Flamenco bar in the 1970s. The place then began to fall into disrepair. It wasn’t until LA Magazine columnist Chris Nichols petitioned to get the venue historical status in 2010 that it was set to make a comeback.

Idle Hour Bar Stiletto City Sept 2015

Purchased by the 1933 Group in 2011, the place underwent a massive renovation and emerged this past February with a shiny new look both inside and out. Pull up a seat inside the huge barrel and you’ll feel as though you want to drink the whole thing when you see the variety of beers and ales on tap. The place also serves light meals, lunch and brunch. There is a lovely patio out back surrounded by twinkling lights. Looking over everyone is a giant bulldog structure, a replica of the 1920’s era Bulldog Café.

The place is perfect for getting an eyeful of the beautiful architecture and the crowd of hipsters that frequent it.

What I Wore

For this historical landmark that spans several decades, I put on a little retro style with a Tiki-inspired ‘60s look. I paired a bright green vintage shift dress with bamboo hoop earrings with matching bracelets and a colorful swirl colored Bakelite bracelet. My purse has a Tiki print with bamboo handles, and gold mule slide shoes kept me light on my feet.

Retro Style 1960s dress Stiletto City Sept 2015

What to Wear to a Hipster Bars in Los Angeles

In LA, it can be tough to stand out in a crowd of beautiful people. For a long time, wearing black was a way to look cool but I say make a statement in a bright color and a bit of retro style to show your fun personality on a night out. This bright green dress with very California palm tree fronds will catch the light in a dark bar as will your colorful heels. Keep accessories simple with a textured black clutch and gold bracelet that says your in for a good time day or night!

Retro Style Look

Hope you get a chance to check the Idle Hour. Want to try out some other bars in LA? Be sure to hit the tag below for more blogs on bars!

Idle Hour is located at 4824 Vineland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 91601


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Putting Together a Retro Style Day to Night Outfit

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDI had the great pleasure of guest blogging recently for the Pinup Persuasion blog and I shared how to use a vintage dress in a day to night outfit – because we all know what it’s like to get into a time crunch and you still want to look good! (Read the article here.) I shopped my own closet for what I had in my retro clothing collection to create a day to night outfit and I wanted to put together some tips for how to dress with style in a similar look, even when you don’t have time to go home and change.

Retro Style Day to Night Outfit Stiletto City Sept 2015


How to Put Together a Vintage Inspired Day to Night Outfit

Pick a rockabilly style retro dress. There are many vintage inspired dresses available such as this floral one, or search eBay for a 1950s dress. (Click the links to shop* the look!)

Retro dress

Putting Together a Daytime Vintage Look

Grab a light sweater in case you catch a chill or the AC is cranked up somewhere you happen to be. A classic cardigan always works or even this little cropped sweater is perfect if you have a full circle skirt.

Black flats are always a sure bet if you’re running around town, they’re comfortable and will take you through work or a day of shopping. Add some pizzazz to your outfit with a pop of color such as this bubblegum pink purse. Use accessories to add more vintage style to the look with this matching earrings and brooch set.

Don’t forget your makeup, your lipstick color can totally change your fashion look from day to night. Partner this sweet retro outfit with soft pink lipstick.

Daytime Retro Look

Take Your Outfit Day to Night

When the sun goes down it’s time to add some sparkle and drama to your retro fashion. Swap the sweater for a beaded cardigan. Carry just your essentials in a little deco style clutch. Catch the light with some rhinestone earrings and put your best foot forward in shimmery, rhinestone t-strap heels. Gloves make the look even more dramatic. Opt for satin gloves (available in the most bridal sections) or go to eBay to find a pair of vintage gloves for an even more authentic look.

Don’t forget to change out your lipstick, a perfect red shade says classic rockabilly girl. Maybe put your hair into evening updo.

Nighttime Retro Look

Then you’ll be ready for a night on the town. All dressed up and nowhere to go? Be sure to check out the Where to Go section of Stiletto City for nightclubs in LA and other hot spots!

Stay stylish,

Photos edited with PicMonkey*: fearless photo embetterment. Get it!


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