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Playing Games at the Vintage Arcade Superstore

It’s a new year so let’s kick it off with a party! I recently attended a private birthday party at where you can play unlimited vintage arcade games! The Vintage Arcade Superstore is a warehouse space filled with pinball machines, Pac-Man machines, race car games, shoot ‘em up games and more! I never knew this place existed until my friend rented it to celebrate his birthday.

The space holds the carefully curated collection of owner Gene Lewin, a games enthusiast who ran arcades from 1980-2003. Now he lovingly buys up what vintage games can find, repairs them to top form and makes them available to play and purchase from his store.

Vintage Arcade Superstore

Star Wars Pinball Machine at the Vintage Arcade Superstore

His Vintage Arcade Superstore is located in Glendale and is available to rent for private parties and film locations. My friend and I had a blast running around playing all the games from the Fast and Furious race car driving machine where you could drive as fast and crazy you want, wreck into all kinds of things and never get a ticket! My friend was loving the Elvis pinball machine where a mini Elvis figurine come out and does some hip-shaking moves! And we spent serious time with the Revenge From Mars and Star Wars pinball machine with their own moving creatures celebrating your dings and whacks of the flipper.

Vintage Arcade Superstore

Gene makes all of his machines available to play without having to put in any quarters or tokens. So let the unlimited play party begin!

What I Wore

An arcade calls for a playful outfit so what better than my two-tone 1960s, mod, A-line shift dress, topped with a yellow brocade coat and accessorized with a gold vintage tassel pendant necklace. Whenever I wear a lot of color, I like to ground my accessories in basic black instead of trying to find shoes and purses that match my outfit colors, which can come off as a bit too much. A big ol’ fun bun style kept my hair in check so I could focus on the games!

OOTD Playful Vintage Mod Look

What to Wear

Since I got the chance to play a Star Wars pinball game and the series has been on everyone’s mind with “Rogue One” in theaters and the recent passing of Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher, I thought an outfit paying tribute was in order if you’re headed out for a fun night at your nearest arcade. Go Winter white with a Star Wars print skirt featuring snowspeeders and AT-AT’s. A retro-inspired, off-the-shoulder top adds a playful sex appeal while go-go boots will keep you ready for all the action! Top it off with a fun polka dot trench coat. Click the links to shop* this look!

Star Wars inspired playful retro look

The Vintage Arcade Superstore is available to rent for private parties. It is located at 4334 San Fernando Rd, Glendale, CA 91204

Game on!


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Tag: 1960s fashion

Bringing Retro Style for Cocktails at the Idle Hour

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDThere’s nothing like a drink with a good gal pal to help you blow off steam from a long week and provide an excuse to get dressed up in some cute retro style and gab about clothes, makeup and upcoming events.

Recently, a very cool bar opened in the North Hollywood area and you can’t miss it driving down the street. Shaped like a huge wooden barrel, Idle Hour was originally built in 1941 following on the heels of “programmatic architecture,” in which buildings were designed in unusual shapes to catch the attention of passersby.

Idle Hour Bar Stiletto City Sept 2015

It served as a tap room for several decades, then a Flamenco bar in the 1970s. The place then began to fall into disrepair. It wasn’t until LA Magazine columnist Chris Nichols petitioned to get the venue historical status in 2010 that it was set to make a comeback.

Idle Hour Bar Stiletto City Sept 2015

Purchased by the 1933 Group in 2011, the place underwent a massive renovation and emerged this past February with a shiny new look both inside and out. Pull up a seat inside the huge barrel and you’ll feel as though you want to drink the whole thing when you see the variety of beers and ales on tap. The place also serves light meals, lunch and brunch. There is a lovely patio out back surrounded by twinkling lights. Looking over everyone is a giant bulldog structure, a replica of the 1920’s era Bulldog Café.

The place is perfect for getting an eyeful of the beautiful architecture and the crowd of hipsters that frequent it.

What I Wore

For this historical landmark that spans several decades, I put on a little retro style with a Tiki-inspired ‘60s look. I paired a bright green vintage shift dress with bamboo hoop earrings with matching bracelets and a colorful swirl colored Bakelite bracelet. My purse has a Tiki print with bamboo handles, and gold mule slide shoes kept me light on my feet.

Retro Style 1960s dress Stiletto City Sept 2015

What to Wear to a Hipster Bars in Los Angeles

In LA, it can be tough to stand out in a crowd of beautiful people. For a long time, wearing black was a way to look cool but I say make a statement in a bright color and a bit of retro style to show your fun personality on a night out. This bright green dress with very California palm tree fronds will catch the light in a dark bar as will your colorful heels. Keep accessories simple with a textured black clutch and gold bracelet that says your in for a good time day or night!

Retro Style Look

Hope you get a chance to check the Idle Hour. Want to try out some other bars in LA? Be sure to hit the tag below for more blogs on bars!

Idle Hour is located at 4824 Vineland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 91601


Photos edited with PicMonkey*: fearless photo embetterment. Get it!

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Tag: 1960s fashion

Mad Men Finale Party at The Offbeat Bar

Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDThe time had to come. The end of “Mad Men,” the show that had everyone hooked on the styles, the social political revolutions and the changes in the corporate advertising world through the decade of the 1960s. We got to know all the characters, we identified with them, whether it was their personality, their aspirations, their defeats, or just their love of a drink and a great outfit. After seven seasons and numerous awards, the show cannot only say it changed the cultural landscape in the TV genre but impacted people’s lives.

Since I’ve been watching “Mad Men” via iTunes downloads, I knew I couldn’t wait until the required next day to watch the finale. I wanted to be among friends, to say goodbye to these characters I’d come to love. So I gathered my ‘60s loving pals to go to a screening party.

Mad Men Party

I wore a primary yellow with red pinstripes ‘60s vintage shift dress, vintage gold drop earrings, vintage watch pen necklace (a tribute to Joan who always wore something similar), vintage patent leather red heels and a folded magazine purse to give a nod to our advertising champs.

We entered The Offbeat Bar where they went all out to make a great night – a drink menu with cocktails named for the characters, two big screens to watch the show on, photo ops with cut-out faces of each of the characters and “Mad Men” logo backdrop and a drawing for prizes for those who dressed up. All this with no cover charge! My kind of place!

We grabbed a cocktail to loosen up before the show. I had a “Roger That” – a strong mix of whiskey, soda and fruit.


Then we gathered in front of the screens as the last episode EVER played before us. It was so much fun to be in a room full of people who adore this show. We cheered for Pete and Trudy when they boarded the plane to their new life. We turned into mushy messes when Stan and Peggy got together. We clapped for Joan and her strength to start her own business. And we cried with Don when he talked to Betty about her cancer diagnosis. We were with them for every moment! And now we’ll miss them that they’re gone. Thank you to everyone with the Mad Men cast and crew for an amazing viewing experience!


Then it was time for the prize drawing as my friends and I twisted the night away to some great ‘60s tunes. I won a print from the character Lou Avery’s “Scout’s Honor” comic book, from part 1 of Season 7, signed by the artist Christian Cordella. And of course I had to take some snaps of all the people with great outfits!  Check out the photos:

Mad Men Party Prize

Mad Men Party

Mad Men Party

Mad Men Party

It was the the perfect way to spend the evening and say goodbye our beloved series. Thank you to the Offbeat Bar for creating a great night. Be sure to check out this groovin’ little place in Highland Park. They offer different theme nights around the sounds and pop culture of the ‘60s, revolving art installations and cocktail specials.

The Offbeat Bar, 6316 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Dance to the beat,

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Tag: 1960s fashion

A Toast to Mad Men at The Prince

k150_27Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDWith the hit TV show Mad Men coming to an end, so many of my friends are sad to see it go – we can’t get enough of the style and the scandal, and the suburb detail of the period-perfect fashions and interior design. I’ve especially enjoyed the smart writing and clever twists and turns of each character punctuated with both humor and drama and a soundtrack that always hits the right note at pivotal moments.

So in tribute, I gathered my vintage-loving pals for a night of cocktails celebrate our love of the show. After doing research for previous blogs on places around Los Angeles where the show actually filmed, I decided we should meet at The Prince Bar and Restaurant. Lit with red lights, red circular booths, velvet baroque wallpaper with noble accents of knights in shining armor and romantic paintings, The Prince looks like a place where time stands still. Even calling on the waiter harkens back to another time – little butler lamps with buttons at each table to ring when you want service.

The Prince Bar and Restaurant Los Angeles

A beautiful horseshoe wood bar is a focal point and where my pals met up. While the bartender could have been a little better (my friends had to instruct him how to make drinks like a Sidecar and a Tom Collins and I found the wine selection limited to cheap chardonnay and merlot), we were all in awe of the surroundings – especially after seeing Don, Betty, Roger and Joan sitting at the bar and booths on the show.

Mad Men at the Prince Bar and Restaurant LAFor the evening I wanted to wear something special so I brought out my turquoise and gold shimmery wiggle dress by Tatyana and gold sparkle stilettos.

Tatyana dress

My pal Sandra D. didn’t disappoint in a customized vintage dress actually worn on Betty Draper on the show, which she scored at a costume sale. Word has it both Mad Men actress January Jones and costume designer Janie Bryant have been trying to get that dress back. But Sandra isn’t selling – and seeing her look so good in it, it’s clear why!

Betty Draper Pink Dress

Mad Men Tribute Cocktail Party

So with a toast to good friends and an amazing show, we say thank you to Mad Men for years of smart, stylish, entertaining television. I look forward to binge-watching it again and again!

 The Prince Bar and Restaurant is located 3198 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005


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