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Swing Dress Style to Heart Clifton’s Cafeteria

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDWe waited for it. Word spread throughout Los Angeles a few years ago that Clifton’s Cafeteria would be undergoing a massive renovation and reopening.  Finally, in the fall of last year, Clifton’s double doors ushered in a new era – and it did not disappoint! With it’s all encompassing design full of intrigue and whimsy, it’s a place to be whether you are out for a casual meal or fancy cocktails. It quickly became the largest jewel in the crown of a revitalization-in-progress in Downtown LA’s Historic Core.

Clifton's Los Angeles

Originally opening in 1935 and decorated in the style of the Brookdale Lodge, where founder Clifford Clinton spent much of his childhood, Clifton’s was known as the world’s largest cafeteria and attracted everyone from luminaries such as Walt Disney, to blue collar workers, to the depression era’s down ‘n’ out who were welcomed with the policy of, “pay as you wish.”

The new Clifton’s retains much of the quirky charm of the original, including a forest theme featuring a five-story redwood tree sprouting right through the middle of the venue, as well as waterfalls and charming bridges, and winding, cavernous paths dotted with taxidermy wild animals – a tribute to founder Clinton’s love of hunting (though if you hold your phone over the nearby plaques, you’ll hear about wildlife conservation efforts.)

Clifton's Los Angeles

Under the carefully guided vision of its latest owner, Andrew Meieran (known for his stunning creation of the Edison Bar), the new Clifton’s has three floors to explore with a bevy of treats for the eyes and belly. The Cafeteria is located on the first floor with classic foods from pizza to pie to Jell-O. On the second floor is the Monarch Bar where you can socialize in elegant style under the giant redwood tree and take your trays of food up to the many tables and chairs and nooks and crannies to dine with your peeps. On the third floor is a Gothic Bar, which offers dramatic style. More rooms and bars are expected to open in the near future including a Tiki Bar, which my little circle of friends are quite excited about! 

What I Wore

I went to meet friends for Valentine’s weekend cocktails so I felt a frothy, feminine vintage-style swing dress was in order. I’ve always considered myself a pencil skirt, wiggle dress kind of girl but with some recent purchases of a full circle skirts and dresses, I’ve been enjoying the new silhouette. Pair it with a voluminous petticoat and you have a classic ‘50s heartbreaker, such as this look I put together with a red, floral swing dress and black petticoat peeking out to accent the pattern. Some delicate, vintage-inspired earrings and black pumps completed the look – and a rose from my sweetie!

OOTD valentine swing dress style


How to Have Swing Dress Style

You’ll feel like the belle of the bar in a swing dress with a fun print and a frothy petticoat underneath like this dress in hot pink with white polka dots. Add a white petticoat to compliment the print and you won’t be able to help but sway bath and forth like sweet Sandra D. in “Grease.” Some classic pumps will take you higher and balance the look with ultra girl appeal. Click the links to shop* this look.


swing dress style

If you’re in LA, you simply must check out Clifton’s Cafeteria, have a drink and enjoy their “cabinet of curiosities!”

Clifton’s is located at 648 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014

We heart you Clifton’s!

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Tag: Historical Sites

Dressing Vintage Style to Historical Union Station

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDWhen dressing in vintage style, there’s nothing like a historical landmark to provide the perfect setting for your outfit. Luckily, Los Angeles still has a few beautiful buildings that have been preserved insteand of torn down to make way for ugly development projects.

One of them is LA’s Union Station, which opened in 1939 and is the largest railroad passenger terminal in the Western United States. Conceived on a grand scale, it became known as the “Last of the Great Railway Stations.” It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

Union Station Los Angeles

Designed by John Parkinson and Donald B. Parkinson (the Parkinsons) with the assistance of supporting architects. Union Station’s look combines Art Deco, Mission Revival, and Streamline Moderne style, with elements of Dutch Colonial Revival architecture.

The waiting area has the feeing of elegant grandeur of a time long ago. Nestled in the corner is a place for passengers to grab a drink and rest a spell at Traxx bar. The bar is a comforting repute and also opens up to a fabulous view to appreciate the station’s lovely architecture. Across the way is a full restaurant for those on long layover from their train rides or just wanting to escape the bustle of downtown LA.

Union Station Los Angeles by Stiletto City


What I Wore

For this night of having a drink at one of America’s great crossroads, I put on some comfortable yet elegant, vintage style that seemed appropriate for visiting a historical landmark. I opted for a vintage dress in warm fall colors. I actually purchased this dress from Pinup Girl Clothing’s Micheline Pitt who noted how much she loved the details of circus characters in the print and the pearl studded details in the front. I paired it with a vintage cigar box purse and t-strap vintage inspired heels. It set nicely against the background the Union Station’s tile and for a drink at the bar.

Vintage Style Look

 Vintage Style Look

Dressing Vintage Style for a Night Out with History

If you’re headed out to your own local historic landmark or any place that makes you feel transported back in time, bring a bit of vintage style just as ladies did a few decade ago when looking classy and feminine was de rigueur. This classic 1940s inspired chiffon swing dress features a vintage caped bodice with a teasing and pleasing keyhole, fitted waist with sash tie, and crepe lined swing skirt. A cream-colored, vintage style purse and t-strap shoes complete the look. Click the links to shop* the look!

Vintage Style Look

Hope you get a chance to take in a bit of history at a landmark near you!

Union Station is located at 800 N Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Traxx Bar is just inside the main front doors in the waiting area.

To the past,

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Tag: Historical Sites

Bringing Retro Style for Cocktails at the Idle Hour

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDThere’s nothing like a drink with a good gal pal to help you blow off steam from a long week and provide an excuse to get dressed up in some cute retro style and gab about clothes, makeup and upcoming events.

Recently, a very cool bar opened in the North Hollywood area and you can’t miss it driving down the street. Shaped like a huge wooden barrel, Idle Hour was originally built in 1941 following on the heels of “programmatic architecture,” in which buildings were designed in unusual shapes to catch the attention of passersby.

Idle Hour Bar Stiletto City Sept 2015

It served as a tap room for several decades, then a Flamenco bar in the 1970s. The place then began to fall into disrepair. It wasn’t until LA Magazine columnist Chris Nichols petitioned to get the venue historical status in 2010 that it was set to make a comeback.

Idle Hour Bar Stiletto City Sept 2015

Purchased by the 1933 Group in 2011, the place underwent a massive renovation and emerged this past February with a shiny new look both inside and out. Pull up a seat inside the huge barrel and you’ll feel as though you want to drink the whole thing when you see the variety of beers and ales on tap. The place also serves light meals, lunch and brunch. There is a lovely patio out back surrounded by twinkling lights. Looking over everyone is a giant bulldog structure, a replica of the 1920’s era Bulldog Café.

The place is perfect for getting an eyeful of the beautiful architecture and the crowd of hipsters that frequent it.

What I Wore

For this historical landmark that spans several decades, I put on a little retro style with a Tiki-inspired ‘60s look. I paired a bright green vintage shift dress with bamboo hoop earrings with matching bracelets and a colorful swirl colored Bakelite bracelet. My purse has a Tiki print with bamboo handles, and gold mule slide shoes kept me light on my feet.

Retro Style 1960s dress Stiletto City Sept 2015

What to Wear to a Hipster Bars in Los Angeles

In LA, it can be tough to stand out in a crowd of beautiful people. For a long time, wearing black was a way to look cool but I say make a statement in a bright color and a bit of retro style to show your fun personality on a night out. This bright green dress with very California palm tree fronds will catch the light in a dark bar as will your colorful heels. Keep accessories simple with a textured black clutch and gold bracelet that says your in for a good time day or night!

Retro Style Look

Hope you get a chance to check the Idle Hour. Want to try out some other bars in LA? Be sure to hit the tag below for more blogs on bars!

Idle Hour is located at 4824 Vineland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 91601


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