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Mad for Midi Skirts

My style has been venturing into the 1970s lately, mainly due to recently inheriting my mom’s wardrobe. She kept much of her very stylish 1970s clothing, which included a lot of midi-length skirts. Since I’m at the point where I’ve outgrown mini skirts, the midi feels just right, and I’m trying out some new looks.

The midi skirt gained popularity during the 1940s and 1950s, revolutionizing women’s fashion. This elegant garment emerged as a response to wartime rationing and the need for more practical attire. With its hemline falling below the knee and sometimes reaching mid-calf, the midi skirt struck the perfect balance between modesty and style.

My vintage midi skirt collection comes from a decade filled with bold style, great music and quirky TV sitcoms (I’m looking at you, Brady Bunch and Partridge Family). It’s a decade I associate with my childhood and many memories. I never thought I would want to relive some of those crazy fashions. But recently, I’ve fallen in love with playing with some of these retro statement-making pieces, and they look as fresh today as the decade comes back in style.

One of the reasons the midi skirt has endured throughout the years is its universally flattering silhouette. Whether you opt for an A-line, pleated, or pencil style, the midi skirt cinches at the waist and gracefully flares out, creating a feminine and sophisticated shape. It accentuates the natural curves while providing comfort and freedom of movement.

Here are some of my latest outfits influenced by 1970s style and the midi skirt.

1970s inspired gauze top with butterfly sleeves and midi skirt

Flowy Sleeves and Button-Down Midi Skirt

Thanks to the recent Amazon Prime series “Daisy Jones and the Six”, the boho rock ‘n’ roll look has taken hold this year. I love that carefree, hippie-esque style, but I’ve never worn it. Now with the help of this vintage breezy, flowy top and bright midi skirt, I’m getting the boho vibes. Paired with some vintage leather accessories, it’s got that California in the summer of love feeling.

Get the look:

1970s vintage outfit with crochet top and patchwork midi skirt

Crochet Top and Patchwork Midi Skirt

I can’t think of two more iconic styles that speak to the 1970s than crochet and patchwork. Crochet tops were everywhere in the 1970s, from bags to tops to shawls (we see you Stevie Nicks!) Patchwork was another one of those iconic looks of the era, from leather patchwork purses and jackets to clothing in an array of mixed and matched fabrics and prints. This vintage patchwork skirt is so much fun, made from silky scarf fabric scraps. I paired it with one of my mom’s vintage crochet tops creating a great look for summer. If you’re wondering, the white horse is a nod to when Bianca Jagger rode a real one into Studio 54 during her birthday party in the ’70s.

Get the look:

1970s inspired look with ruffle top and pleated polka dot midi skirt

Ruffle Top and Pleated Midi Skirt

Ruffles were a massive trend in the 1970s that appeared on blouse collars and pant bell bottoms. This top has a soft ruffle around the neckline, which pairs nicely with this vintage pleated midi skirt featuring multicolor polka dots. You can’t beat the long pleat on this skirt to elongate the silhouette!  

Get the look

The midi skirt holds a special place in the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Its history and versatility make it a go-to choice for those seeking an elegant and feminine style. If you’re tired of your mini and knee-length skirts, give the midi a spin. You might discover a whole new look!

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Retro Fall Festival Looks

I love fall! Not only do the trees put on a magnificent show of color, the air gets cool and crisp, and so many fall festivals come up. From pumpkin picking to drinking apple cider to getting a jumpstart on holiday shopping, there is so much fun to be had! Plus, so many fall outfits to plan! The great thing about fall is that you get to start layering, which offers a wealth of styling options! Here are a few outfits I put together for this year’s fall festivals.

Girl in retro fall outfit with swing skirt and sweater vest

Anderson Farms Fall Festival

Anderson Farms always goes all out for fall. This large working farm brings out prop setups for photos with backdrops, hay bales and pumpkins galore. You can bring the little ones for games and train rides, eat carnival-style snacks such as freshly popped corn (right from the farm!) and funnel cakes, feed and pet the goats and, of course, pick pumpkins! They take you out to the pumpkin patch by tractor ride, and you can pick as many as you can cart back to your car. I pulled out my vintage button-down sweater vest in my favorite fall colors and paired it with a retro swing skirt, vintage scarf and good sturdy lace-up boots for pumpkin hunting.

Girl in retro fall outfits with swing skirt, cardigan sweater and Peter Pan collar

Cider Days Fest

When fall hits, you know it’s apple pickin’ season! I’ve been trying to go apple picking for years, but there just aren’t many places near me and those that are sell out quickly. So I settle for apple cider festivals where they bring the apples to me! This year’s Cider Days Fest offered all things apple plus fall activities like hay bale mazes, goat walking, mini train rides, square dancing lessons and more. I had to go with apple colors in my outfit with my burgundy retro swing skirt, camel-colored cardigan sweater and retro Peter Pan tie-on collar in burgundy with little gold fall leaves on the ties. And there couldn’t be a more perfect excuse to carry my vintage, hand-painted apple basket purse!

Girl in vintage dress and vest

Horseshoe Market

Horseshoe Market has markets all year round filled with local crafters and great gift ideas. Their Fall Festival is one of the biggest markets of the year. I was in the spirit with a vintage shift dress in fall colors, a thrifted rust-colored canvas vest and comfy little kicks for lots of walking around.

Girl in red gingham dress and cardigan sweater

Four Mile Historic Park Harvest Festival

This old-fashioned style harvest festival was in the perfect setting in this historic park. There was a covered wagon to take pix in, a hay ride around the park, a small animal farm, historic buildings to wander through and, of course, a pumpkin patch! I picked up some apple cider donuts that really put me in the fall mood. And I practiced converting my summer dresses into fall outfits by layering on a cardigan sweater. This gingham dress is one of my favorites as it just says good ol’ country fest! I also added my vintage apple basket brooch and later changed into tan cowboy boots to take this into a casual evening look.

So that’s been my festive fall so far. Hope my outfits provided some inspiration for your fall looks.

Until next time,


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Vintage Style at Summer Markets

When summer comes around, I get excited for the summer markets to reopen. You can find fresh produce and baked goods at farmer’s markets. The maker’s markets have fun clothes, candles and other crafts. And of course, I can’t stay away from all vintage and thrift at flea markets. I love it all! I always find something interesting or delicious to bring home. And it’s the perfect excuse to put together a creative daytime outfit.

Here are some of my looks for summer markets.

Graphic t-shirt with vintage skirt

Retro T-shirts Are a Summer Staple

My favorite thing to wear in the summer is a comfortable cotton t-shirt. I have them in a million solid colors, some prints such as stripes and polka-dots, but my biggest faves are graphic t-shirts that express things I love or care about, such as bands, causes or pop culture memories. I recently picked up this retro Smokey the Bear tee that not only reminds me of the Smokey commercials I used to see as a kid but is also appropriate since I live near the forests of Colorado. I paired it with a 1970s vintage wrap skirt, a vintage floral decoupage box purse and some bright yellow, high-top Chucks kicks. I topped it all with a corduroy jean jacket for a laid-back day at Horseshoe Market, where I can find everything from vintage to maker’s candles, ceramics or jewelry.

1960s vintage top and capri pants

Cool Vintage Topper

The farmer’s markets in Denver are a scene in themselves with loads of people crowding for farm-fresh produce, snacks, spices, baked goodies and even some lunch options. On this day, I pulled out one of my favorite vintage 1960’s tops and paired it with some summer white capri pants. A vintage scarf gives it a little added flair, along with a vintage basket purse. Again, high-top sneakers are my go-to for the markets as they are comfy to walk in and protect my feet from being stepped on or sunburn. It was the perfect outfit for Pearl Street Farmer’s Market, one of Denver’s biggest and most popular farmer’s markets.

Vintage argyle sweater

A Light Sweater

It’s best to hit the markets early before all the good stuff is gone, but sometimes that means it’s still chilly out. A light sweater can save the day. I recently brought back this purple argyle sweater from my parent’s house. I wore it as a teenager, so it’s vintage now! I love the print. I put it over a purple graphic tee, so when it gets warm enough to take it off, I have something groovy on underneath. I paired it with some pinstripe capri pants and again my high-top sneaks for casual comfort. I brought along with a canvas bag for toting all the treats I picked up at 13the Avenue Flea Market, where they have a great selection of vintage and thrift vendors, located next to Denver’s gem of a record store, Wax Trax Records. They also have live bands on the sidewalk on Sunday flea market day!

So those are a few of my market looks. If you want to know where you can find me on the weekends in the summertime, check for your local markets. I’ll be there!

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Passion for Ponchos

When the weather is between seasons, it’s hard to know what to wear. I often just want to reach for my classic vintage jean jacket, but that gets so boring after a while. I recently became obsessed with ponchos. After seeing Denver fashion designer Mona Lucero style them up in a fashion show last year using gorgeous vintage fabrics, I started looking around the vintage shops to see what I could find.

Ponchos are the perfect layering piece. They provide the warmth of wrapping a blanket around you. But they are also free-flowing enough that when the weather warms up, say in the afternoon, you don’t get too hot. And springtime here in Colorado means you can get anything from wind to rain to snow to cloudless days of sunshine.

What  I love about ponchos is you can put them on over just about anything, without worrying about it looking bulky. Ponchos also work well for a daytime around-town look, and you can dress them up to add interest to a casual evening outfit.

See how I styled a few vintage ponchos I picked up to add to my spring /fall between-seasons wardrobe.

Orange and green knit poncho

Handmade Vintage Poncho

I fell in love with the rich colors and the thick crochet material of this poncho I found on Etsy. Lovingly hand-knitted, this poncho goes on overhead with a crew neckline and rests on your shoulders. While you could add a necklace or scarf, I think the pattern and colors of this one do all the talking. I really like how this looks with a short skirt, tights and tall boots.

White knit button down poncho

Button-down Vintage Poncho

This poncho was actually my mom’s. I found it in her storage bins on a recent trip back to my parent’s house and she was kind enough to let me have it. She told me she used to wear it over her outfits when she took dance classes decades ago. Now I’m having fun styling it up with some of my vintage clothes, like this 1960’s dress. The light white color works perfect for springtime and it’s a very light, breathable knit material. You can leave it unbuttoned to see more of your outfit underneath. It’s perfect for putting on over a dress, just like mom used to do!

Red and grey striped poncho

Flea Market Poncho

I found this poncho at a vintage flea market. Again I was drawn to the great colors. I also like the cut on this one. It’s has a high slit on each side, which makes for great movement. I can also cinch it in and belt just the front panel and leave the back loose and flowing like a cape for a different look. The v-neckline has two fun pom-pom tassels and sometimes I tuck in a big scarf if I need to keep my neck warmer on days when it’s a little on the colder side. I styled this one with a short skirt, leggings and ankle booties.

So that’s my current poncho collection and some styling ideas. Hope you find one for yourself!

Until next time,




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Vintage Winter Coats

We’ve had a super cold and snowy winter season in Colorado this year. While it’s been hard to get outside and go anywhere, it’s still a great excuse to give some of my vintage winter coats a spin.

When winter hits, I always find it so hard to dress stylishly. All I want to do is stay warm, so it’s easy to fall into a rut of grabbing a big, warm sweater and pants or leggings and calling it a day. But what’s great about vintage winter coats is that they are so stylish; they ARE your outfit. With fabulous colors, textures and trims, they really knew how to make coats back then. Just put one on and make a statement.

Here are a few from my collection:

Blue suede 1970s vintage coat

1970s Dream Coat

This coat belonged to my mother and has been literally sitting in my parent’s hall closet for decades. Recently, I’ve been helping my parents clean out some storage, and my mom has been willing to part with a bit of her beloved clothing collection, much of which was from her young, fashionable days in the 1970s. This coat came back on my last trip, and it’s such a stunner. Blue suede and a cream fur trim with a flattering hourglass silhouette. I usually avoid anything with real fur because I’m an animal lover and a little conflicted about the justifications for wearing vintage fur. I certainly would never buy fur new. But since this came from my mom, I’m making an exception. I feel so glamorous in this coat! It truly is an outfit in itself.

Gold corduroy 1960s vintage coat

1960s Corduroy Coat

I picked this coat up recently for a steal at our local modernism show. I can’t resist corduroy and the color mustard yellow. I love the straight fit of this coat that works well with almost any dress or skirt length. Because of its 1960s styling, it looks fabulous with shorter skirts, which I wear a lot of in winter with warm leggings because they go well with chunky snow boats. The casualness of this coat makes it great for a daywear showstopper.

Wool 1950s vintage coat

1950s Wool Coat

This was an early impulse purchase when I first moved to Colorado and needed some warm coats. I never needed them in my former home in sun-drenched Southern California. It’s been a great excuse to up my coat game, and this off-white mid-century wool coat is such a head-turner. I love creating winter white looks with it, which makes it feel a bit more formal when wearing it. With three-quarter sleeves, I definitely have to be aware of what I wear under it. I have to plan for pairing long sleeves with matching gloves or longer gloves with anything short-sleeved.

Plaid Vintage Cape

Vintage Cape

Don’t forget capes as part of your vintage outerwear! I picked this up from a friend cleaning out her closet. Since she’s a big collector of 1940s vintage, I’m guessing this coat originates anywhere from the late 1940s to the early 1960s. I love the taupe plaid pattern that goes with almost anything and is fun for doing some print mixing. Plus, the generous sizing means it can go over almost anything, even a light jacket, for lots of layering options. There is really nothing like the drama of a cape wafting along with your every move to really make an entrance in a room!

So that’s my current vintage coat collection. I’m sure it will grow and change over time as I learn to dress for Colorado winters. For now, I have some fun options to play with. Check your local vintage shops to find your dream vintage coat to put some extra style in your winter wear!


Until next time,



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Shopping Holiday Markets in Style

With the pandemic still raging this year, I’ve been going to mostly outdoor events to try to stay safe in crowds. That means I’ve discovered a wealth of markets for shopping and farmer’s markets for produce and baked goods. Now I don’t know if these outdoor markets have always existed, and I wasn’t paying attention or if this is now a popular way to shop because of Covid, but I’m happy to have them.

The holidays have seen an explosion of outdoor shopping markets for gifts, with many of the booths from indie small businesses, artists and makers who need our business way more than the big box stores or the almighty Amazon. Many of the finds here are also sustainably made and environmentally more friendly than what you find in bigger retail stores.

Plus, the holiday markets are a great way to get out and safely socialize and, most importantly, wear cute festive outfits! Here are some of the markets I’ve attended and outfits I’ve worn this holiday season.

Firefly Handmade Holiday Market

This makers market was a fun way to discover some of the crafty people in town, making everything from home décor to food to jewelry. It was the weekend after Thanksgiving, so I was still in fall wardrobe mode with this 1970s crochet mini dress, floppy hat and tooled-leather purse.

1970s vintage dress

Firefly Handmade Holiday Market

Fun finds: Vander JacketsWax Crescent Candles, Avery Lee Designs Jewelry

Learn more about the Firefly Handmade Markets on their website.


Horseshoe Market

This enormous market which features makers and vintage goods, is one of my favorites, taking place several times throughout the year. I wore a 1950s vintage dress I found deadstock (unworn), a matching cardigan and a wool boucle pillbox hat.

Vintage dressHorseshoe Holiday Market

Fun finds Bohemian ScrapcityRound Trip Goods, (read my article in Westword about them!)

Learn more about Horseshoe Market on their website.

Cherry Creek Holiday Market

Conducting a marathon of being open 37 days straight before Christmas, the Cherry Creek Market featured a mix of local makers and some higher-end vendors, plus live music. The best part was walking through the Cherry Creek shopping district decked out in millions of lights for their Winter Wanderland. The temperatures were starting to drop by the time I got there, so I was happy to have my thick vintage faux fur and corduroy coat over a retro T-shirt over a base layer top and some punk rock, I mean Christmas-plaid pants!

Vintage Corduroy Coat

Cherry Creek Holiday Market

Fun finds: Dirty Hippie CandlesHummingbird Spa NaturalsHappy YakBaby Firepits

Learn more about the Cherry Creek Holiday Market on their website.

Georgetown Christmas Market

I’ve wanted to go to this market up in the mountains for years, but since it always takes place on the first two weekends of December, it’s always freezing and snowing. This year’s mild-weather season finally allowed me to go. I wore a thrifted Fair Isle sweater with a vintage plaid skirt.

Fair Isle Sweater and Vintage Plaid SkirtGeorgetown Holiday Market

Fun finds: MP Pinecone DesignsDesign By J9

Learn more about Georgetown Christmas Market on their website

Holi-Gay Market at Milk Market

I loved the concept of this market! Featuring LGBTQ-owned small businesses, designers and allies, this market took place inside the Milk Market in downtown Denver’s historic Dairy Block. There was a fun mix of high- and low-end selections. I wore a vintage ’70s velour jacket and plaid scarf over a retro t-shirt and skinny print pants.

Vintage 1970s velour jacket

Holi Gay Milk Market Holiday Market

Fun finds: Coco Coquette, Christopher La Fleur ArtsMona Lucero (read my article in Westword about her!)

Learn more about the Diary Block on their website.

Whew, that was a lot of outings this year! I got to do some Christmas shopping and get some treats for myself. I’ll be sad to see the outdoor markets go while we deal with winter weather, but it’s sure been a holiday delight – and a great opportunity to style up some of my vintage and thrifted clothing for the season!

Happy holidays!


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Dress Smart with Academia Style

If you do any trend watching on Instagram, you might notice that Academia style is showing up in your feed. This style combines bookish boarding school looks with vintage enthusiasm to create preppy outfits with a hard goth edge or soft romantic flair.

There has been some criticism of the trend lacking diversity in its inspiration, which is primarily Eurocentric and upper-class elitist. But when it comes to fashion, I think the look is accessible to anyone who loves it. Can’t afford to go to a private boarding school? You can still shop the style in vintage and thrift stores.

And the great part about is it’s all about layering different pieces and a lot of neutral and dark colors, so it’s perfect for autumn.

Academia Style, Blazer, Plaid Skirt

There are a few Academia styles to choose from:

Dark Academia – currently the most popular, consists of dark, earthy tones, tweed, plaid, velvet, lots of black. A cross between collegiate preppy and goth. Attitude is brooding and pessimistic.

Light Academia – a lighter version of dark Academia with more cream and tan colors and softer fabrics such as cashmere, linen and corduroy. Attitude is more joyful and optimistic.

Romantic Academia – similar to light Academia but more shirts and dresses with frilly collars and trims, billowy sleeves and flowing fabrics, maybe some floral print for good measure. Attitude is more flirty and feminine.

As I started seeing the Academia trend evolve online, I realized how much I love the look, and I already have so much of it in my closet. I just hadn’t put it all together!

Here are some outfit ideas I pulled from pieces I already own and styled in this fun new way.

Academia Style, Sweater Vest, Plaid Skirt

Academia Style, Sweater Vest


Mad for Plaid

Plaid is a huge must-have to create the Academia look – skirts, pants, pinafores. Think those Catholic schoolgirl skirts or anything somewhat nerdy or studious.


If there is one hat that works for Academia style, it’s the beret. Looking both chic and collegiate, the beret is the perfect piece to cap off a look. They can usually be found easily in thrift and vintage stores as they never seem to go out of style.

Academia Style, Satchel Bag, Vest, Beret

Satchel Bags

You’ll need a good bag to carry all of your books and journals for Academia style. After all, this look is about being a lover of literature and writing poetry or the next great novel. Look for worn-in vintage leather or canvas bags with antiqued brass buckles.

Academia Style

Academia Style



You can’t create a boarding school look without a blazer. But Academia calls for a bit more dramatic and styled pieces in textured fabrics such a velvet or tweed. I thrifted this sleek black velvet blazer and it’s is perfect for a Dark Academia look.

Dark Academia Style, Velvet Blazer, Plaid Pants

Dark Academia Style, Velvet Blazer, Plaid Pants

Sweater Vests

Remember when nerds only wore sweater vests? Now they’re considered a hot trend for Academia and other styles where it’s all about layering. I also find them great between-seasons pieces to keep you warm when there’s a chill in the air.

I hope this inspires you to give Academia style a try. There are so many variations to choose from, and you may find you already have some pieces to get started. Here’s to this smart, stylish look!

Until next time,



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Vintage Boho Style For Fall

Since I brought over a bunch of 1970s vintage clothes from my mom’s closet, I’ve fallen down the ‘70s rabbit hole of fashion inspiration. And you just can’t think about that decade without including the Boho look.

The term “boho” or “bohemian” dates back to the French Revolution when the social and economic landscape forced artists and creatives into poverty. They began wearing and expressing themselves with old clothing. You can read more about the history here.

In recent decades, boho is synonymous with those who are free-spirited and artistic. It’s mainly associated with the 1960s hippie counterculture movement and has drifted in and out of mainstream fashion. It also became an interchangeable term for festival wear for its free-flowing, casual style, perfect for long hot summer days listening to bands.

Embroidered velvet jacket, graphic tee, boho style

But don’t pack your boho looks away for fall as it lends itself perfectly to earthy tones and layers. I put together some boho looks that can transition your carefree warm days of summer into the cool, leaf-crunching days of autumn.

Peasant Top and Floppy Hat

You can’t go wrong with a peasant top for a boho look. The delicate string-tie neckline and floral embroidery are pretty and feminine. I paired it with a big, floppy felt hat, layered necklaces, a tooled leather vintage purse and ‘70s wooden heel shoes.

Peasant Top Boho Style

Peasant Top Boho Style

Floral-print dress and shawl

Boho can work really well with western accessories, so I took a vintage ‘70s shawl and played off the fringe, tucking it into a vintage western belt and cowboy boots I picked up from an estate sale. Another floppy felt hat completes the look.

Vintage Floral Dress, Shawl, Boho Style

Vintage Floral Dress, Shawl, Boho Style

Graphic Tee and Embroidered Velvet Jacket

I snatched this soft velvet embroidered jacket from an estate sale, and I never want to take it off! It makes me feel like Jimi Hendrix when I have it on, so cool and comfy. I had to top it over a graphic tee, which really came into prominence in the 1970s. This vintage logo Martin guitar tee works perfectly with some layered vintage necklaces and leather accessories. I just might have to learn to play guitar!

Embroidered velvet jacket, graphic tee, boho style

Embroidered velvet jacket, graphic tee, boho style


I hope this gives you some boho inspiration. Check out my article on Upstyle Daily for how to get some boho essentials into your look. And see more of my looks on my Instagram page.

Until next time,


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Wear One Item Mulitple Ways

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the “ways to wear” hashtags on Instagram, where someone takes one article of clothing and styles it several different ways. I’ve been doing this over in my other articles for, Upstyle Daily for a few months now and it’s such a great way to get more versatility from your wardrobe. It’s perfect for when you have those “I have nothing to wear” blues to get you looking at your clothing in new ways. It’s also helpful for those who keep a capsule wardrobe and have limited closet space or a tight clothing budget to get the most out of the few clothing pieces you own.

Here’s a rundown of some of my recent “ways to wear” articles on Upstyle Daily for more mainstream looks with a few vintage and thrifted items thrown in:

One summer dress four ways for fall

One vintage dress in multiple stylings.

Vintage dress with sweater vest and cowboy boots

One shirt five ways

A thrifted, button-down shirt worn multiple ways.

Button down shirt with band t-shirt

One sheath dress five ways

A simple sheath dress styled multiple ways.

Sheath dress with a cream top

One shawl five ways

A vintage shawl worn different ways.

A vintage shawl


I hope this inspires you to look at new ways to wear what’s already in your closet!

Read more of my Upstyle Daily articles here and see more outfit ideas on my Instagram page.

Until next time,



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How to Wear Vintage Bed Jackets as Outerwear

I’ve fallen in love with vintage bed jackets. Those delicate, frilly little tie-on jackets ladies wore over their fancy nighties back from roughly the 1930s-70s. It just doesn’t seem like ladies float around the house in flowing nightgowns anymore. Though I have to admit, cotton t-shirts and lounge pants are a tad more comfy than scratchy nylon lace, but still…

So what to do with all the slinky bed jackets that sit on the racks in vintage stores? Wear them! They make great little jackets over daywear to give a feminine touch, and yes, all that nylon fabric can be very warm when there’s a chill in the air.

How to Shop for a Vintage Bed Jacket

I like to look for vintage bed jackets cropped at waist length and not too frilly, so they don’t look so much like lingerie. Just a little lace around the neckline or trim on the sleeves will do. Ruffled and quilted bed jackets work great for this purpose. And top marks if you find a cotton or fleece one, which were sometimes known as “housecoats” for even more warmth and durability and less of the nightie look.

Here are three ways to wear vintage bed jackets as outerwear.

Blue Vintage Bed Jacket with Jeans

Blue Vintage Bed Jacket with Tank Top

Wear Vintage Bed Jackets with Jeans

You can’t beat juxtaposing a feminine sheer lace-trimmed bed jacket over some casual jeans and a tank for an easy-breezy casual look that says: oh, I just threw on a little something. 

The ruggedness of the jeans plays off nicely with the lace of the bed jacket, so it doesn’t look so much like intimate apparel.

Vintage Ruffle Bed Jacket Over a Dress

Pink Ruffle Vintage Bed Jacket

Wear a Vintage Bed Jacket Over a Dress

Add a little cover-up to your dress when the temperatures turn cooler. A vintage bed jacket really fancies up a casual dress or can be a real show-stopper over a simple cocktail dress. 

The frilliness of the bed jacket can make you feel even more dressed up for special occasions.

Peach Quilted Vintage Bed Jacket

Peach Quilted Vintage Bed Jacket

Wear Vintage Bed Jacket with a Graphic Tee Shirt

Let your personality show through with a graphic t-shirt supporting your favorite organization, band or pop culture heroes (mine is Wonder Woman here). Pair it with some shorts in the summer, pants or a skirt. The bed jacket dresses up the casualness of the t-shirt and the sweet little string ties work like an extra accessory.

So now that you know how to style them, will you be checking out vintage bed jackets as an option for a feminine little cover-up?

Check out more of my looks on my Instagram page.

Until next time,


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