Wear One Item Mulitple Ways

September 10, 2021

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Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the “ways to wear” hashtags on Instagram, where someone takes one article of clothing and styles it several different ways. I’ve been doing this over in my other articles for, Upstyle Daily for a few months now and it’s such a great way to get more versatility from your wardrobe. It’s perfect for when you have those “I have nothing to wear” blues to get you looking at your clothing in new ways. It’s also helpful for those who keep a capsule wardrobe and have limited closet space or a tight clothing budget to get the most out of the few clothing pieces you own.

Here’s a rundown of some of my recent “ways to wear” articles on Upstyle Daily for more mainstream looks with a few vintage and thrifted items thrown in:

One summer dress four ways for fall

One vintage dress in multiple stylings.

Vintage dress with sweater vest and cowboy boots

One shirt five ways

A thrifted, button-down shirt worn multiple ways.

Button down shirt with band t-shirt

One sheath dress five ways

A simple sheath dress styled multiple ways.

Sheath dress with a cream top

One shawl five ways

A vintage shawl worn different ways.

A vintage shawl


I hope this inspires you to look at new ways to wear what’s already in your closet!

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