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Mad Men Finale Party at The Offbeat Bar

Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDThe time had to come. The end of “Mad Men,” the show that had everyone hooked on the styles, the social political revolutions and the changes in the corporate advertising world through the decade of the 1960s. We got to know all the characters, we identified with them, whether it was their personality, their aspirations, their defeats, or just their love of a drink and a great outfit. After seven seasons and numerous awards, the show cannot only say it changed the cultural landscape in the TV genre but impacted people’s lives.

Since I’ve been watching “Mad Men” via iTunes downloads, I knew I couldn’t wait until the required next day to watch the finale. I wanted to be among friends, to say goodbye to these characters I’d come to love. So I gathered my ‘60s loving pals to go to a screening party.

Mad Men Party

I wore a primary yellow with red pinstripes ‘60s vintage shift dress, vintage gold drop earrings, vintage watch pen necklace (a tribute to Joan who always wore something similar), vintage patent leather red heels and a folded magazine purse to give a nod to our advertising champs.

We entered The Offbeat Bar where they went all out to make a great night – a drink menu with cocktails named for the characters, two big screens to watch the show on, photo ops with cut-out faces of each of the characters and “Mad Men” logo backdrop and a drawing for prizes for those who dressed up. All this with no cover charge! My kind of place!

We grabbed a cocktail to loosen up before the show. I had a “Roger That” – a strong mix of whiskey, soda and fruit.


Then we gathered in front of the screens as the last episode EVER played before us. It was so much fun to be in a room full of people who adore this show. We cheered for Pete and Trudy when they boarded the plane to their new life. We turned into mushy messes when Stan and Peggy got together. We clapped for Joan and her strength to start her own business. And we cried with Don when he talked to Betty about her cancer diagnosis. We were with them for every moment! And now we’ll miss them that they’re gone. Thank you to everyone with the Mad Men cast and crew for an amazing viewing experience!


Then it was time for the prize drawing as my friends and I twisted the night away to some great ‘60s tunes. I won a print from the character Lou Avery’s “Scout’s Honor” comic book, from part 1 of Season 7, signed by the artist Christian Cordella. And of course I had to take some snaps of all the people with great outfits!  Check out the photos:

Mad Men Party Prize

Mad Men Party

Mad Men Party

Mad Men Party

It was the the perfect way to spend the evening and say goodbye our beloved series. Thank you to the Offbeat Bar for creating a great night. Be sure to check out this groovin’ little place in Highland Park. They offer different theme nights around the sounds and pop culture of the ‘60s, revolving art installations and cocktail specials.

The Offbeat Bar, 6316 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Dance to the beat,

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A Toast to Mad Men at The Prince

k150_27Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDWith the hit TV show Mad Men coming to an end, so many of my friends are sad to see it go – we can’t get enough of the style and the scandal, and the suburb detail of the period-perfect fashions and interior design. I’ve especially enjoyed the smart writing and clever twists and turns of each character punctuated with both humor and drama and a soundtrack that always hits the right note at pivotal moments.

So in tribute, I gathered my vintage-loving pals for a night of cocktails celebrate our love of the show. After doing research for previous blogs on places around Los Angeles where the show actually filmed, I decided we should meet at The Prince Bar and Restaurant. Lit with red lights, red circular booths, velvet baroque wallpaper with noble accents of knights in shining armor and romantic paintings, The Prince looks like a place where time stands still. Even calling on the waiter harkens back to another time – little butler lamps with buttons at each table to ring when you want service.

The Prince Bar and Restaurant Los Angeles

A beautiful horseshoe wood bar is a focal point and where my pals met up. While the bartender could have been a little better (my friends had to instruct him how to make drinks like a Sidecar and a Tom Collins and I found the wine selection limited to cheap chardonnay and merlot), we were all in awe of the surroundings – especially after seeing Don, Betty, Roger and Joan sitting at the bar and booths on the show.

Mad Men at the Prince Bar and Restaurant LAFor the evening I wanted to wear something special so I brought out my turquoise and gold shimmery wiggle dress by Tatyana and gold sparkle stilettos.

Tatyana dress

My pal Sandra D. didn’t disappoint in a customized vintage dress actually worn on Betty Draper on the show, which she scored at a costume sale. Word has it both Mad Men actress January Jones and costume designer Janie Bryant have been trying to get that dress back. But Sandra isn’t selling – and seeing her look so good in it, it’s clear why!

Betty Draper Pink Dress

Mad Men Tribute Cocktail Party

So with a toast to good friends and an amazing show, we say thank you to Mad Men for years of smart, stylish, entertaining television. I look forward to binge-watching it again and again!

 The Prince Bar and Restaurant is located 3198 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005


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Drink Like “Mad Men”

k150_20heel iconWe’ve enjoyed six fabulous seasons of “Mad Men,” watching Don, Roger, Peggy, Joan and the gang saunter stylishly through offices and bars. Now with the series ending (season 7 will be the last), we just can’t let the party go. I discovered several bars throughout Los Angeles where “Mad Men” actually filmed so you can go out and drink like Don and let the madness live on.

In case you didn’t know, though Mad Men is set in New York City, most of the locations are actually filmed in Los Angeles. And I have to tip a fedora hat to their location scouts for finding some of the most esthetically pleasing watering holes in town, many which are historical landmarks.

So  keep the scandal, mystery and intrigue going, cocktail in hand, and live like “Mad Men.” And don’t forget to dress to impress.

Here’s where to go:

Casey’s Irish Pub

A classic dark wood interior and saloon-style bar is given extra appeal by having to descend a set of stairs to the basement level get to it. Located in downtown LA, this bar is dark, cozy and relaxed with a solid Irish influence.

Millennium Biltmore Hotel

The ornate décor screams money, baby and you’ll feel like a million bucks when you saddle up to the Gallery Bar and Cognac Room here or take a meeting over a light meal in the gorgeous Rendezvous Court. This hotel opened its doors in 1923 and its mix of Spanish-Italian Renaissance and Mediterranean Revival, Beaux Arts styles made it an instant sensation. Frescos, marble and bronze provide elaborate texture to make this place feel like the utmost in vintage luxury.

HMS Bounty

Red booths a-plenty but with dive bar appeal, the HMS Bounty has been a staple for Hollywood scenesters venturing into the edge of Koreatown. Located on the ground floor of the historic 1920’s Gaylord Apartments, you can have no-frills, greasy spoon of a meal washed down with a stiff classic cocktail (no fancy mixology going on here)  or just mingle with the array of hipsters and regular barflies at the bar.

La Villa Basque

Probably the only cool place in the industrial area of Vernon, which is East of Downtown LA. La Villa Basque’s charm is in the fact that it looks like it hasn’t changed since the ‘60s. Inside, is a gorgeous bar and round booths with colorful upholstery that you could easily see the Rat Pack holding court in. Definitely an outside-of-the-party-zone destination location but worth a visit.

Musso And Frank

It doesn’t get more classic Hollywood than this. Musso and Frank is an icon of Hollywood’s Golden Era. Opening in 1919, the place has been a watering hole and dining spot to famous authors and movie stars — F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, Elizabeth Taylor to name a few. So even if you go there to slip in the same buttery red leather booth as Don Draper, know that it was warmed by many stars before him.


One word: glamour. Located in the historic 1928 Oviatt Building, the Cicada provides the luxurious setting of art deco elegance with its gold trim and cubist flourishings.  This  dance and supper club offers a chance to step into a time capsule for a night of decadent sophistication. Check the calendar for host Maxwell DeMille’s many retro-inspired events featuring jazz and swingin’ big bands.

The Prince

Tucked in an unlikely corner of residential Koreatown, The Prince envelopes you in tones of red (a color that makes everyone look good, even before a few cocktails!) From the red lighting, to the red leather booths, and red velvet flocked wallpaper, it’s a generous space, punctuated with a gorgeous horseshoe bar and grand piano. I’ve seen many scenes of Don having dinner here on the show.  It’s been written that The Prince once served celebrities and royalty. These days its more of a best kept secret for those wanting a taste of  bygone eras when everything seemed just a bit more glamorous.

I think I see a bar crawl in my future!


Photos via Pinterest, click ’em to go to the source



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Dress Like Mad Men

k150_19heel iconWith just a few days to go before the premiere of Season 6 of Mad Men,  I figured it was time to let you in on some secrets I know in how to live the Mad Men lifestyle – mainly how to dress and drink like our favorite characters. Today’s blog post will let you in on how to shop for the looks seen on the show.

While I have always love ‘60s fashions for their fun silhouettes and bold colors, Mad Men has brought those styles back with a distinction all their own. Now when I go out in my best ‘60s era vintage I’m told,  “you dress so Mad Men,” which I of course take as a compliment because I love the show so much.

k_jbryant1Part of the reason I love it is the care they’ve taken to get every detail right to recreate the decade of so many cultural shifts. Part of that credit goes to costume designer Janie Bryant, who I had the pleasure of meeting during a book signing at my favorite vintage store in Burbank:

Vintage Playclothes

 The store not only has supplied some of the amazing vintage seen on the show but it is such a joy to shop in. It’s in a gorgeous space with frescoed ceilings, the clothes are tagged by era, everything piece is in nearly perfect condition, they have a HUGE inventory of women’s and men’s wear at fantastic prices and the staff is super friendly and helpful.



Clever Vintage Clothing

Another vintage source that has amazing owners is Clever Vintage who I’ve frequently featured in this blog because not only are co-owners Dave and Sabino so knowledgeable about their fashion history and doing custom styling, the are also fabulous party pals! Dave and Sabino travel all across the country to curate their vintage treasures. You can purchase their fine pieces at one of the many shows they participate in, including Helm’s Design District Vintage Boutique and Burbank Pickwick. Check the events page on their website for upcoming dates or make an appointment at their downtown showroom.  They did wardrobe for Peggy and Betty in two separate episodes. Remember these outfits?


It was a genius move of marketing to get a major department store to work with Janie Bryant to design a line of contemporary clothing with a retro feel and make it accessible to everyone.  Banana Republic has been launching a new Mad Men collection at  the start of each season for the past few years and this one is no exception. Bold patterns and rich colors are featured here.  And these are great pieces for me to wear to work and still have a mod feel since I don’t dare subject my delicate vintage to long office hours.


Check out their inspiration and behind the scenes of the collection here.

And get 25% off through April 30 with this coupon.

What Katie Did Lingerie

Now, even your best vintage won’t look authentic unless you have the right undergarments.  Want to look and walk like Joan? Put yourself into one of these corsets and not only will you have an hourglass figure like you’ve never seen, but you’ll just WALK in a different way, a SEXY way!

What Katie Did specializes in designs influences by the glamour of the ‘40s and ‘50s film stars but with contemporary fabric and structure. Plus, were else can you find a gorgeous bullet bra these days?



And if you can’t get your hand on any of these clothes, you can always dress up virtually and “Mad Men Yourself” through the AMC website:


So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get dressed up and mix a cocktail. Can’t wait for Season 6, starting on April 7th!

Stay tuned for Part II of Mad Men series next week where I show you more of how you can live the Mad Men lifestyle!

Now go shop!

Photos of Vintage Playclothes by Kastle
Photos of Clever Vintage, Banana Republic Mad Men Collection, What Katie Did via Pinterest


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Mad Men Today

With my crazy schedule trying to take in all the Los Angeles has to offer, I don’t get to watch much TV (mainly because there aren’t many shows I like) but I do make time to watch Mad Men courtesy of Netflix. It’s pure indulgence for me to feast my eyes on the clothes and set decoration done period-perfect in the ‘60s (my favorite era!) As the show is up for yet more Emmys this year, I was excited to learn that some cast members would be doing a Q&A downtown for the LA Times Envelope Emmy Week. On hand were Jon Hamm (Don Draper), Christina Hendricks (Joan Harris), Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper) and creator Matthew Weiner. I have to say all of the cast’s stars are as impossibly good looking in person as they are on screen and while Weiner had some great behind-the-scenes tidbits, it was Shipka who stole the night as the most charming, poised tween I’ve ever seen! They all just made me love the show that much more – can’t wait for the next season!

Speaking of the ‘60s, I ventured out with some of my groovy ‘60s lovin’ pals to see Douglas Roegiers who has a Wednesday night residency at Villa Sorriso in Pasadena. Encompassing the swingin’ style of the Rat Pack in their heyday, this one-man show has the sound bigger than any big band. A smooth crooner with the presence of a true entertainer, he sang covers of the classics, danced, told jokes and mingled with the audience with the charm and tradition of an old school lounge act that is a lost art. And did I mention this guy can sing? His voice was way too big for the tiny stage and backing track at this restaurant but it just led to us to appreciate his true gift for entertaining and made for a great evening. Thanks Douglas!

Fly me to the moon,

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Mad Men Style

Take one look at today’s fashion and it’s easy to spot the influence the hit show Mad Men has had on it – more ladylike silhouettes in voluminous full skirts, curve-flashing wiggle dresses and pencil skirts. Women in the ’60s really knew how to express the power of their femininity, even if they didn’t quite have their equal rights yet. All I can say is thank goodness – I only wear vintage when I go out and the main reason is I don’t find modern clothes to be attractive in the way they were in past eras. But some of that is changing, thanks to Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant, whose eye for fashion is transforming the way contemporary designers are creating their new lines.

And what better place to meet this taste-maker than my favorite store in town, Playclothes Vintage? Bryant stopped by to sign copies of her recently released book, The Fashion File. I have to say, I got this book for Christmas and I read it in little bites like sweet Bon Bons. It’s the ultimate fashion tell-all treat where Bryant reflects on how she built the style of the characters on Mad Men and how you can find your signature style with a just a few mindful tweaks to your wardrobe.

During the book signing Bryant was surrounded by admiring fashionistas who came dressed in their best vintage looks to show off for her. My pal Sandra D. turned up in a pink, candy-striped, strapless dress she found at a costume store clearout sale. It was the very dress that Bryant herself created for Betty Draper in Mad Men’s Season 2. Bryant took one look at it and said, “That’s Betty’s dress, where did you find that!” Then proceeded to tell us how she had added the pink stripes and bow to give a pop of “Betty color” to the vintage gown.

We had a great time hanging out with this superstar stylist, who is so down to earth you just want to invite her out with the girls for cocktails. And I personally want to say THANK YOU Janie for bringing back the idea of fabulous personal style!

And in this edition of the Stiletto Style Spotlight, I couldn’t help but notice Allyson Rowen Taylor, who stood out in the crowd in a hot pink sheath dress, artistic-looking brushed gold glasses and an ultra-chunky necklace of her own design made of found bits including washers, safety pins and various trinkets. Plus, she was great fun to hang out with! Now that’s some great style!

From the fashion files,

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Mad about Mad Men

I love Mad Men. Seriously, I eat each episode like candy, soaking up the fashions, the art direction and, since I currently work in advertising, a little history on the culture and the business. So I got pretty excited when I learned, upon watching the behind the scenes DVD of season 3, about an illustrator named Dyna Moe who is responsible for the images used in the “Mad Men Yourself” feature on the web as well as episode drawings that have become viral hits. She recently put out a book, “Mad Men: The Illustrated World.”  In a reading at the store, Book Soup in W. Hollywood, Dyna talked about the inspiration of her drawings that began with a Christmas card request from Rich Sommer (aka Harry Crane.) She took us on a journey through ’50s and ’60s era advertising illustrations that influenced her own. As a bonus, not one but two actual Mad Men were in the house to read from her book Rich Sommer and Michael Gladis (aka Paul Kinsey.)

Now you just can’t beat that for an evening as cool as a cocktail made by Don Draper!


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Happy Retro Holidays!

‘Tis the season, the holidays have begun, the mad shopping, the cooking and baking, the events. Mine got off to a good start in Magnolia Park for their Holiday Extravaganza. This little strip of shops in Burbank, from Hollywood Way to Buena Vista, has undergone quite a revitalization while still retaining the charm of a ‘50s neighborhood, a time when people strolled along sidewalks and enjoyed the simple pleasures of life. Some amazing shops have moved in, including a couple I have among my list of favorites in all of Los Angeles.

On this particular evening, the entire street was shut down for several blocks to make for much merriment, including an enormous flat bed “Caroling Truck” that rolled through the crowd decked out like Santa’s workshop, complete with singing and dancing Santas, and a snow blower.

Of course I couldn’t resist popping into Mindfulnest, a store featuring creations by local artists, many who donate proceeds to various causes. You can’t help but feel like you’re giving something back when you buy a gift for someone here – and trust me, they have something unique for everyone – jewelry, art, scented lotions and potions and unique knick knacks. The store has been so successful since opening in Burbank last year, they recently opened another in Santa Monica.

My next stop was a store that has filled my closet with some of my favorite treasures – Playclothes, a vintage-lover’s dream. Even though it was crazy crowded on this night, I couldn’t help but pick up a leopard-print pillbox hat and yellow-gold 1950’s handbag. Their prices are the best of any vintage store I know of and the quality is top notch. The shopkeepers are always friendly and if you put them to task to find something specific, they won’t stop looking through their massive inventory until they find it. They proved this when they found the perfect hot pink, flutter ruffle wrap dress for me to wear to an upcoming 1970’s-themed disco party.

Check out what these stores have to offer in these quick slideshows:



Be sure to check out these shops and all of the upcoming events in the neighborhood on the Magnolia Park website.

Happy shopping!