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Unique Vintage Fashion Show with the Satin Dollz and Hollywood Hotshots

k150_27heel iconSummer in California can be magical. The sun is so bright it seems to make everything sparkle. On a Saturday afternoon in Santa Monica, the vintage-loving crowd didn’t really need any help looking bright and cheerful in their retro threads as they gathered for a rare daytime event that included a fashion show from Unique Vintage and entertainment from the Satin Dollz, and wild, swingin’ dance moves from the Hollywood Hotshots.

The Satin Dollz
The Satin Dollz

Taking place poolside at the Shangri-La Hotel, with the sweet sounds of the Dean Mora Band and DJ Dr. Nate playing in the background, the acts rotated from singing numbers, the fashion show and dances. It was never a dull moment and I’m not even counting the great people watching in the fine-dressed crowd. The leader of the Satin Dollz took a moment to thank everyone for coming and marking their 10th anniversary by stating Los Angeles has the country’s best vintage scene. Well I can vouch that it certainly is a lot of fun! And it was a good opportunity to wear my new Voodoo Vixen spectacle-print dress with the cross-strap detail I love! Check out the pix:

Unique Vintage Fashion Show
Unique Vintage Fashion Show
The Hollywood Hotshots
The Hollywood Hotshots

Vintage Scene Los Angeles The Hollywood Hotshots The Satin Dollz The Satin Dollz

Outfit of the Day - Dress by Voodoo Vixen
Outfit of the Day – Dress by Voodoo Vixen

The Hollywood Hotshots, Satin Dollz, Dean Mora Band and DJ Dr. Nate are available to book for events. Shop Unique Vintage* at the Burbank store or online.

Until the next event,


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Tag: Los Angeles Fashion Blog

Get the Look: Modcloth’s Bea + Dot!

k150_23SZDheel iconIf you’ve been wanting to add some personality to your wardrobe, look no further than Modcloth, the brand known for their retro inspired fashion. They just launched two NEW private labels of women’s clothing!

In my previous post, I showed how-to put together a look with Myrtlewood. Today, I styled a look around Bea+Dot, a playful line that can be worn out ‘n’ about during the day or for fun nights out with the girls or clubbing.

Here’s how to style a look around a Bea+Dot dress from Modcloth:


Bea+Dot_purse Bea+Dot_shoes
Bea+Dot_wallet Bea+Dot_sunglasses


The fun, A-line silhouette and detailing of the “Playing Tagline” dress* will give you a mod look in a wearable way that can take you from your day job to a nightclub. Pair with some accessories that embrace your inner child such as a smiling handbag*, owl wallet* and pencil bracelet.* The chic tortoiseshell sunglasses* will protect your eyes, while a pop of bright red, patent wedges* on your toes keep you grounded.

Click the images to check out each piece and purchase*

Go mod!


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Oscar Fashions 2012: All There in Black & White

On Oscar night, Best Picture winner “The Artist” wasn’t the only thing in black ‘n’ white, the red carpet was flowing with gowns of high contrast – Angelina Jolie,  Rose Byrne and others came in fail-safe black, while Milla Jovovich, Gwyneth Paltrow, Octavia Spencer and one actress surprises in white.

See who came looking their best in black and white in my report for Yahoo!

See Angelina Jolie’s fabulous black gown and much talked about leggy poses:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY0If3vtJOc]

From fashion central,


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ReVamp Vintage: The Prohibition Collection

Atop Downtown LA’s historic gems, the Broadway Bar and Orpheum Theatre, there is a little workshop and showroom called ReVamp Vintage where they create clothing from the years 1910 – 1950. I stopped by there recently and got a look at their latest line, “The Prohibition Collection” featuring women’s and men’s designs from the year 1920, the year Prohibition took place.

Founder/designer Annamarie Von Firley, who, it must be said, knows her fashion details down the last stitch, gave me a tour of the new line that features men’s three-piece suits with high-waisted, flat front, narrow-legged pants, vests that end at the natural waistline and what she calls the “John Barrymore” shirt featuring a long pointed collar. The conservative silhouettes for women, which predate the flapper commonly connected with the ‘20s, feature coat smocks, belted or sashed blouses at the natural waistline and “dirndl skirts” – full gathered skirts with fitted bodices.

ReVamp prides itself in creating period perfect looks and Hollywood has taken notice. They’ve done wardrobe for a number of TV shows and films including “Big Love”, “True Blood” “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (2011), and the wedding dress and bridesmaids in “Pan Am’s” premiere episode.

See more of ReVamp’s new collection and browse the shop click the photo below to see the slideshow:

ReVamp Vintage

See you in the speakeasy,

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Golden Globes Fashion Report 2012

This year’s Golden Globes had an outstanding lineup of nominees, and while the award winners are validated for their work, it is the red carpet where hours of dressing, hair and makeup talent are noticed. This year, there seemed be an abundance of reserved high necklines, some boringly conservative and some exceptionally stylish. Sexy is always in with those who go for risqué with an ultra-low cut, but it is the risk takers that grab the real attention – those who had a little personal touch or out of the ordinary detail when all others just strive to be perfect.

See the highs, the lows and the risk takers in my report on Yahoo! 

See Charlize Theron arrive at the Golden Globes:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvFkVUaxXM0] Workin’ it like it’s the red carpet everyday,


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Bellejar Vintage: Going Out with Belles On

The New Year is upon us and what better time to shop for a new frock? I recently walked my stilettos over to Bellejar Vintage for their holiday party and it was a little piece of shopping heaven. Great pieces, great prices – even a $5 rack where my friend Fabby found the most fabulous tangerine-colored mod shift dress – which will put her right in fashion since tangerine tango was voted Pantone’s color of 2012. Bellejar frequently has little shopping parties with bands and we couldn’t help but the notice the good-looking crowd of shaggy-haired, alt-rock boys and gorgeous pin-up beauty queens that turned up. Owner Katie Stratton is one stylish dame herself and didn’t disappoint in a festive red-trimmed frock, pout and ruby sparkle shoes. Check the place out! See photos from the party by clicking the link below:

Bellejar Vintage Party

And this just in – Bellejar Vintage is offering Stiletto City readers 10% off all online orders by using the code STILETTOCITY. Whoohoo! 

Dress like you mean it,

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Love of Vintage

There are times I feel I was born in the wrong era. I simply love the fashions of past decades, namely the 1920s-1960s. There is something about how the clothes are so feminine, the cuts so divine, the materials so exquisite and the silhouettes that make a statement. I have a hard time walking into a vintage clothing store without leaving with SOMETHING – a dress, a handbag, a hat, some jewelry. Vintage shopping is the ultimate treasure hunt, because these items are rare survivors of the past, they don’t come in a rack-ful of sizes, they aren’t all in perfect condition. So when you find that one piece that happens to fit, isn’t damaged and is at a good price, you just CAN’T leave it there in the store!

Which is why I went home with two new dresses from The Loved One last week. I’d heard about this little Pasadena store from a friend and when they posted on Facebook that they were having a “cocktails ‘n’ shopping” party, well, I just can’t pass up that combo! Turned out to be the cutest little shop, all the clothes are in great condition and the setting is nicely art directed, which makes the shopping experience all the better. Can’t wait to wear my new treasures!

Click the link below to check out a slideshow of the store:

Photos of The Love One Vintage Boutique

Love it!

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Clever Vintage Fashion Show

Knowing my love for the ‘60s, my pals at Clever Vintage Clothing invited me to model in their fashion show at the photo exhibit of iconic shutterbug Phil Stern who had his celebrity snaps on display at the Los Angeles Theatre Center.

A bevy of vintage-loving scenesters babe turned up to help show off Clever’s finest ‘60s era threads in the style of old style fashion shows

Fittings took place a week prior and I was lucky enough to find a teal and olive floor length gown fit for a Bond girl. I dreamed about wearing that dress all the way up to the event!

Call time was 6 p.m. and backstage was a flurry of last minute wardrobe changes, hair teasing, white clouds of hair spray, and makeup touchups. Special thanks to my hair and makeup artist pal Rachelle of Bella Bella salon in Pasadena for coming out to help with my updo and pitching-in to help other girls get period-perfect hair.

Clever’s Dave and Sabino laid out a buffet of vintage handbags and shoes to go with our outfits and it was like being in a candy store. When it was all done, the entire room looked like it a movie set of the 1960s with the girls in elegant eveningwear holding their numbered cards to let the guests know details and designers of their outfits.

Our gaggle of models were trickled out into the crowd, walking through with our numbers, stopping and doing a spin every so often as people asked about our gorgeous frocks as they also enjoyed a selection of Italian wines provided by LA Wine Tasting and gazed upon Mr. Stern’s amazing collection of photos. As I gazed upon black ‘n’ candid moments with Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, I could only imagine what it was like to be back in a era of glamour and pop culture influence that extends to today.

What a great night! Click the image below to see the photos:

A Night of ’60s Photography & Vintage Fashion

Heels on!

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Mad Men Style

Take one look at today’s fashion and it’s easy to spot the influence the hit show Mad Men has had on it – more ladylike silhouettes in voluminous full skirts, curve-flashing wiggle dresses and pencil skirts. Women in the ’60s really knew how to express the power of their femininity, even if they didn’t quite have their equal rights yet. All I can say is thank goodness – I only wear vintage when I go out and the main reason is I don’t find modern clothes to be attractive in the way they were in past eras. But some of that is changing, thanks to Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant, whose eye for fashion is transforming the way contemporary designers are creating their new lines.

And what better place to meet this taste-maker than my favorite store in town, Playclothes Vintage? Bryant stopped by to sign copies of her recently released book, The Fashion File. I have to say, I got this book for Christmas and I read it in little bites like sweet Bon Bons. It’s the ultimate fashion tell-all treat where Bryant reflects on how she built the style of the characters on Mad Men and how you can find your signature style with a just a few mindful tweaks to your wardrobe.

During the book signing Bryant was surrounded by admiring fashionistas who came dressed in their best vintage looks to show off for her. My pal Sandra D. turned up in a pink, candy-striped, strapless dress she found at a costume store clearout sale. It was the very dress that Bryant herself created for Betty Draper in Mad Men’s Season 2. Bryant took one look at it and said, “That’s Betty’s dress, where did you find that!” Then proceeded to tell us how she had added the pink stripes and bow to give a pop of “Betty color” to the vintage gown.

We had a great time hanging out with this superstar stylist, who is so down to earth you just want to invite her out with the girls for cocktails. And I personally want to say THANK YOU Janie for bringing back the idea of fabulous personal style!

And in this edition of the Stiletto Style Spotlight, I couldn’t help but notice Allyson Rowen Taylor, who stood out in the crowd in a hot pink sheath dress, artistic-looking brushed gold glasses and an ultra-chunky necklace of her own design made of found bits including washers, safety pins and various trinkets. Plus, she was great fun to hang out with! Now that’s some great style!

From the fashion files,

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