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June Weddings: Celebrity Dress Picks

 June is a upon us and that means wedding season. A recent wave of celebrity engagement announcements had me wondering which of the famous couples would give us some June brides and when they do – what, or rather WHOM, will they be wearing?

I picked five famous brides-to-be and did a little dress shopping on their behalf to pick styles I think would suit them. Some of these not-so-traditional dresses are so cool I want to wear them just for a fancy night out!

Read more in my story for Yahoo!

I do!,


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Tag: Angelina Jolie

Oscar Fashions 2012: All There in Black & White

On Oscar night, Best Picture winner “The Artist” wasn’t the only thing in black ‘n’ white, the red carpet was flowing with gowns of high contrast – Angelina Jolie,  Rose Byrne and others came in fail-safe black, while Milla Jovovich, Gwyneth Paltrow, Octavia Spencer and one actress surprises in white.

See who came looking their best in black and white in my report for Yahoo!

See Angelina Jolie’s fabulous black gown and much talked about leggy poses:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY0If3vtJOc]

From fashion central,


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Tag: Angelina Jolie

Golden Globes Fashion Report 2012

This year’s Golden Globes had an outstanding lineup of nominees, and while the award winners are validated for their work, it is the red carpet where hours of dressing, hair and makeup talent are noticed. This year, there seemed be an abundance of reserved high necklines, some boringly conservative and some exceptionally stylish. Sexy is always in with those who go for risqué with an ultra-low cut, but it is the risk takers that grab the real attention – those who had a little personal touch or out of the ordinary detail when all others just strive to be perfect.

See the highs, the lows and the risk takers in my report on Yahoo! 

See Charlize Theron arrive at the Golden Globes:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvFkVUaxXM0] Workin’ it like it’s the red carpet everyday,


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