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LA Fashion Week 2013: My Three Top Picks

k150_23SZDheel iconLA Fashion Week has been happening all over Tinsel Town this week with fashion shows from Downtown to Hollywood. My dance card has been rather full trying to hit as many events as possible to check some well-known and emerging designers. Lots of women’s fashion ideas for Spring/Summer 2014. Each event has been its own creative feast for the eyes and I must say the people watching in the audience has been almost as entertaining. The fashion crowd knows how to pull out some style! I saw a lot of bling, stilettos and general “bring it” attitude. A nice change from going out and seeing people in flip-flops and track suits (which pains my eyes!)

Most of the shows have featured several designer showcases back to back and few music acts and performance artists to mix things up. While some fashion collections I was admittedly underwhelmed by, three stood out to me for ultra unique silhouettes, interesting cuts, use of textures and patterns. And of course, my picks all seem to have a little retro influence (what can I say, I love that!) but use it in very modern, wearable ways.

My favorites included:


Sue WongNuvulaEmily Daccarett

Check out what they showed on the runway:

Stay tuned for a full report of all the shows I saw during during LA Fashion Week!

Stay stylish,

Video filmed and edited by Kastle

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A Conversation with Edith Head

If you’ve ever ogled over some of the gorgeous gowns in classic films such as what Elizabeth Taylor wore in “A Place in the Sun” or Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday,” then you must be a fan of eight-time Academy Award winning costume designer, Edith Head.

Known throughout Hollywood as the funny little lady with black bangs and dark-rimmed glasses, she created some of the most glamorous silhouettes to ever hit the screen and dressed Tinsel Town’s most beautiful leading ladies.


Actress Paulette Goddard in an Edith Head design

Though she passed away in 1981, a little theatre production and one amazing actress is giving fans a chance to get to know this amazing, creative and feisty woman.

“A Conversation with Edith Head” offers an evening with the talented designer inside her studio. Actress Susan Claassen not only looks like Ms. Head but has the facial expressions that you can only imagine Edith would make and completely cracks you up with some perfectly-timed quips and icy stares, especially when her inquisitive helper and host of the show Stuart Moulton asks her one too many questions or gently corrects her own recollections of Edith Head trivia.

Co-written by Claassen and Paddy Calistro (fashion journalist and author of “Edith Head’s Hollywood”), the production weaves Edith’s life story into what feels like a very personal sit down chat, as she gives some behind the scenes gossip of fitting stars such as Marlene Dietrich, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly and Bette Davis. She also takes questions from the audience and doesn’t hesitate to step out into the crowd and assess everyone’s outfits – you better dress to impress if you’re going to see Edith Head!

Kastle with Susan Claassen as Edith Head

Wearing some of my finest and favorite vintage, I got an “Edith Head Approved” badge after the show (an honor!) and was lucky enough to take a photo. Even though it wasn’t the real Edith, I really felt like I spent an evening with the woman and I was as star struck as the real deal!

What an amazing night – thanks to this very special cast who gave so many of us who are fans of Edith Head and her fabulous designs a chance to get to know her in such an intimate and interactive way.

“A Conversation with Edith Head” is an absolute delight. You can check out some clips of the show on YouTube but it may be a bit of a spoiler – you really MUST see this in person. But hurry, it only runs at the Pasadena Playhouse Carrie Hamilton Theatre through December 1st!

For more Edith Head designs, check out the Stiletto City Edith Head Pinterest board.

Here’s to you Edith!

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Photo of Paulette Goddard from Wikimedia Commons 

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Headscarves: My latest find to dress up that do!

Ever wanted to dress up a simple updo or ponytail – perhaps there isn’t enough time to do something fancy? I came across a super cute accessory on Etsy recently. Big, fun headscarves in a variety of prints that go from cutesy to retro chic.

Made by Oh Honey Hush, these hair bow ties and bandanas can be tied into a big bow on top, tied into a neat little knot or tied in back to show off more of the print.  What I like about them is that there’s a little more material to work with than the average square bandana or scarf so you can make the look a little exaggerated. Plus, the material is a nice substantial canvas so it stays put, unlike a silky scarf. There are so many colors and styles, it’s really hard to choose – – and let’s just say they had me at the comic book and cherry prints! But at only $12, there’s no reason to limit yourself. So go on honey!

Do what you do,

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Vintage Summer Style Exhibit at FIDM

Summer has arrived, so what better time to take a look at a vintage summer style exhibit for those hot days ahead? Clever Vintage Clothing recently showed off a little bit of their carefully curated inventory in a special exhibit for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM).

“Swingin’ Summer Vintage California Resort Wear” opened with a party drawing FIDM students and vintage clothes lovers. Clever’s Dave Temple and Sabino Gutierrez gave a walk through the exhibit explaining the top designers and clothing detailing of the eras of the 1940s-1960s.

See the video of the Vintage Summer Style Exhibit:

The exhibit runs one week through July 14th but if you can’t make it down, you just might catch these amazing pieces FOR SALE at one of Clever’s upcoming vendor events:

  •  July 29: Pickwick Gardens, Burbank
  • August 11: Helm’s Design District, Culver City
  • August 16-19: Tiki Oasis, San Diego

Stay cool,

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Rock of Ages – Nails It!

As mentioned in my previous post, “Rock of Ages” just opened in theatres, so I felt compelled to put a little ‘80s glam metal into my look just for the occasion. I had to giggle with delight when I spotted the “Rock of Ages” nail product in the store – an assortment of peel-on polishes by Sally Hansen in rock-worthy designs such as leopard, lace, stars, guitars and more. I opted for the silver and black zippered look and mixed it up by putting them just on a few nails and  solid black polish on the other nails.

Photo via Pinterest

Now I just have to bust out my teasing comb and Aqua Net to get my big hair on and I’m ready! For more tips on how to get a “Rock of Ages” fashion sense, check out this slideshow article in The Blush.

Paradise City, baby!

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June Weddings: Celebrity Dress Picks

 June is a upon us and that means wedding season. A recent wave of celebrity engagement announcements had me wondering which of the famous couples would give us some June brides and when they do – what, or rather WHOM, will they be wearing?

I picked five famous brides-to-be and did a little dress shopping on their behalf to pick styles I think would suit them. Some of these not-so-traditional dresses are so cool I want to wear them just for a fancy night out!

Read more in my story for Yahoo!

I do!,


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Mini Makeup Palettes: Looking Good on the Go

A much as I love the ritual of getting ready, putting on makeup, experimenting with color, trying a new look, using just the right makeup brush, sometimes I simply don’t have time. As a working girl and blogger-about-town, there are occasions when I just need to rush out the door with my heels in my hands because I can’t run fast enough. It’s those times when little cosmetic shortcuts really come in handy. Find out my secret to “getting my face on” when I just don’t have time, in the video below!

[youtube http://youtu.be/HWWPs3KXA2A]

The hurried glamourpuss,

* Products mentioned in this blog were purchased by the author.  See Disclosure.


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Book Purses: Dress Smart!

What is it about purses – why can’t us girls get enough of them? There are just so many cute ways to carry your stuff! Actress Michelle Williams recently drew attention on the red carpet for making a fashion statement with an unusual handbag – a book purse.

See Michelle’s look.

While hers was from designer Olypia Le Tan, which sells for over 1K, the crafty people on Etsy have made some for you for a fraction of the fancy designer cost, like this one I found from SpoonfulOfChocolate:

If you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own. It’s a great way to recycle an unused or vintage book. Learn how by watching a handy video on YouTube:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4RFH0q0Osk]

Well, I for one have very little time for crafts so I’ll stick to shopping! Be sure to check out all of SpoonfulOfChocolate’s book purses.

It’s one sure way to flaunt your literary prowess and green leanings, while being ever-so-fashionable.

It’s in the bag,

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Art Deco Society LA: Casino Moderne

If you ever wanted to step back into 1920s, a time of decadent speakeasies, illegal cocktailing and underground gaming, the closest you can get are films or events by organizations such as the Art Deco Society. Aside from their monthly cocktails in historic places, the Art Deco Society throws a big bash a couple of times a year. A few weeks ago, it was Casino Moderne, a “Boardwalk Empire” inspired night of legal gaming for raffle tickets, legal cocktails and  vintage fashions so divine they should be illegal!

Check out all the action and interviews with some of the night’s scenemakers:

[youtube http://youtu.be/h4-L6fwBLtQ]

Click the image to see a slideshow of photos:

For more information visit the websites for:

It’s only a paper moon,

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Peggy Moffitt: An Icon at MOCA

If there is one icon of the ‘60s, it’s model Peggy Moffitt – the face, the eye makeup, the poses. When you see an image of her from that time, it immediately takes you back to that colorful era of the youthquake movement and the fashion, oh the fashion – bold colorful prints, mini skirts, angular shapes and cut-outs. I love it so much!

The Museum of Modern Art (MOCA) just put together a retrospective collection of Peggy Moffitt photos and films that focuses on her collaboration with fashion designer Rudi Gernreich and her photographer husband William Claxton. “The Total Look” exhibit is two full floors of eye candy at MOCA’s Pacific Design Center location that will send any ‘60s lover to the moon with walls lined with Peggy’s famous photos (some never seen before!) mannequins wearing the actual garments and films of her doing her famous moves. We get a look at her inspiring makeup (that she reportedly did herself), and of course that cutting edge Vidal Sassoon haircut.

Opening night was packed with MOCA members, retro hipsters, fashion’s elite, and those who were part of the ‘60s scene such as hairdresser-to-the-stars/ “Upper Cut” author Carrie White. Just as I thought my eyes were overwhelmed with all the fabulous imagery and clothing, Peggy Moffitt herself walked in the door! I couldn’t believe it. She still looks as amazing as ever – though in her elder years, she’s slim, still sporting her blunt black haircut and dark eye-makeup and dressed ever so stylish. Crowds swarmed around her as she made her way through the exhibit with her son, Christopher Claxton, as her escort.

All I can say is thank goodness Sabino from Clever Vintage showed up and was brave enough to ask her for a photo because I was so star-struck I couldn’t do it myself! Thank you Sabino! By the way, I did wear a Clever Vintage ‘60s frock to the event!

Click the image below to see the slideshow of the night:

What a spectacular night. Thank you MOCA for putting this together and thank you to the fabulous Peggy Moffitt – forever an icon!

The Total Look: The Creative Collaboration Between Rudi Gernreich, Peggy Moffitt, And William Claxton is on display through May 27 at the MOCA Pacific Design Center. 

Swing it!

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