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Nail Art: Polish, Press-Ons and Stick-Ons

I’ve become addicted to nail art. I used to never pay much attention to my nails. In my hurried, blogging life I’m pretty hard on my nails. I was thrilled when quick-dry polish came out because I could make my nails look half decent in a jiffy. But it always chipped away after a couple of days.

In watching the current booming nail art trend (see my growing Pinterest board), I found myself fascinated with all the possibilities of achieving really beautiful or funky nails. So I’ve started experimenting with polish – matte, glittered, french tips in offbeat colors, ombre and gradient looks. I’ve come up with some cute looks and some real disasters! It’s all about practice, practice practice – and just having fun with it! A quick tip – YouTube has some great nail art tutorials so check them out!

Kimmie Kyees Press-On Nails for Elegant Touch

A couple of options in the stores these days just may be my favorites for getting a quick, fun look that is durable to boot – press-on nails and stick-on polish. Plus, I had the good luck of catching celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees do a presentation at ULTA Beauty for some great application tips. Read all about it in my latest beauty article for Yahoo! HERE.

 Bling Envy Wraps Stick-On Nail Polish by Elegant Touch

Nail it!

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Rock of Ages – Nails It!

As mentioned in my previous post, “Rock of Ages” just opened in theatres, so I felt compelled to put a little ‘80s glam metal into my look just for the occasion. I had to giggle with delight when I spotted the “Rock of Ages” nail product in the store – an assortment of peel-on polishes by Sally Hansen in rock-worthy designs such as leopard, lace, stars, guitars and more. I opted for the silver and black zippered look and mixed it up by putting them just on a few nails and  solid black polish on the other nails.

Photo via Pinterest

Now I just have to bust out my teasing comb and Aqua Net to get my big hair on and I’m ready! For more tips on how to get a “Rock of Ages” fashion sense, check out this slideshow article in The Blush.

Paradise City, baby!

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