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Vintage Hair Class: Learning to Get “His Vintage Touch”

k150_23SZDheel iconThere is an art to good hairstyling. And when it comes to vintage-era looks, it’s hard to top Tony Medina of His Vintage Touch, who creates sculptured looks with perfect waves that are authentic to periods from the ‘20s to the ‘60s. He did an amazing set on me recently, see the photo on Instagram.

And while everyone who loves retro-inspired looks wishes they could get their hair done by Tony every time they go out (he takes appointments at Pinup Girl Boutique in Burbank), most of the time we have to tackle this daunting task at home.  For that reason, Tony taught a class at the PUG Boutique on how to do a few different sets.

The sold-out, three 1/3 hour tutorial was packed with 50 eager learners, many who know of him through his work for the photo shoots for Pinup Girl Clothing. We were treated to Tony’s great hair tips and delightful, and sometimes naughty, personality. He did three different looks: victory rolls, side-swept waves and pageboy.

Here are the transformations


Victory Rolls


Side-swept curls



Here’s what I learned:

What you need:

  • Curling iron – Tony used a ¾’ Hot Tool Curling Iron
  • Teasing comb
  • Teasing brush
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Lots of hairspray

Every set starts with a proper pin-curl set. For time’s sake and the smoothest curls, use a curling iron – curl hair and pin with curls all doing downward. Let cool.

Curl with iron root to end, release then wrap around fingers and pin the curl standing for more volume.

Tony says he prefers curling iron sets over wet sets because they are faster and heat holds the set better. He says he’s not a fan of complicated wet sets that tell you to face the curls in all different directions. He uses this one set on all of his looks.

Sets work best on dirty hair (1-2 days since shampooing), clean hair that’s never been colored or bleached is harder to hold in a set – hair needs texture.

After you comb the curls out, if the roots are fizzy or you have naturally kinky hair, use a small flat iron to smooth the roots.

For bangs, use a small curling iron to curl them back into the shape of set.

After pulling out the curls, it’s all about the comb out, then massive teasing.

Teasing should start at scalp should go all the way up, except the very end to keep the curl. Sections should be teased so you can’t see through it. Mist with light hairspray.

Smooth the top of teasing with a teasing brush, then sculpt and smooth with your hands. Shape front curl with fingers and pointy end of teasing comb.

Sculpt curls and pin into them so you don’t see the bobby pin.

Top wave should be eyebrow arch to arch to be symmetrical with the face.

Duck clips are your friend – use them to hold the front waves and back “drop-crown” in place for a few minutes.

A good set can last for three days with three different styles like these. First should be a tight curl look because it continues to hold the set, next can be looser, then a brushed out wavy look.


A little bit about Tony:

His looks are authentic to the era, not retro.

He went to beauty school but says it was the worst year of his life. He learned most of what he knows by looking at vintage magazines and practicing on his two sisters until he got the looks right.

He got started at Pinup Girl Clothing when Micheline Pitt saw the hairstyles he did for La Cholita on her tour with Dita Von Teese. He never wanted to work in a salon but he’s been working at the PUG Boutique ever since!

He doesn’t do haircuts so don’t ask. Just styling.

He LOVES Selena – and Gwen Stefani.

Tell Twitter to stop asking him to follow Beyonce. He does not want to follow her!

And while I can watch Tony do hair all day, my home sets are never quite as awesome. Luckily I live close enough to know I can make an appointment when I need a perfect do. That’s why he has His Vintage Touch!

Here’s to great hair days!


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Dinair: Airbrush Makeup

k150_19heel iconA few months ago at the Mimi Mae opening party, I met two fun ladies from Dinair  who told me the awesome benefits of airbrush makeup. I’d never tried it before and was curious about how it work and what it looks like. They said, “stop by and get a demo to see for myself.”

So I did just that. Dinair has its corporate headquarters and a groundfloor showroom in the North Hollywood area, where you can get an airbrush makeover to see how the tool works and test-run the product.

Set up with Vanity Girl Hollywood makeup mirrors* and an assortment of little bottles in all shades and colors, I was shown how to load the airbrush tool with a few drops of foundation and use the right amount of pressure to apply for light to full coverage. The airbrush feels like cool air being blown on your face as the foundation mist is so light it never feels wet.

I was then given some blush and choice of eyeshadow – I chose a champagne color with some dramatic shading of dark blue. My makeup artist was even able to do eyeliner by holding the airbrush close to the skin and using a dotting technique. She also filled in my eyebrows with the help of a stencil.

She finished off the look with some highlighter on my cheekbones and a quick blast of  “sealer” all over.




I looked in the mirror and loved it. The foundation was so smooth and the coverage was way more even than I get with regular makeup applied with a sponge, my fingers or a brush.

I wore it out for the night and the makeup stayed put. I only had to do a little powder on my nose late into the evening but other than that, no shininess or creasing.

I was impressed. Want to try it? Ring up Dinair and get a demo. They’re open on weekdays and Saturdays. The kits are available in the showroom or for purchase online starting at $129 for the Personal Basic Makeup System. They also have more extensive professional artist systems, a body kit for “Air Tans” (a little more involved as you’d probably need someone to do it for you and a tent to stand in so it doesn’t go all over the room.) I was also intrigued with the stencils to do body jewelry, temporary tattoos and wild eye makeup.

Get airbrushed!


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London Calling: TopShop Comes to LA

k150_17heel iconWhenever I’m in London, I make a point to hit TopShop. I’ve been known to do some serious damage to my credit card in that store, stuffing my suitcase with their unique, fun styles. I’ve longed for the day it didn’t take an international flight to shop there. So I was especially excited to hear they were opening in Los Angeles.  Last weekend, I ventured over to the Grove — early in the morning to avoid the crowds — to check out the newly opened TopShop/TopMan LA.  I found plenty of eye candy from bold print skirts and tops, comic book graphic splashed skirts, vintage-looking, beaded party dresses and a wall of shoes I could have easily filled my closet with.


I headed for the fitting room with an armful of skirts and dresses and emerged with some purchases. However, not without discovering many of the sizes run small and most of the skirts in the store did not come in sizes larger than an 6 or 8, so there wasn’t an option to buy a larger size to avoid everything being ultra skin tight. I overheard other people commenting in the dressing room that everything was running small on them as well. Buyer be warned.  A few skirts I really wanted I just had to put back on the rack. Sorry, the stuffed sausage look isn’t my thing!

To make up for my disappointment, I headed for the accessories and found some super cute checkered and houndstooth print ankle socks and a Peter Pan collar-style necklace made out of faux pearls. I was able to put them together for an awesome ‘60s style outfit for club Spin Out that night. See pix below.



And check out the video of TopShop’s opening celebration:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rvg-ZckH95c]

See a slideshow peek inside the store HERE.

TopShop at the Grove in West Hollywood for a little bit of English style!

It’s tops!

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Socializing Over Social Media and Art

k150_17heel iconIt was one of those California days when the sunshine made the city sparkle, bright and full of promise. It was the perfect setting to gather at the Getty, with its spectacular hilltop views across Los Angeles, and meet a group of social media enthusiasts to share ideas, tips and Twitter handles, take in some amazing art exhibits – and of course have unlimited Instagram moments. They came to be social about social, meet people face to face, and see what unfolds when as life imitates Tweets. This was the Getty Social.


Kastle at the Getty @StilettoCity

Put together by:

This unique “Tweetup” didn’t have a set agenda other than to meet like-minded Socialistas and revel in our current engaging and ever-changing social culture. It was an in-person and online mix of stimulus as people talked and pecked away on their smart phones simultaneously.


Beverly Macy @Beverly Macy

The highlight of the event was a keynote speech by Nic Adler (son of music producer Lou Adler and actress Britt Ekland), a band manager, promoter, and restauranteur and owner of the Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip, best known to this group as the man who got the Sunset Strip to go social with by taking the Roxy venue’s social media strategy into the stratosphere.


Nic Adler @NicAdler

Some highlights of Adler’s talk included the story of how the Roxy really started listening to what their customers were saying about the venue on social media and how making little changes and becoming engaged with the community lead to building a large and loyal following.

He then encouraged us all to turn and snap a photo of the person sitting next to us and share it. So here’s a pic of my pal Jon, social superstar in his own right, who I know from attending UCLA’s Social Media Marketing class.


Jon Burk @MrJonBurk

After, we were turned loose on the Getty to take in some of the exhibits and spectacular views. I enjoyed the “Farewell to Surrealism” exhibit, soaked up the gorgeous black and white photography of Robert Mapplethrope, and was particularly moved by the city scene compositions of photographer Ray K. Metzker. My how photography has changed with phone pix and Instagram as we capture real life moments more than ever!

Check out some of the photos and tweets of the day by looking up #GettySocial on Twitter and Instagram.


View at the Getty @GettyMuseum

Tweet up people!

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Backbeat: The Beatles Backstory

k150_17heel iconEvery famous story has a backstory and the Beatles were no exception. Before they were the Fab Four, they were the rowdy five, with the addition of one Stuart Sutcliffe, roommate of John Lennon’s, a painter who John talked into being in his band as they went from Liverpool to play dive bars in Hamburg, Germany.

While many know the Beatles’ music, they may not know of this gifted artist, who played the bass like a brooding James Dean, fell in love with a cute-as-pixie German photographer and saw an untimely demise from an undetected brain tumor. But this is the Beatles’ roots, when they were a scrappy band of greasers playing bluesy rock ‘n’ roll covers and polishing their chops to become the most famous band in the world.


Backbeat the Musical,” based on the 1994 film of the same name, is as artfully done as one of Astrid Kirchherr’s  photos, starting with a burst of rock that doesn’t let up. You feel like you’re part of those heady club days as the Beatles face the drama of a young band starting out. (Trust me, I’ve hung around enough bands to know!) Many kudos should be given to the actors for their perfect-pitch English accents, singing voices (particularly Daniel Healy as Paul McCartney) and spot-on art direction for capturing the era, which my boyfriend pointed out, had period-correct guitars.

I saw the film a few years back and I dare to say, I enjoyed this is even more. “Backbeat” is only at the Ahmanson Theatre for a short run through March 1, if you’re a fan of the Beatles, the ‘60s era or just rock ‘n’ roll, you won’t want to miss it!

Some pix from the night:


Ready for the show!


Audience members workin’ some vintage style

Check out the trailer for the musical:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJ58OxhIV18&w=560&h=315]

And a scene from the movie:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-rg2fznk8g&w=420&h=315]

See more of Astrid Kirchherr’s photos on the Stiletto City Pinterest Board HERE

Love me do,

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Pro Beauty Tips: False Eyelashes

k150_16heel iconNeed a beauty boost? Why not start the New Year wearing glamorous, flirty lashes? Whether you’re a regular false eyelash wearer or someone who’s been wanting to try them but doesn’t know where to start, I have some tips for you!

I met celebrity makeup artist Elle Leary at an Ulta Beauty demonstration for Eylure Lashes and not only did she make me up with fun Katy Perry lashes, she had some awesome tips for applying lashes (and was a super nice person to boot!) So I just had to interview her to find out all of her pro tips and we dished on an exciting new lash line Katy Perry has in store for you in January!

Read my article on Lashes 101 in my report for Yahoo! HERE


Lash out in 2013!


Katy Perry Lashes and Stiletto City Lash Tutorial Video

Eyebrow Stencils: Put Some Wow in Your Brows

Lip Color That Lasts

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Ke$ha: A Party Girl Who Works It!

k150_16heel iconI’m always one to respect a party girl who knows how to work a room like she’s running a business. To me that’s what singer Ke$ha represents.  She’s made female bravado, DIY club fashions and big dance floor beats a profession that can earn you serious cash and take you around the world – now that’s living!

Ke$sha caught my attention with her hit, “TiK ToK’ and I liked her glitter and whisky-soaked, up-all-night swagger and unique party-chatter lyrics. With her newest album, she throws in a bit more rock ‘n’ roll attitude and even some punk, pulling in Godfather of rebel riffs, Iggy Pop (who I love!)

If that’s not enough, she also released a book, “My Crazy Beautiful Life,”* which gives an inside look at her humble childhood as the kid of a single-parent, songwriting mother, roaming the streets of Hollywood as a teenager and later touring the world and settling in to record a second album.

Click here to read my review of Ke$ha’s new book and her second album, “Warrior,” which I’ve been cranking almost non-stop for the past couple of weeks!


Get it girl!


Photo courtesy of RCA Publicity
*Book provided by RCA Publicity

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Beauty-ful Holiday Gifts Sets

k150_16heel iconEvery year, my mom asks me to send her a list of what I want for Christmas and the tradition began that the list is always beauty products –

for one, because she loves shopping for them as much as I do and for two, there are so many ultra cute beauty box sets that come out for the holidays.

This year I put together a list for YOU of some of the great sets I found to put on your wish list or gift to someone else.

Click here to check my list of products from Benefit, Kat Von D, MAC, Too Faced and Sephora in my report for Yahoo!



Here’s to a beautiful holiday!

*Photos provide by Sephora PR

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Beauty Party at Mimi Mae Boutique

k150_14heel iconLos Angeles is a town of beautiful people and one thing I love about it is there is no shortage of experts who help boost that beauty.

This week I attended a party at the newly opened Mimi Mae Beauty Boutique in Studio City – a posh little place, freshly painted in sky blue with black trim, punctuated with a rock ‘n’ roll edge. They’re ready to give you all kinds of primping and fussing from makeup makeovers to manicures to waxing and the feature a host of products and talented people to help you look your best.

You may recall my recent report on how Maxine from Vanity Girl Hollywood* has made beauty bars the new entertainment – this was definitely what she spoke of! With one of Maxine’s sleek, bright Broadway vanity mirrors taking center stage in the boutique, we were offered lip color makeovers with OCC Lip Tar (my fave!), samplers of DermOrganic and natural oil aromatherapists Terra Body and henna tattoos from Opal Moon Henna, which I just had to try. The place was filled with beauty lovers – my kind of gals – and I met all kinds of people representing new fun products and services I can’t wait to try! Check out the party pix below.

And shop for the Vanity Girl Makeup mirrors as seen in Minnie Mae Boutique here!* Don’t miss their 200% off sale Feb. 1-3!

MMparty1Beauty Party!

MMparty2With celebrity facialist Lauren Young London

MMparty3Vanity Girl Maxine with writer Barbara Beckley

MMparty4Fabby gets tattooed by Opal Moon Henna

MMparty5I add silver sparkle to my tattoo


See ya at the next party!



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Exploring the California Mountains

The long Thanksgiving weekend was the perfect time for a little getaway from the city. Lately I’ve found myself drawn to quiet, outdoorsy open spaces away from the crowds and traffic of LA. We took a trek up into the California Mountains to go exploring and found ourselves in the Frazier Park/ Pine Mountain area.

Life moves at a slower pace there and feels much more in touch with nature – after all, your neighbors are bears and mountain lions so you have to learn to live on their turf. We booked a room at the Old Bear Bed & Breakfast, run by the delightful couple Maxine and David, both artists (David, a voiceover actor and Maxine a painter), who offer a quaint country house filled with charm and two sweet dogs. Our stay consisted of soul-nourishing hikes through the woods (no stilettos here!) and an arts and crafts fair, where I bought one of Maxine’s paintings as a souvenir and reminder of this tranquil little oasis. See the photos below.



I must say the trip has me eager to explore more scenic outdoor spots in my home state — and maybe pick up a good pair of hiking boots! Stay tuned!

And now back to my regularly scheduled city life,

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