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Retro Hairstyles with His Vintage Touch

k150_23SZDheel iconIf you want to pair your vintage or vintage-inspired clothing with the perfect hairstyle, look no further than Tony Medina of His Vintage Touch. Tony does his styling wizardry out of the Pinup Girl Boutique in Burbank, CA and is known for creating the amazing sculpted do’s seen in the Pinup Girl Clothing catalogs. You may have read about Tony previously here on this blog after I attended one of his hair styling classes. I made a trip to PUG to interview him on how he got started doing vintage looks and had him do a little number on me! Check out the video:

Check out the final look on Instagram.

Be sure to check out the previous videos from the Pinup Girl Boutique series:

Be sure check out:

Part One of this video series on the Pinup Girl Boutique featuring manager/pinup model Doris Mayday

Part Two featuring an interview with Micheline on how she got started as a makeup artist and the secret to having the perfect brows.

Part Three featuring Micheline Pitt’s eyebrow makeup demo.

Pinup Girl Boutique video series filmed and edited by Secret Agent Mojo Würkin


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Vintage Hair Class: Learning to Get “His Vintage Touch”

k150_23SZDheel iconThere is an art to good hairstyling. And when it comes to vintage-era looks, it’s hard to top Tony Medina of His Vintage Touch, who creates sculptured looks with perfect waves that are authentic to periods from the ‘20s to the ‘60s. He did an amazing set on me recently, see the photo on Instagram.

And while everyone who loves retro-inspired looks wishes they could get their hair done by Tony every time they go out (he takes appointments at Pinup Girl Boutique in Burbank), most of the time we have to tackle this daunting task at home.  For that reason, Tony taught a class at the PUG Boutique on how to do a few different sets.

The sold-out, three 1/3 hour tutorial was packed with 50 eager learners, many who know of him through his work for the photo shoots for Pinup Girl Clothing. We were treated to Tony’s great hair tips and delightful, and sometimes naughty, personality. He did three different looks: victory rolls, side-swept waves and pageboy.

Here are the transformations


Victory Rolls


Side-swept curls



Here’s what I learned:

What you need:

  • Curling iron – Tony used a ¾’ Hot Tool Curling Iron
  • Teasing comb
  • Teasing brush
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Lots of hairspray

Every set starts with a proper pin-curl set. For time’s sake and the smoothest curls, use a curling iron – curl hair and pin with curls all doing downward. Let cool.

Curl with iron root to end, release then wrap around fingers and pin the curl standing for more volume.

Tony says he prefers curling iron sets over wet sets because they are faster and heat holds the set better. He says he’s not a fan of complicated wet sets that tell you to face the curls in all different directions. He uses this one set on all of his looks.

Sets work best on dirty hair (1-2 days since shampooing), clean hair that’s never been colored or bleached is harder to hold in a set – hair needs texture.

After you comb the curls out, if the roots are fizzy or you have naturally kinky hair, use a small flat iron to smooth the roots.

For bangs, use a small curling iron to curl them back into the shape of set.

After pulling out the curls, it’s all about the comb out, then massive teasing.

Teasing should start at scalp should go all the way up, except the very end to keep the curl. Sections should be teased so you can’t see through it. Mist with light hairspray.

Smooth the top of teasing with a teasing brush, then sculpt and smooth with your hands. Shape front curl with fingers and pointy end of teasing comb.

Sculpt curls and pin into them so you don’t see the bobby pin.

Top wave should be eyebrow arch to arch to be symmetrical with the face.

Duck clips are your friend – use them to hold the front waves and back “drop-crown” in place for a few minutes.

A good set can last for three days with three different styles like these. First should be a tight curl look because it continues to hold the set, next can be looser, then a brushed out wavy look.


A little bit about Tony:

His looks are authentic to the era, not retro.

He went to beauty school but says it was the worst year of his life. He learned most of what he knows by looking at vintage magazines and practicing on his two sisters until he got the looks right.

He got started at Pinup Girl Clothing when Micheline Pitt saw the hairstyles he did for La Cholita on her tour with Dita Von Teese. He never wanted to work in a salon but he’s been working at the PUG Boutique ever since!

He doesn’t do haircuts so don’t ask. Just styling.

He LOVES Selena – and Gwen Stefani.

Tell Twitter to stop asking him to follow Beyonce. He does not want to follow her!

And while I can watch Tony do hair all day, my home sets are never quite as awesome. Luckily I live close enough to know I can make an appointment when I need a perfect do. That’s why he has His Vintage Touch!

Here’s to great hair days!


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Clever Vintage: ’60s Soiree Fashion Show

k150_21heel iconThere couldn’t be a more glamorous way to spend a summer evening than recreating a night in the French Riviera in the 1960s. I was modeling as part of a fashion show for Clever Vintage Clothing and LA Wine Tasting’s Mingling Soiree series. On the agenda was a collection of to-die-for ‘60s vintage fashions, great drinks and entertainment by French-born singer Adele Jacques performing French pop with her group Paris Loves LA, all poolside at the Luxe Hotel in Bel Air. It really felt like we had been transported for a night to elegant and carefree St. Tropez.

Backstage in the Clever Vintage dressing room, there it was a girl bomb of makeup, hairspray, false eyelashes, bauble jewelry and shoes everywhere as we got dressed in the exquisite collection curated by Dave Temple and Sabino Gutierrez. I had my hair done earlier in the afternoon by stylist Tony Medina of His Vintage Touch in a giant swirl of a beehive that went perfectly with my outfits for the night. See the photo on Instagram!


My daywear outfit was a melon-colored, mod, A-line dress with scoop neck and side pockets. My evening outfit was a stunning  paisley jumpsuit with harem paints, bead-trimmed tie belt and beaded neckline that was part of the Malcolm Starr “Home Collection” of the ‘60s when people threw fabulous cocktail parties in their stylish living rooms.




Our runway was along the pool and the fashions could not have had a more pecfect setting. There were many French people, dressed up in ‘60s inspired cocktail attire. The audience cheered for each model that passed and we smiled for a sea of phone cameras.






After each run we got to mingle with the audience and answer questions about our outfits. I had a hard time keeping my feet still because the music by DJ Marlon Fuentes was a mix of ‘60s pop, dance music and garage rock. I just wanted to hit the makeshift poolside dancefloor and shake and shimmy all night long! And I got to get a peek at Adele Jacques’ performance, which I adored. She embodied the endearing sexy bubbliness of Brigitte Bardot for sure! See a video from a past show:


At the end of the night it was hard to take off the fabulous outfits and go back to reality. I wish every night could be like a night in 1960s St. Tropez. Perhaps that’s what made it so special.

Au revoir!

Photos courtesy of Deanna Hodges and Clever Vintage


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