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Retro Hairstyles with His Vintage Touch

k150_23SZDheel iconIf you want to pair your vintage or vintage-inspired clothing with the perfect hairstyle, look no further than Tony Medina of His Vintage Touch. Tony does his styling wizardry out of the Pinup Girl Boutique in Burbank, CA and is known for creating the amazing sculpted do’s seen in the Pinup Girl Clothing catalogs. You may have read about Tony previously here on this blog after I attended one of his hair styling classes. I made a trip to PUG to interview him on how he got started doing vintage looks and had him do a little number on me! Check out the video:

Check out the final look on Instagram.

Be sure to check out the previous videos from the Pinup Girl Boutique series:

Be sure check out:

Part One of this video series on the Pinup Girl Boutique featuring manager/pinup model Doris Mayday

Part Two featuring an interview with Micheline on how she got started as a makeup artist and the secret to having the perfect brows.

Part Three featuring Micheline Pitt’s eyebrow makeup demo.

Pinup Girl Boutique video series filmed and edited by Secret Agent Mojo Würkin


Go big or go home,

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Vintage Clothing Fashion Show: 1940s Casablanca

k150_23SZDheel iconIt was “A Night in Casablanca” with Clever Vintage Clothing when I was asked to model for them for a vintage fashion show. We gathered in a cabana at the W Hotel in West Beverly Hills to adorn ourselves in vintage fashion from the 1940s. We were channeling our inner Ingrid Bergman and getting up our motivation as well-do-Westerners visiting an exotic destination. Clever Vintage Clothing partnered with LA Wine Tasting to create an event that was a feast for the eyes with belly dancers, a display of 1940s vintage style and lots of wine as the theme was inspired by the movie, “Casablanca.”

Our poolside fashion show featured a round of day wear and a round of evening wear carefully curated by Clever’s Dave and Sabino. I got to wear a lovely green silk day dress with matching gloves and big straw hat. My evening wear consisted of a drop-dead gorgeous long, fitted gown with beaded accents at the neckline and buttons down the back. It was topped by an extraordinary gold brocade cape and gloves.

Casablanca-themed Vintage Clothing Fashion Show

Vintage Clothing Fashion Show

1940s Vintage Clothing

1940s Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing Fashion Show by Clever Vintage


Play it again Sam,

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How to Apply and Remove Press-on Nails

k150_23SZDheel iconHave you been loving the nail art trend but just don’t have the time (or like me, the skill!) to do it yourself? Then press-on nails are for you! Find out how to apply press-on nails for a flawless manicure or easy nail art in this quick tutorial video.  You’ll also learn how to remove them properly – hint, you don’t just rip them off your fingers!

How to Apply and Remove Press-On Nails


4191_ORI_ET_HOH_Classy Nude_AW_Stg5 ElegantTouchGarnet

Nails featured in the video, Heartbreaker from the House of Holland Collection

4191_ORI_ET_HOH_Classy Nude_AW_Stg5

Here’s to great nails!

Nails provided by Elegant Touch Public Relations

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Beauty and Fashion October Favorites: What I’m Loving this Month

k150_23SZDheel iconOctober is a time for transition from summer to fall. Some of the things I’m loving this month in women’s fashion include some layers to spice up your wardrobe and stay warm on chilly nights, bold accessories, and adding the color orange in my makeup look. Plus I have one big, rockin’ music favorite! Check out the video for my beauty and fashion October favorites and see where to buy these and similar items in the links below:


I shopped my own closet for the items mentioned so here are links to some of them and similar items:

Black Lace Vest

Faux Fur Vest


Comic Book Accessories

Avengers Scarf 

Cinema Secrets Powder

Orange Nail Polish

Orange OCC Lip Tar

Stila In the Know Palette

Statement Necklaces

Spiked Bracelet with Rhinestone Bling 

Spiked Bracelet, Black Leather

Clash Box Set

LOOK OF THE DAY: See how I wear my faux fur vest and statement necklace!

Read my review of OCC Lip Tars on Yahoo!

Subscribe to the Stiletto City YouTube Channel and stay tuned for more videos!

See ya next month!

Filmed and edited by Kastle Waserman

This video/blog was not sponsored. All items featured in the video were purchased by the author (except powder). Some of the above links are affiliate links.  See disclosure.

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The Social Scene and Street Fashion of Social Media Week LA 2013

k150_23SZDheel iconIf you love social media like I do, a whole week of discussions, Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagraming with like-minds is like being dropped in a little connected oasis. And that’s just what happened when a major digital marketing conference descended on the westside of Los Angeles. See what happened when I checked out the social scene and street fashion of Social Media Week LA 2013


The Social Scene of Social Media Week

Most of the events took place at ROC’s collaborative workspace headquarters in Santa Monica as hundreds of mobile-device-carrying social enthusiasts went from panel discussions to masterclasses to parties. I attended every day and got a headful of ideas to take back to my social media efforts for world domination!



Celebrity Faces of Social Media Week

Of course, some of my favorite events included those focused on the ever-exploding online opportunities in fashion and beauty online including:

  • Rodger Berman CEO (and husband) of Rachel Zoe on the transformation and disruption of the fashion biz with the mega success of Rachel Zoe, Inc.
  • A panel featuring blogger Aimee Song, websites WhoWhatWear, StyleHaul and brands BeachMint, ShoeDazzle  and Junk Food Clothing on who’s winning when it comes to brand marketing promotion – celebrities or bloggers. Answer: the bloggers!
  • A chat with Michelle Phan, one of the best known beauty bloggers out there, discussing her career and the launch of her new cosmetics line “Em.” Plus, even more projects she has in the works!



As a journalist turned blogger, I was also excited to see one of my favorite interviewers, Larry King, interviewing Star Trek star turned social media icon George Takei.


The Street Fashion of Social Media Week

I also hit a fashion and beauty soiree where a roomful of fashionistas flaunted their best outfits and learned how to grow their presence online. See my previous blog post. I had good time style spotting all week. Here are some of the fashionable folks caught on the Stiletto-cam!



I loved having the opportunity to meet all the people at all the parties. And of course, I had lots of fun planning my daily outfits!


1. Dress by Clever Vintage, 2. Pants by PinupGirlClothing 3. Dress by Forever 21All clothing purchased by the author.

Plus, I was excited to discover so many amazing companies who are doing so much with content creation on the web. You were nothing short of inspiring – and I’ll be contacting you! I see some partnerships in my future!

As I gear up to build up this blog and relaunch my YouTube channel (stay tuned for details!) I’m thrilled at the possibilities that await. Stay tuned. I have lots in store for you.

Thanks Social Media Week for the fun and inspiration!

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How to Create Faux Bangs


heel iconYou may have noticed, bangs are the “it” hairstyle lately. It became official when First Lady Michelle Obama stepped out a couple of days before her husband’s inauguration sporting a rockin’, heavy bang hairstyle. I love bangs, but unfortunately, my wavy, thick hair simply won’t let me have them. So I’ve had to learn how to create faux bangs.

Trust me, I’ve tried to make my hair do bangs. I usually end up with clumps of hair curling into an unsightly claw-like disaster on my forehead and no amount of setting gel and straightening iron can give me natural, wispy bangs.

If you feel my pain but would also like to have bangs, there’s also a new trend of just clipping in some extensions. Now we’re talkin’! I found this video from beauty guru Michelle Phan that teaches you how to make your own with some items from the beauty supply and super glue!

You can also buy clip-in bangs at most hair supply stores. Some are quite expensive. I found some nice affordable ones by Jessica Simpson/Ken Paves on Amazon.If you’re ready to make the cut and get some real bangs, check out this article on how to pick the right bangs for your face shape HERE.

For my retro gals, you can do what I do, and roll ya some “Faux Bettie Bangs,” as in pin-up model, Bettie Page.

For more bang looks, check out the Stiletto City Pinterest board “Bang Bangs!”

Bang your own drum,


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Nail Art: How celebrities Katy Perry, Kesha and Jordin Sparks Got Their Look

Ever wonder how pop starlets such as Katy Perry, Kesha and Jordin Sparks come up with innovative nail art for their photo shoots and videos? I found their secret weapon, celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees.

I caught up with Kyees to speak with her about how she came up with artistic looks for some recent music videos and what it’s like to be a manicurist in midst of an army of stylists and quick wardrobe changes.

Check out some of her work below and read how she did it HERE.

Get your nails on,

Photos courtesy of Zing USA PR

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Nails: Polish, Press-Ons and Stick-Ons

Stiletto City’s Nail Art Pinterest Board

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Vintage Summer Style Exhibit at FIDM

Summer has arrived, so what better time to take a look at a vintage summer style exhibit for those hot days ahead? Clever Vintage Clothing recently showed off a little bit of their carefully curated inventory in a special exhibit for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM).

“Swingin’ Summer Vintage California Resort Wear” opened with a party drawing FIDM students and vintage clothes lovers. Clever’s Dave Temple and Sabino Gutierrez gave a walk through the exhibit explaining the top designers and clothing detailing of the eras of the 1940s-1960s.

See the video of the Vintage Summer Style Exhibit:

The exhibit runs one week through July 14th but if you can’t make it down, you just might catch these amazing pieces FOR SALE at one of Clever’s upcoming vendor events:

  •  July 29: Pickwick Gardens, Burbank
  • August 11: Helm’s Design District, Culver City
  • August 16-19: Tiki Oasis, San Diego

Stay cool,

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How to Correctly Apply Perfume

The last thing I do before I leave the house is give myself a spritz of perfume. A scent can be as much of an accessory as your favorite pair of heels. I discovered a perfume that combines both – Nine West’s Love Fury. This bottle of perfume literally stopped me in my tracks when I spotted it in a store window – the cap is actually a stiletto heel! I would buy it just for the bottle but thank goodness it smells great – a blend of fruits and florals with mild notes of amber.  A great smell is one thing, but do you know how to correctly apply perfume?

Video: How to Correctly Apply Perfume

Once you find the scents that appeal to you and represent your personality, it can only go so far if you don’t know how to apply perfume to get the most out of it. And here’s a tip, you don’t have to use much. Learn more in my video on how to apply perfume correctly:

Kick up those heels!

Products mentioned in this blog were purchased by the author.  See Disclosure.

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