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Ke$ha: A Party Girl Who Works It!

k150_16heel iconI’m always one to respect a party girl who knows how to work a room like she’s running a business. To me that’s what singer Ke$ha represents.  She’s made female bravado, DIY club fashions and big dance floor beats a profession that can earn you serious cash and take you around the world – now that’s living!

Ke$sha caught my attention with her hit, “TiK ToK’ and I liked her glitter and whisky-soaked, up-all-night swagger and unique party-chatter lyrics. With her newest album, she throws in a bit more rock ‘n’ roll attitude and even some punk, pulling in Godfather of rebel riffs, Iggy Pop (who I love!)

If that’s not enough, she also released a book, “My Crazy Beautiful Life,”* which gives an inside look at her humble childhood as the kid of a single-parent, songwriting mother, roaming the streets of Hollywood as a teenager and later touring the world and settling in to record a second album.

Click here to read my review of Ke$ha’s new book and her second album, “Warrior,” which I’ve been cranking almost non-stop for the past couple of weeks!


Get it girl!


Photo courtesy of RCA Publicity
*Book provided by RCA Publicity

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Nail Art: How celebrities Katy Perry, Kesha and Jordin Sparks Got Their Look

Ever wonder how pop starlets such as Katy Perry, Kesha and Jordin Sparks come up with innovative nail art for their photo shoots and videos? I found their secret weapon, celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees.

I caught up with Kyees to speak with her about how she came up with artistic looks for some recent music videos and what it’s like to be a manicurist in midst of an army of stylists and quick wardrobe changes.

Check out some of her work below and read how she did it HERE.

Get your nails on,

Photos courtesy of Zing USA PR

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