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Ke$ha: A Party Girl Who Works It!

k150_16heel iconI’m always one to respect a party girl who knows how to work a room like she’s running a business. To me that’s what singer Ke$ha represents.  She’s made female bravado, DIY club fashions and big dance floor beats a profession that can earn you serious cash and take you around the world – now that’s living!

Ke$sha caught my attention with her hit, “TiK ToK’ and I liked her glitter and whisky-soaked, up-all-night swagger and unique party-chatter lyrics. With her newest album, she throws in a bit more rock ‘n’ roll attitude and even some punk, pulling in Godfather of rebel riffs, Iggy Pop (who I love!)

If that’s not enough, she also released a book, “My Crazy Beautiful Life,”* which gives an inside look at her humble childhood as the kid of a single-parent, songwriting mother, roaming the streets of Hollywood as a teenager and later touring the world and settling in to record a second album.

Click here to read my review of Ke$ha’s new book and her second album, “Warrior,” which I’ve been cranking almost non-stop for the past couple of weeks!


Get it girl!


Photo courtesy of RCA Publicity
*Book provided by RCA Publicity

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