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The Social Scene and Street Fashion of Social Media Week LA 2013

k150_23SZDheel iconIf you love social media like I do, a whole week of discussions, Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagraming with like-minds is like being dropped in a little connected oasis. And that’s just what happened when a major digital marketing conference descended on the westside of Los Angeles. See what happened when I checked out the social scene and street fashion of Social Media Week LA 2013


The Social Scene of Social Media Week

Most of the events took place at ROC’s collaborative workspace headquarters in Santa Monica as hundreds of mobile-device-carrying social enthusiasts went from panel discussions to masterclasses to parties. I attended every day and got a headful of ideas to take back to my social media efforts for world domination!



Celebrity Faces of Social Media Week

Of course, some of my favorite events included those focused on the ever-exploding online opportunities in fashion and beauty online including:

  • Rodger Berman CEO (and husband) of Rachel Zoe on the transformation and disruption of the fashion biz with the mega success of Rachel Zoe, Inc.
  • A panel featuring blogger Aimee Song, websites WhoWhatWear, StyleHaul and brands BeachMint, ShoeDazzle  and Junk Food Clothing on who’s winning when it comes to brand marketing promotion – celebrities or bloggers. Answer: the bloggers!
  • A chat with Michelle Phan, one of the best known beauty bloggers out there, discussing her career and the launch of her new cosmetics line “Em.” Plus, even more projects she has in the works!



As a journalist turned blogger, I was also excited to see one of my favorite interviewers, Larry King, interviewing Star Trek star turned social media icon George Takei.


The Street Fashion of Social Media Week

I also hit a fashion and beauty soiree where a roomful of fashionistas flaunted their best outfits and learned how to grow their presence online. See my previous blog post. I had good time style spotting all week. Here are some of the fashionable folks caught on the Stiletto-cam!



I loved having the opportunity to meet all the people at all the parties. And of course, I had lots of fun planning my daily outfits!


1. Dress by Clever Vintage, 2. Pants by PinupGirlClothing 3. Dress by Forever 21All clothing purchased by the author.

Plus, I was excited to discover so many amazing companies who are doing so much with content creation on the web. You were nothing short of inspiring – and I’ll be contacting you! I see some partnerships in my future!

As I gear up to build up this blog and relaunch my YouTube channel (stay tuned for details!) I’m thrilled at the possibilities that await. Stay tuned. I have lots in store for you.

Thanks Social Media Week for the fun and inspiration!

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Tag: Social Media Week

Social Media Week: Style and Substance

Social media week took place across the globe last week with an action-packed schedule of seminars, parties and networking galore. In Los Angeles, social media went Hollywood with a majority of the events taking place at io/LA Collaborative Work Space and the Egyptian Theatre along Hollywood Boulevard. I attended several of the seminars throughout the week, including one out in the Venice offices for Google.

It was so great to share experiences and meet people who are as excited about this industry as I am. I was inspired in hearing about campaigns and new things that can be done in this fast-paced, ever-changing medium for communication. Most everyone was young (or young at heart), enthusiastic, friendly and I even spotted a few with great personal style.

Click the photo below to see the slideshow:

Here are some Tweetable nuggets I learned:

  • The three P’s of community building: people, passion, perseverance
  • Every brand needs to get real people saying real things about the brand all the time.
  • The degree of emotion your content provokes is important for viral sharing.
  • Design campaigns to get a reaction.
  • The more chatter on a product, the more sales increase.
  • When you are true to yourself, that’s going to get the most response.
  • You have to be in the conversation and claim your stories. If you don’t, someone else will.
  • If you need to do damage control, make it a conversation and ask your audience how you can do better.
  • Fans feel closer to a brand when they can see them being human and vulnerable. If a brand is being overprotective of their messaging, it’s a turn off.
  • There is value in surprise and delight.
  • Give people a reason to start talking.
  • By tapping into human emotions and having human encounters, you stand out in a sea of marketing messages.
  • It’s not about having more followers, it’s about the depth of relationship with your fans – from collecting to connecting.
  • If it doesn’t spread, it’s dead.

The closing party took place at Madame Trousads Wax Museum. At first I was just dazzled by the rooftop view over Hollywood and the cupcakes with glitter sprinkles from The Goodie Girls and gourmet flavored water from the Waterbar. But then I ran into my pals Watch the Stars photographer Gennan Shippen, and LA Weekly/Hollywood Style Scene scribe Lina Lecaro and things really got nutty. We realized the Wax Museum was open just for party-goers. We ran wild taking pictures with all the celebrities from J-Lo to James Bond, Alfred Hitchcock to Audrey Hepburn and we had so many laughs along the way!

Click the photo below to see the slideshow of us hamming it with the celebs, the wax ones that is:

I love my social life!

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