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Retro Hairstyles with His Vintage Touch

k150_23SZDheel iconIf you want to pair your vintage or vintage-inspired clothing with the perfect hairstyle, look no further than Tony Medina of His Vintage Touch. Tony does his styling wizardry out of the Pinup Girl Boutique in Burbank, CA and is known for creating the amazing sculpted do’s seen in the Pinup Girl Clothing catalogs. You may have read about Tony previously here on this blog after I attended one of his hair styling classes. I made a trip to PUG to interview him on how he got started doing vintage looks and had him do a little number on me! Check out the video:

Check out the final look on Instagram.

Be sure to check out the previous videos from the Pinup Girl Boutique series:

Be sure check out:

Part One of this video series on the Pinup Girl Boutique featuring manager/pinup model Doris Mayday

Part Two featuring an interview with Micheline on how she got started as a makeup artist and the secret to having the perfect brows.

Part Three featuring Micheline Pitt’s eyebrow makeup demo.

Pinup Girl Boutique video series filmed and edited by Secret Agent Mojo Würkin


Go big or go home,

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Eyebrow Makeup Tutorial with Micheline Pitt

k150_23SZDheel iconAny good makeup artist will tell you – eyebrows are the frame for your face. Having a good shape can flatter your bone structure and make the rest of your makeup look balanced and polished. Defined eyebrows are also what makes a classic pinup look. Not everyone can get their eyebrows  in perfect shape – let’s face it ladies, it’s hard to get those babies even! That’s when it’s time to seek professional help.

Makeup artist Micheline Pitt from Pinup Girl Boutique in Burbank, CA  is known as the “Eyebrow Queen” (just look at her own gorgeous brows!) She shows us how to create the perfect eyebrow in this makeup tutorial.

Be sure check out:

Part One of this video series on the Pinup Girl Boutique featuring manager/pinup model Doris Mayday

Part Two featuring an interview with Micheline on how she got started as a makeup artist and the secret to having the perfect brows.

Pinup Girl Boutique video series filmed and edited by Secret Agent Mojo Würkin

Here’s to beauty,

See *disclosure

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Pinup Girl Boutique: Video Interview with Micheline Pitt

k150_23SZDheel iconThe classic pinup look is defined by the bold statement it makes with makeup. With roots deep in the era of 1950s glamour, modern pinup makeup features porcelain matte skin, bold, highly-arched brows, and topped with a cherry of red lipstick. Nobody knows pinup makeup better than makeup artist Micheline Pitt who works for Pinup Girl Clothing. There, she transforms their catalog models and Beauty Bar clients into perfect pinups. As a model herself, she often shows off her makeup artist talent on her own beautiful face.  She is known as the “Queen of Eyebrows,” sporting her own incredibly-shaped brows and giving her makeup clients, “The Micheline Treatment.”

We caught up with her at the Pinup Girl Boutique to talk about how she became a makeup artist and what goes into creating the pinup makeup look, including those fab brows! Check out Part One of our video interview:

Tune in next week for Part Two with Micheline Pitt featuring an eyebrow makeup demo!

Pinup Girl Boutique video series filmed and edited by Secret Agent Mojo Würkin

Stay beautiful,

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Shopping at the Pinup Girl Boutique

k150_23SZDheel iconWhen you want a vintage-inspired, bombshell look, turn to Pinup Girl Clothing. Their boutique in Burbank, California is a one-stop-shop for women’s clothing that shows off those curves, no matter what size you are. Pinup Girl Clothing prides itself in being clothing for all women who want to feel sexy and glamorous. The clothing features expert tailoring and high-quality materials, proudly made in America.  They also offer women’s shoes and handbags. And they don’t stop there, you can get a complete hair and makeup makeover right in the store for a pinup look from head to toe!

I personally love Pinup Girl Clothing and have several of their dresses (including the ones I’m wearing in the video below) so I put together a series of video interviews with some of the members of  “Team Pinup.” In this first video, meet store manager and pinup model Doris Mayday and learn about the various clothing lines available in the store and online.

The Pinup Girl Boutique is located at 3606 Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505, (818) 559-9586

Stay tuned for more videos in the coming weeks, including interviews with makeup artist Micheline Pitt and hair stylist Tony Medina.

Pinup Girl Boutique video series filmed and edited by Secret Agent Mojo Würkin

Go glamorous or go home,

video and music by Secret Agent Mojo Würkin

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Ladies Comedy Night at Pinup Girl Clothing

k150_23SZDheel iconLadies’ Night Out in Magnolia Park is always a great place to be, with discounts at all the stores along a shopping district in Burbank that features unique boutiques and vintage / retro reproduction women’s clothing. Plus, food trucks with every kind of delicacy you can imagine line the street.

But one of my favorite places to go is always Pinup Girl Clothing and they turn Ladies’ Night Out into a true event, one well worth dressing up for in their fabulous bombshell fashions. Every month they feature either a cosmetic launch party, pinup makeup demos or bands playing. On a recent night, they had a full evening of female comediennes.

Brandie Posey

Brandie Posey

Because I can always use a good laugh, I went and took a seat in their backroom set up like a mini comedy club with a bar and small stage. Every lady to took the microphone was hilarious, not a dude in the mix with jokes mostly about dating and relationships and diets going wrong. And it’s always funny to hear them talk about how beautiful the crowd is because most regular attendees at PUG events come dressed in their pinup best and the ladies who work there are all the store’s own supermodels. It is land of the glamazons indeed!

April Richardson

April Richardson

Beth Stelling

Beth Stelling

Emily Heller

Emily Heller

Virginia Jones

Virginia Jones

Sharon Houston

Sharon Houston

Click the photo to learn more about each comedian, be sure to catch them next time they perform!

Ladies’ Night Out along Magnolia Park in Burbank takes place the last Friday of every month.

Pinup Girl Clothing is located at 3606 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

Keep laughing,

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Vintage Hair Class: Learning to Get “His Vintage Touch”

k150_23SZDheel iconThere is an art to good hairstyling. And when it comes to vintage-era looks, it’s hard to top Tony Medina of His Vintage Touch, who creates sculptured looks with perfect waves that are authentic to periods from the ‘20s to the ‘60s. He did an amazing set on me recently, see the photo on Instagram.

And while everyone who loves retro-inspired looks wishes they could get their hair done by Tony every time they go out (he takes appointments at Pinup Girl Boutique in Burbank), most of the time we have to tackle this daunting task at home.  For that reason, Tony taught a class at the PUG Boutique on how to do a few different sets.

The sold-out, three 1/3 hour tutorial was packed with 50 eager learners, many who know of him through his work for the photo shoots for Pinup Girl Clothing. We were treated to Tony’s great hair tips and delightful, and sometimes naughty, personality. He did three different looks: victory rolls, side-swept waves and pageboy.

Here are the transformations


Victory Rolls


Side-swept curls



Here’s what I learned:

What you need:

  • Curling iron – Tony used a ¾’ Hot Tool Curling Iron
  • Teasing comb
  • Teasing brush
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Lots of hairspray

Every set starts with a proper pin-curl set. For time’s sake and the smoothest curls, use a curling iron – curl hair and pin with curls all doing downward. Let cool.

Curl with iron root to end, release then wrap around fingers and pin the curl standing for more volume.

Tony says he prefers curling iron sets over wet sets because they are faster and heat holds the set better. He says he’s not a fan of complicated wet sets that tell you to face the curls in all different directions. He uses this one set on all of his looks.

Sets work best on dirty hair (1-2 days since shampooing), clean hair that’s never been colored or bleached is harder to hold in a set – hair needs texture.

After you comb the curls out, if the roots are fizzy or you have naturally kinky hair, use a small flat iron to smooth the roots.

For bangs, use a small curling iron to curl them back into the shape of set.

After pulling out the curls, it’s all about the comb out, then massive teasing.

Teasing should start at scalp should go all the way up, except the very end to keep the curl. Sections should be teased so you can’t see through it. Mist with light hairspray.

Smooth the top of teasing with a teasing brush, then sculpt and smooth with your hands. Shape front curl with fingers and pointy end of teasing comb.

Sculpt curls and pin into them so you don’t see the bobby pin.

Top wave should be eyebrow arch to arch to be symmetrical with the face.

Duck clips are your friend – use them to hold the front waves and back “drop-crown” in place for a few minutes.

A good set can last for three days with three different styles like these. First should be a tight curl look because it continues to hold the set, next can be looser, then a brushed out wavy look.


A little bit about Tony:

His looks are authentic to the era, not retro.

He went to beauty school but says it was the worst year of his life. He learned most of what he knows by looking at vintage magazines and practicing on his two sisters until he got the looks right.

He got started at Pinup Girl Clothing when Micheline Pitt saw the hairstyles he did for La Cholita on her tour with Dita Von Teese. He never wanted to work in a salon but he’s been working at the PUG Boutique ever since!

He doesn’t do haircuts so don’t ask. Just styling.

He LOVES Selena – and Gwen Stefani.

Tell Twitter to stop asking him to follow Beyonce. He does not want to follow her!

And while I can watch Tony do hair all day, my home sets are never quite as awesome. Luckily I live close enough to know I can make an appointment when I need a perfect do. That’s why he has His Vintage Touch!

Here’s to great hair days!


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Pinup Girl Boutique: 1 Year Anniversary Party

k150_21heel iconIt was an extra special night at the Pinup Girl Boutique. Celebrating the store’s 1-year anniversary, the clothing brand proved they successfully have made the leap from an online retailer to a couture fashion name with an international following of pinups. They have not only created a clothing line but a glamorous, retro-inspired lifestyle to aspire to that is lived everyday by “Team Pinup,” the models who not only show the looks in the catalog but also work in the store, design the clothes, create the hairstyles,  and offer their talent as makeup artists. They created this one-stop-shop to allow everyone be the pinup bombshell they always wanted to be!


And they’ve clearly struck a cord with their audience, who love their monthly parties as a night to dress up and wear those fabulous Pinup Couture fashions.  These gatherings are always a great night to  go shopping because it’s like a living fashion show,  seeing so many people in the Pinup Girl Clothing.  My wish list always grows when I see what dress look good in real life. Fortunately, the parties coincide with Magnolia Park’s Ladies Night Out shopping nights when discounts of 10% and up make these fabulous fashions a little easier on the pocketbook.

For the anniversary party, the place was jam-packed. Drinks flowed, new friends were made and I was blown away by the talent lined up for the night. On the small stage in the center of the store, comedienne April Richardson, who sports her own retro flair and Bettie bangs, opened up the night and was hilarious.


Next up was Andra Day whose soulful voice was so moving and she got us all grooving! She was discovered after going viral on YouTube with her covers of pop song mashups. She is currently signed with Warner Bros. Records and working her debut album.

Lastly but certainly not least, was Katrina Parker who gained attention for coming in 2nd place on “The Voice” TV show. She looked so sweet in her big ‘60s-style hairdo and her voice blew the place away. Katrina is gearing up to release an album funded by Kickstarter.

Both singers are right on the cusp of big time fame and now we can say we saw them early on!



I always find it funny when the Pinup Boutique has performers in the store, they always comment, “this is the best looking crowd we’ve ever played to!” And it’s true, the pinup customer knows how to dress up for a night! The store was filled with beauties working their retro-inpsired look, which is elegant and sexy. Talk about some great people watching! And the night was capped with a toast as Team Pinup gathered on stage to thank their customers, raffle off some prizes and introduce a new line of Pinup Couture handbags for which the crowd gave a loud cheer. Did I mention my wish list was growing?

Check out the party pix below and more on Flickr.





Click here for more PARTY PIX! 

Congrats Pinup Girl Boutique and thank you for your fabulous fashions and super-fun events!

I wish you many more years to come – ’cause I have some shopping to do! 🙂


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Retro Hair Class with Miss Rockabilly Ruby

k150_21heel iconOne of the key parts of a vintage look is having the right hair. I recently discovered hairdresser Miss Rockabilly Ruby who has styled looks for Pinup Girl Clothing and works out of Lola and Roxy’s Salon in Burbank. I had her give me one of her famous updo’s a few weeks back that came out simply spectacular (see the photo on Instagram) and I was excited to check out her pinup hair class to share her awesome talent here on Stiletto City and get some tips on how to create those amazing Ruby do’s!

Miss Rockabilly Ruby

I joined about 25 other aspiring pinups in the back room of the Pinup Girl Boutique as Ruby created three different looks: a ‘60s bubble flip, a beehive and an elegant ‘50s faux bob. Ruby hails from Minnesota and just moved to LA last year so we are lucky to have her! She trained at the Aveda Institue after studying graphic design and finding she hated it. But she definitely has an artistic touch to her hair designs! Here are some of the amazing creations she did that day. Click on each image to see the transformation slideshow.

Look 1: Bubble Flip


Look 2: Beehive


Look 3: Faux Bob


Here are a few things I learned:

These do’s will keep hairspray companies in business!

Use duck clips to section off hair and work with one section at a time.

Each of these looks was set the same way using a GHD 1 inch flat iron to curl each piece of hair under and clip. Let set until cool.

Mist each section before you take that flat iron to it to protect the hair. Kenra Platinum Hot Spray works well and is available at the Pinup Girl Boutique.

Your set do can last you a few days if you sleep very still or use satin pillow cases.

Teasing is your friend but will be your enemy when you try to get it out – get in the shower, use lots of conditioner and wide-tooth comb.

Ruby loves doing BIG HAIR, the bigger the better, especially ’60s hair. (My kind of gal!)

Ruby loves talking “Toddlers & Tieras” and “Honey Boo Boo” – don’t get her started!

Now that class is over, I’m hoping I have at least a pinky-full of Ruby’s talent to try to create these looks myself. If not, I know she’s just an appointment away! One thing I know for sure is that it’s a delight to sit in Ruby’s chair. Besides her fabulous end product, her spunky personality will have you laughing the whole time!

Go big or go home!


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Make Me Over: Micheline Pitt Modern Pinup Makeup & Hair DVD

k150_20heel icon

The retro pinup look is such a classic, beautiful style. Those who love vintage know that nothing beats having fantastic hair and makeup reminiscent of the era to go with a killer dress you just scored. It always looks pretty, it always turns heads, but by golly, doing it right is not something that comes naturally. It takes a little know-how and a bit of practice. Thank goodness one of LA’s most stunning pinup gals, Micheline Pitt, is also a gifted hair and makeup artist and decided to share her tips of the trade in a DVD that both beauty professionals, and those of us who just love the scene, can take home, play over and over, and learn how to get our retro looks just right.

michelinePMicheline may best be known as a project manager at Pinup Girl Clothing where her work can be seen in photo shoots for the online catalog of their gorgeous couture line of vintage-inspired attire. For the DVD, she filmed hours of footage, some with the popular PUG models. For a mere $30 you get not one, but THREE DVDs of hair and makeup styles in eras from the 1930s to the 1960s, all done with a little bit of a modern spin on the pinup so it’s wearable for today without looking like you’re an extra on a movie set.

Originally planned to be just a makeup how-to, Micheline realized, you can’t have the look with just makeup alone. The right hair makes the image complete and who knew she was just as talented with hair styling as she is as a makeup artist. She does everything from glamour waves to a beehive.

There are also segments focusing specifically on eyebrows. Micheline is a self-proclaimed “brow snob” and rightfully so. Brows are one of the most important things to get right in your look and one of the hardest features to learn how to do.  I’ll admit I get brow envy every time I look at Micheline, so thank goodness she shared some of her expertise. Other segments include highlighting and contouring and Micheline’s own makeup routine where we get to see her as real as it gets, green sulfur facial mask on, hair natural and wavy. I also like the moments in the video where she shares a bit of her girl chattiness and we get a hint at her mischievous personality and some slips of raunchy humor.

While Micheline’s target audience for the DVD may be makeup artists, I think most aspiring retro pinups are going to get more out of this in doing their fun going-out looks. I know I personally have been trying out new looks from the tips I’ve learned. She is clearly ultra-talented and offers so much information here, it takes a while to get through all of the DVDs. I only wish some of the film production had been a little better to do her justice – for example, it would have been better if they used a hand-held camera instead of a camera planted on a tripod. There are times we can only see the back of Micheline’s hand or her head instead of the makeup she is doing.


Here are some of the best tips I learned:

  • Buying three shades of foundation – one slightly lighter and one slightly darker than the shade that matches your skin. Use the lighter shade for contouring around the tops of checks and nose, forehead and chin, the darker shade for contour under cheekbones, jaw and sides of the temples. This give the face dimension rather than flattening it out with one shade. Works best for darker complexions but I tried it and love the subtle effect.
  • Lips contouring – for the perfect pout. A bit of bronzer under lower lip, a bit of highlight on the upper and a darker lip liner on the “bow.” Magic!
  • Brushes – she demonstrates when to use natural and synthetic. Go for select goat hair  and look for them in art supply stores to save a load of cash!
  • Setting waves – curl hair (she shows how-to with hot-sticks, hot rollers and a curling iron.) and use fingers to adjust waves around the face to “mold” into place and pin. I finally learned to let go and use my instincts on this and started creating some great new looks! Next, I might have to try a clip-in weave as she does for even more oomph!

To officially launch the DVD, the Pinup Girl Boutique threw a release party. There were cocktails and sweets, the Rhythm Shakers performed and Micheline did a live makeup demo. Of course the PUG models were there in full effect as well as lots of shoppers eager to get that pinup look. Check out the PARTY PIX:







CLICK HERE for MORE party photos! >>

So a big thanks to Micheline for creating this DVD set and sharing her know-how. I’ve long been a big watcher of YouTube videos to learn new tricks but these are the most detailed videos you can get to completely transform yourself into a pinup babe! If you love vintage looks, you need this! Buy at the Pinup Girl Clothing Boutique in Burbank or online HERE.

Here’s to fun new looks!

The DVD reviewed in this blog was purchased by the author


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Viva Las Vegas 2013

k150_19heel icon“Bright light city, gonna set my soul on fire” – Elvis Presley

“Viva Las Vegas” is what we were singing at the rockabilly festival of the same name. For the past 16 years, it’s also been a definitive annual gathering of lovers of ‘50s retro culture – pinup girls, greaser boys and bands, bands, bands. I hadn’t been in a few years so it was time to head back to it.  While the festival runs for four days, since I just started a new job, and didn’t have vacation yet, we decided to make it an action-packed weekend. So we woke at a somewhat painful 4 a.m. on Saturday morning to catch a 7 a.m. flight to Sin City. I had my pincurls tucked under a Rosie-the-Riveter-style red bandanna and the security patrol must have seen a few of my type before me as they kept asking, “you going to that convention in Vegas?” which made us howl with laughter!

We arrived at the Gold Coast Hotel where our room was not yet ready, so we joined other blurry-eyed rockabillies in the not-so-glamorous-but-functional TGIFridays inside the hotel for a solid breakfast of eggs and toast to get us going. I realized I clearly wasn’t the only one in a bandana headscarf. I spotted several other girls sporting that curl-protecting look, making us look like some sort of girl gang! I think we made the other patrons nervous!

When we were finally allowed into a room, we had a quick nap and a primp and took the shuttle over to The Orleans to hit the convention.

wFabsThe minute we entered the hotel, we could see the place was crawling with rockabillies. The guys had their greased up hair and sideburns, but it was the girls who stood out as the big fashionistas. Massive ’50s rolled hair in bright colors – pink, purple, blue and lots of red heads. Rockabilly is no longer just about Bettie Page black hair and all the jewel tones made it such a feast of eye-popping fun!

We immediately hit the shopping vendors. Vintage stores from across the nation pull out their best goods to sell here and it was quite the bonanza. I was ready for the treasure hunt and I’m quite happy with what I scored:

My Viva Haul:

  • Blue brocade cocktail dress – deadstock from Sneaky Tiki
  • Sparkle blue flower hair clips (that match the dress!) from Vintage Gal
  • Mary Jane flats and peep-toe heels from Vintage Gal
  • Powder blue bullet bra and girdle (Oh I’ve been wanting this!) from V-Male Detroit

parasolAfter shopping we headed outside for the car show and bands. The temperature was in the ’80s — good ol’ Vegas heat – and girls were creating their own shade with colorful parasols that made them look so charming. But boy did it get a little dangerous in the packed crowds going to the vendors – one almost took out my pal Fabby’s big hairdo!

One of the vendors bringing on the glamour was the Pinup Girl Clothing booth, which had an endless crowd around it of girls not just shopping, but dying to get a photo with the pinup models Micheline Pitt, Erika Reno and Doris Mayday who are just as  gorgeous in person as they are in their photos. Micheline had on a metallic pink criss-cross strap gown with matching hair fascinator that was absolutely stunning, Erika had one on in black, and Doris was wearing a very groovy metallic copper jumpset with shorts that matched her hair and playful vixen personality.

I managed to find a moment when the crowd died down to buy Micheline’s recently released “Modern Pinup Makeup & Hair” DVD -a three disk set of how-to’s for looks from the ‘30s to the ’60s and featuring many of the clearly famous Pinup Girl Clothing models. Stay tuned for a full DVD review coming soon!


We were waiting for Dick Dale to take the stage and getting mighty thirsty so we stood in line next to giant tiki statues for Sailor Jerry Rum tiki drinks in a souvenir tiki cup -gotta have that!

We got our drinks just in time when Dick Dale took the stage.  Now I certainly knew of Dick Dale’s legend but I can’t say I’ve followed his career. I wanted to check him out but wasn’t sure how much I’d be into it. I have to say he blew me away!  Now in his 70’s, he was fully in control of that stage and played his guts out, putting much younger guys to shame!  He told us the doctors said he shouldn’t be playing anymore due to his health issues – cancer and diabetes — it was clear nothing was going to stop him! I was thoroughly impressed and so glad I had the opportunity to see him live.


After the show we shuttled back to the hotel to slip into our cocktail dresses for the night’s activities. I put on my newly purchased blue brocade dress and Fabby went “Dreamgirls” with a sequined aqua shift dress.

We got back in time for Little Richard and the entire outdoor area was packed. Now in his 80’s, we all knew this may be the last time to see this legendary pioneer of rock n roll sing such classics as “Long Tall Sally” and “Good Golly Miss Molly.”

We waited for what felt like and eternity and finally the lights went down. Before the main act, we learned the winners of the Pinup Contest. Then Little Richard’s posse brought him out on stage in rolling gold throne of a piano bench.  He told us later in the show that he broke his hip three years ago and hasn’t walked since and the doctors say his heart isn’t strong enough to operate — so the poor guy is in massive pain, clearly wincing and moaning as he adjusted his seated position at the piano. I don’t know what those doctors are talking about, he certainly put a lot of heart into this performance, clearly excited to see the massive crowd, smiling, telling jokes punctuated with his trademark, “shuttup!” and dressed in his bright royal purple suit with sparkles – he still has great style! His voice was a little weak but his fingers made up for it, firing up the ivories for all his hits. He asked  the crowd to pray for him and his health and had his posse hand out prayer books to the audience that had a signed picture of him in it. I managed to grab one as a souvenir.


For “The Girl Can’t Help It,” they invited a bunch of lovely girls from the audience to dance along, which put a big smile on Little Richard’s face and he continued to play for over an hour, though it looked like his posse was clearly worried about the strain on him. I was just so happy to see him, I love those songs. Thanks Richard, you made our night!

After the show, we headed offsite in a cab pointed to Frankie’s Tiki Room, the famed bar is a must-go for local cool cats and their visiting friends. It’s fantastic Tiki décor was created by Bamboo Ben who I interviewed for an article on Tiki Culture. They have an awesome drink menu that you can have served in a souvenir Tiki glass. I had a Kahiki Kai and Fabby threw down a Three Rum Scum. The place was packed with Viva people and was a great night for drinking and people watching.

After that we were ready for some beauty sleep and a good lie-in before getting ready for the last day of our short weekend. It was Easter Sunday so I picked my most spring-like vintage dress for the occasion and topped it with a pair of bunny ears.

bunnyWe wandered back through the shopping vendors where we ran into our pals Dave and Sabino from Clever Vintage and then tried to make it out to the pool area to watch them judge the bathing suit contest, but there was a line clear down the courtyard and they weren’t letting anymore people in. So rather than melting in the sun, we opted to go back inside and check out the bands. Boy, were we in for a treat when we stumbled upon a set by Maureen and the Mercury 5. While Maureen looks like a little lady, she can belt out a tune like nobody’s business. Teamed with vocalist Douglas Roegiers from Phat Cat Swinger, they were delightful to watch. But things got downright dirty when they were joined by Switchblade 3’s Brad Hayman with his big ol’ white flaming bass and mohawk. Two big ol upright bassists created a thunderous beat and Maureen went and laid some saucy, sexy attitude right across the both to them – go girl!


Afterward, we wandered around the casino, it wouldn’t be Vegas if we didn’t try our hand at gambling. I found myself a “Sex and the City” slot machine and fed in some of my hard-earned dollars. I walked away with a whole 30 cents! That’s Vegas for ya! Then we grabbed a drink with some pals and got in line for the ever-infamous Charles Phoenix and one of his hilarious slideshows of vintage photos. This time he had fresh material straight from Saturday’s car show mixed in with original photos of vintage cars, and some of his own auto treasure hunting.

He came out in a rainbow neon spray-painted suit and threw, what else, rainbow bread out into the audience! He’s always great for a belly laugh and was a great way to end the weekend before we jetted off back to LA.

Thanks Viva! What a great way to spend the weekend!

Click below for all my  pix!




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