Pinup Girl Boutique: Video Interview with Micheline Pitt

June 11, 2014

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k150_23SZDheel iconThe classic pinup look is defined by the bold statement it makes with makeup. With roots deep in the era of 1950s glamour, modern pinup makeup features porcelain matte skin, bold, highly-arched brows, and topped with a cherry of red lipstick. Nobody knows pinup makeup better than makeup artist Micheline Pitt who works for Pinup Girl Clothing. There, she transforms their catalog models and Beauty Bar clients into perfect pinups. As a model herself, she often shows off her makeup artist talent on her own beautiful face.  She is known as the “Queen of Eyebrows,” sporting her own incredibly-shaped brows and giving her makeup clients, “The Micheline Treatment.”

We caught up with her at the Pinup Girl Boutique to talk about how she became a makeup artist and what goes into creating the pinup makeup look, including those fab brows! Check out Part One of our video interview:

Tune in next week for Part Two with Micheline Pitt featuring an eyebrow makeup demo!

Pinup Girl Boutique video series filmed and edited by Secret Agent Mojo Würkin

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