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Endless Summer Style

k150_27heel icon**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. 

Looking for awesome summer style? When it comes to summer essentials like women’s tees, tanks, sundresses, and shorts, ModCloth has you covered. Never before has ModCloth added SO MANY summer styles to New Arrivals all at once. Dive in to an endless assortment of playful patterns, colors, and silhouettes that’ll have you lookin’ fierce till fall!

Now I always like to kick off the summer with at least one new light and playful dress for the season. Here are some of my favorites, click the image to shop*

Rock the retro look in a bright color for summer with the Topiary Tour Dress or put on a colorful a cheerful print like the Haute Flair Balloon Dress.

Modcloth Topiary Tour Dress Modcloth Haute Flair Balloon Dress

You can’t go wrong with classic black and white polka dot print dress or skip through town in the playful sun umbrella pattern of the Day in the Shade Dress.

Modcloth Royal Park Rollick Dress Modcloth Day in the Shade Dress

Enjoy fun in the sun in style!

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Get the Look: Spikes

k150_23SZDheel iconSpikes were all the rage at LA Fashion Week recently so there’s no doubt this accessory, once reserved for shockingly dressed punk rockers,  is becoming a staple in women’s fashion. Spikes can be seen on jackets, dresses, handbags, jewelry, even shoes. So be careful next time you hug someone – they might be rockin’ this dangerous look!

Check out some of the spiky options below. Click the image to purchase.* They make a great holiday gift for that fashionista on your list!


spikeBeanie spikeShoes
spikeBracelet spikeClutch

Spike it up!

See *disclosure

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LA Fashion Week 2013: My Three Top Picks

k150_23SZDheel iconLA Fashion Week has been happening all over Tinsel Town this week with fashion shows from Downtown to Hollywood. My dance card has been rather full trying to hit as many events as possible to check some well-known and emerging designers. Lots of women’s fashion ideas for Spring/Summer 2014. Each event has been its own creative feast for the eyes and I must say the people watching in the audience has been almost as entertaining. The fashion crowd knows how to pull out some style! I saw a lot of bling, stilettos and general “bring it” attitude. A nice change from going out and seeing people in flip-flops and track suits (which pains my eyes!)

Most of the shows have featured several designer showcases back to back and few music acts and performance artists to mix things up. While some fashion collections I was admittedly underwhelmed by, three stood out to me for ultra unique silhouettes, interesting cuts, use of textures and patterns. And of course, my picks all seem to have a little retro influence (what can I say, I love that!) but use it in very modern, wearable ways.

My favorites included:


Sue WongNuvulaEmily Daccarett

Check out what they showed on the runway:

Stay tuned for a full report of all the shows I saw during during LA Fashion Week!

Stay stylish,

Video filmed and edited by Kastle

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Get the Look: Modcloth’s Bea + Dot!

k150_23SZDheel iconIf you’ve been wanting to add some personality to your wardrobe, look no further than Modcloth, the brand known for their retro inspired fashion. They just launched two NEW private labels of women’s clothing!

In my previous post, I showed how-to put together a look with Myrtlewood. Today, I styled a look around Bea+Dot, a playful line that can be worn out ‘n’ about during the day or for fun nights out with the girls or clubbing.

Here’s how to style a look around a Bea+Dot dress from Modcloth:


Bea+Dot_purse Bea+Dot_shoes
Bea+Dot_wallet Bea+Dot_sunglasses


The fun, A-line silhouette and detailing of the “Playing Tagline” dress* will give you a mod look in a wearable way that can take you from your day job to a nightclub. Pair with some accessories that embrace your inner child such as a smiling handbag*, owl wallet* and pencil bracelet.* The chic tortoiseshell sunglasses* will protect your eyes, while a pop of bright red, patent wedges* on your toes keep you grounded.

Click the images to check out each piece and purchase*

Go mod!


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Get the Look: Modcloth’s Myrtlewood!

k150_23SZDModcloth, the brand known for their vintage inspired fashion, just launched two NEW private labels of women’s clothing! Today, I styled a look around Myrtlewood, which offers feminine, classic pieces that will always be in style as other trends come and go. Great for date nights or an elegant work day look.

Here’s how to style a look around a Myrtlewood dress from Modcloth:

The lovely floral print “Flaunt Every Facet” dress* will give you a ladylike flair paired with vintage-style emerald jewel earrings*. A ring of laurel leaves* picks up on the floral theme, as the mock book clutch purse* shows off your love of romantic literature. Black, suede, t-strap, 3 1/2 height heels* complete the look.


Myrtelwood_earrings Myrtelwood_purse
Myrtelwood_shoes Myrtelwood_ring

Click the images to check out each piece and purchase*

Stay tuned tomorrow for a look from Modcloth’s other new private label. Bea & Dot!

Be stylish!


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Dress Like Mad Men

k150_19heel iconWith just a few days to go before the premiere of Season 6 of Mad Men,  I figured it was time to let you in on some secrets I know in how to live the Mad Men lifestyle – mainly how to dress and drink like our favorite characters. Today’s blog post will let you in on how to shop for the looks seen on the show.

While I have always love ‘60s fashions for their fun silhouettes and bold colors, Mad Men has brought those styles back with a distinction all their own. Now when I go out in my best ‘60s era vintage I’m told,  “you dress so Mad Men,” which I of course take as a compliment because I love the show so much.

k_jbryant1Part of the reason I love it is the care they’ve taken to get every detail right to recreate the decade of so many cultural shifts. Part of that credit goes to costume designer Janie Bryant, who I had the pleasure of meeting during a book signing at my favorite vintage store in Burbank:

Vintage Playclothes

 The store not only has supplied some of the amazing vintage seen on the show but it is such a joy to shop in. It’s in a gorgeous space with frescoed ceilings, the clothes are tagged by era, everything piece is in nearly perfect condition, they have a HUGE inventory of women’s and men’s wear at fantastic prices and the staff is super friendly and helpful.



Clever Vintage Clothing

Another vintage source that has amazing owners is Clever Vintage who I’ve frequently featured in this blog because not only are co-owners Dave and Sabino so knowledgeable about their fashion history and doing custom styling, the are also fabulous party pals! Dave and Sabino travel all across the country to curate their vintage treasures. You can purchase their fine pieces at one of the many shows they participate in, including Helm’s Design District Vintage Boutique and Burbank Pickwick. Check the events page on their website for upcoming dates or make an appointment at their downtown showroom.  They did wardrobe for Peggy and Betty in two separate episodes. Remember these outfits?


It was a genius move of marketing to get a major department store to work with Janie Bryant to design a line of contemporary clothing with a retro feel and make it accessible to everyone.  Banana Republic has been launching a new Mad Men collection at  the start of each season for the past few years and this one is no exception. Bold patterns and rich colors are featured here.  And these are great pieces for me to wear to work and still have a mod feel since I don’t dare subject my delicate vintage to long office hours.


Check out their inspiration and behind the scenes of the collection here.

And get 25% off through April 30 with this coupon.

What Katie Did Lingerie

Now, even your best vintage won’t look authentic unless you have the right undergarments.  Want to look and walk like Joan? Put yourself into one of these corsets and not only will you have an hourglass figure like you’ve never seen, but you’ll just WALK in a different way, a SEXY way!

What Katie Did specializes in designs influences by the glamour of the ‘40s and ‘50s film stars but with contemporary fabric and structure. Plus, were else can you find a gorgeous bullet bra these days?



And if you can’t get your hand on any of these clothes, you can always dress up virtually and “Mad Men Yourself” through the AMC website:


So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get dressed up and mix a cocktail. Can’t wait for Season 6, starting on April 7th!

Stay tuned for Part II of Mad Men series next week where I show you more of how you can live the Mad Men lifestyle!

Now go shop!

Photos of Vintage Playclothes by Kastle
Photos of Clever Vintage, Banana Republic Mad Men Collection, What Katie Did via Pinterest


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London Calling: TopShop Comes to LA

k150_17heel iconWhenever I’m in London, I make a point to hit TopShop. I’ve been known to do some serious damage to my credit card in that store, stuffing my suitcase with their unique, fun styles. I’ve longed for the day it didn’t take an international flight to shop there. So I was especially excited to hear they were opening in Los Angeles.  Last weekend, I ventured over to the Grove — early in the morning to avoid the crowds — to check out the newly opened TopShop/TopMan LA.  I found plenty of eye candy from bold print skirts and tops, comic book graphic splashed skirts, vintage-looking, beaded party dresses and a wall of shoes I could have easily filled my closet with.


I headed for the fitting room with an armful of skirts and dresses and emerged with some purchases. However, not without discovering many of the sizes run small and most of the skirts in the store did not come in sizes larger than an 6 or 8, so there wasn’t an option to buy a larger size to avoid everything being ultra skin tight. I overheard other people commenting in the dressing room that everything was running small on them as well. Buyer be warned.  A few skirts I really wanted I just had to put back on the rack. Sorry, the stuffed sausage look isn’t my thing!

To make up for my disappointment, I headed for the accessories and found some super cute checkered and houndstooth print ankle socks and a Peter Pan collar-style necklace made out of faux pearls. I was able to put them together for an awesome ‘60s style outfit for club Spin Out that night. See pix below.



And check out the video of TopShop’s opening celebration:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rvg-ZckH95c]

See a slideshow peek inside the store HERE.

TopShop at the Grove in West Hollywood for a little bit of English style!

It’s tops!

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Fashion’s Night Out 2012

Fashion’s Night Out took place around the world last night and I for one wasn’t about to miss an opportunity to catch fashion shows, beauty bars, fall collection debuts, giveaways and special shopping discounts. We headed straight for the Beverly Center to catch the opening ceremony and fashion show. It was jam packed with excited fashionistas and the people watching in the crowd was almost as interesting as what was happening on stage. After the first of two fashion shows that featured looks available in some of the mall’s stores, we hit the shops in search of great fashion and great deals. Though we wanted to make it to the happenings on Robertson and Melrose, the traffic was so bad just to get to the Beverly Center, we decided to stay there for the second fashion show from Forever XXI and it was worth it as they showed some inspiring looks for fall – it’s all about patterns and layers ladies!

While my taste leans more towards unique vintage than mainstream mall looks, I do like to mix it up with some trendy pieces. My pal Fabby found a cute mini skirt and mod jacket (with a free goodie bag!) and I found a few cute accessories (with an FNO discount!) and plenty of photo ops in the creative outfits people wore for the night. In trend spotting news, the short-in-the-front-long-in-the-back dresses (also known as the “mullet dress“) seem to be all the rage and it does look mighty chic with a pair of stilettos! I also saw a lot of big, and I mean BIG, chunky earrings.

Click on the photo below to check out the photo and video slideshow for a roundup of all the action:

Dress like you mean it,

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Nail Files: The Painted Nail Party

Nothing like a last minute party invite to liven up your week! I got an email from my pal Maxine from Vanity Girl Hollywood* to join her at her makeover station at a party celebrating the new hair salon & blow-out bar at The Painted Nail, home of the “Nail Files” reality show on the TV Guide channel. If you haven’t seen the show, owner Katie Cazorla brings a whole lot of Hollywood glamour to the land of mani-pedis, with a big celebrity clientele and spa-like experience — you never know what’s going to happen! But what I like best is the surprisingly affordable prices for service in a ultra hip atmosphere! My kind of place!

The party was an Alice in Wonderland-theme with Katie decked out as Alice herself and lots of beautiful girls and handsome dudes in Wonderland glam for a surreal tea party complete with whimsical treats and amazing decor. TV cameras and boom mics where swinging around everywhere following Katie and her music producer husband, Walter Afanasieff  wherever they went. I’m sure we’ll see what drama ensued in the next episode of “Nail Files”!

We were also treated to music by girl trio The Goods and Alex Hughes, who got the crowd going with her great energy. Each guest was given a beauty card to visit all of the makeover stations for a little primp treat. I had my lips done in of-the-moment tangerine at Maxine’s Vanity Girl makeup station by makeup artist, Zarah Villarreal. She did a fantastic job – thanks doll! The Vanity Girl “glam squad” also included, makeup artist/blogger Olivia Danielle and makeup artist Crystal Strayer.

Then I was off to get a hot pink hair extension and a splash of blue hair chalk coloring. Lastly, was the nail “Ice Cream Bar” before I could pick up the amazing gift bag stuffed to the brim with all kinds of beauty samples and goodies I can’t wait to try out and write about in future posts.

Check out the pictures from the party by clicking the image below:

Read more about Vanity Girl Hollywood in the Stiletto City interview.

Shop for your own Vanity Girl Hollywood Makeup Mirror* as seen here!

Nails on ladies!


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