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BlueBelle Vintage’s Colorful Lucite Earrings

k150_24heel iconA few months ago, I stumbled across a photo on Instagram of ‘60s Lucite earrings with interchangeable clasps. I loved the idea of being able to buy silver and gold clasps and just swapping out the earring part.

I tracked down the designer, Loretta Maurencig of Blue Belle Vintage Clothing out of Australia, and discovered the variety of styles and colors she makes – many with glitter, confetti or candy-like details mixed into the Lucite making playful and unique pieces, perfect for retro fashion lovers. I had such a hard time deciding which ones to order from her Etsy shop and she also emailed me more colors and styles to choose from. I was in heaven!

Here are the ones I chose, along with a few Loretta was kind enough to throw in* for this blog:

BlueBelle Vintage Lucite Earrings - StilettoCity.com BlueBelle Vintage Lucite Earrings - StilettoCity.com





I also learned a bit more about BlueBelle Vintage reproduction designs, which includes hair clips, shoes clips and clothing, and asked Loretta a few questions about her business and how she started:

“I love vintage fashion — the prints, colors, the eras — it tells a story.  Unfortunately a lot of real vintage doesn’t fit most women today so that is why I do reproduction pieces after I do a lot of research.”

“I am a Designer/Patternmaker. The Australian market is quite small and with China invading our shores with cheap products, it has been hard to find a full-time position. I am lucky that I am a good crafter and love vintage. I source dead stock and vintage pieces that I can reproduce into unique items that have a modern feel. I may find a pair of old Lucite clip earrings in an unusual shape, make the mold, then add a mix of hand-blended glitter or other bits and bobs to the resin. I’m trying to create a niche market and employment for myself.”

Be sure to check out her designs on Etsy and don’t be afraid to ask if she has more styles than the photos posted. She provides great customer service and loves to make her customers happy.

Here’s to creative entrepreneurs,

*Some styles featured here were compliments of BlueBelle Vintage Clothing

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ModCloth Design A Scarf Print Contest

k150_23SZDheel icon**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links*. 

ModCloth is launching its second Make the Cut Contest of the year! Not familiar with Make the Cut? It’s a fashion design contest, and in this edition, they’re giving contestants a template on which to create a print pattern for a scarf. The talented winner will have their design produced by and sold on ModCloth, plus they’ll receive a $500 prize! But first, the top 10 submissions will be hosted on the Be the Buyer page, where the community will vote for their faves. Design submissions will be accepted now until Friday, 5/30, and the voting begins on Monday, 6/9. Official contest rules can be found here.

Need some inspiration. Check out some of the cute printed scarves currently on the ModCloth site:

modclothScarf1 modclothScarf2
modclothScarf3 modclothScarf4


Good luck!

See *disclosure

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It’s Movember: Do You Have Your Mustache On?

k150_23SZDheel iconHappy Movember! That’s mustache-November in case you were wondering, a movement for men start growing some serious facial hair to raise awareness of men’s health issues including prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges.

I became all too aware of prostate cancer while my father battled it – twice! Fortunately, through catching it early and the advances in medical treatment, he survived and is doing well.

So while us ladies can’t exactly grow a mustache for the movement, we can join in the Movember spirit with mustache accessories like the ones below.



mustache t-shirt MustacheRing
mustacheShoes mustacheBackpack

Click the photos to purchase.* Proceeds go to the Movember Foundation. Also check out the Movember shop.

Oh and be supportive of your man as he grows out his ‘stache. Yes, it prickles when you kiss him and it may look a little funny, but it’s all for a good cause!

To read more about the Movember movement, visit the website.

And now I must-tache!


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Get the Look: Artsy Style

k150_23SZDheel iconAre you the artsy type? Let your wardrobe show it with spirited prints and accessories. Turn a simple jeans look into a statement that shows off your creative view of the world.

Pair a Modcloth “Following Dreams” sweater* with its cheeky geometric print of stripes and polka dots with skinny jeans* and a bright pop of color in the form of orange wedges.* Top with a scarf* in matching orange – sure to keep you snug as the weather turns cooler!  Don’t forget a touch of jewelry with bold, mock safety pin earrings.* Designer Betsey Johnson adds her own flair of fun to a wristlet purse* in the shape of a taxi cab!


ModCloth_scarf Modcloth_safetyEarrings
ModCloth_taxiPurse Modcloth_orgWedges


Click the images to purchase each item.

Everyday style is an art!


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Book Purses: Dress Smart!

What is it about purses – why can’t us girls get enough of them? There are just so many cute ways to carry your stuff! Actress Michelle Williams recently drew attention on the red carpet for making a fashion statement with an unusual handbag – a book purse.

See Michelle’s look.

While hers was from designer Olypia Le Tan, which sells for over 1K, the crafty people on Etsy have made some for you for a fraction of the fancy designer cost, like this one I found from SpoonfulOfChocolate:

If you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own. It’s a great way to recycle an unused or vintage book. Learn how by watching a handy video on YouTube:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4RFH0q0Osk]

Well, I for one have very little time for crafts so I’ll stick to shopping! Be sure to check out all of SpoonfulOfChocolate’s book purses.

It’s one sure way to flaunt your literary prowess and green leanings, while being ever-so-fashionable.

It’s in the bag,

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