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Get the Look: Artsy Style

k150_23SZDheel iconAre you the artsy type? Let your wardrobe show it with spirited prints and accessories. Turn a simple jeans look into a statement that shows off your creative view of the world.

Pair a Modcloth “Following Dreams” sweater* with its cheeky geometric print of stripes and polka dots with skinny jeans* and a bright pop of color in the form of orange wedges.* Top with a scarf* in matching orange – sure to keep you snug as the weather turns cooler!  Don’t forget a touch of jewelry with bold, mock safety pin earrings.* Designer Betsey Johnson adds her own flair of fun to a wristlet purse* in the shape of a taxi cab!


ModCloth_scarf Modcloth_safetyEarrings
ModCloth_taxiPurse Modcloth_orgWedges


Click the images to purchase each item.

Everyday style is an art!


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