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Love of Vintage

There are times I feel I was born in the wrong era. I simply love the fashions of past decades, namely the 1920s-1960s. There is something about how the clothes are so feminine, the cuts so divine, the materials so exquisite and the silhouettes that make a statement. I have a hard time walking into a vintage clothing store without leaving with SOMETHING – a dress, a handbag, a hat, some jewelry. Vintage shopping is the ultimate treasure hunt, because these items are rare survivors of the past, they don’t come in a rack-ful of sizes, they aren’t all in perfect condition. So when you find that one piece that happens to fit, isn’t damaged and is at a good price, you just CAN’T leave it there in the store!

Which is why I went home with two new dresses from The Loved One last week. I’d heard about this little Pasadena store from a friend and when they posted on Facebook that they were having a “cocktails ‘n’ shopping” party, well, I just can’t pass up that combo! Turned out to be the cutest little shop, all the clothes are in great condition and the setting is nicely art directed, which makes the shopping experience all the better. Can’t wait to wear my new treasures!

Click the link below to check out a slideshow of the store:

Photos of The Love One Vintage Boutique

Love it!

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