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Pinup Hairstyles and Makeup Tutorial at Playclothes Vintage

k150_27 Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDI’ll never pass up a lesson in hairstyles and makeup. Us girly girls just can’t get enough of it, especially when it comes to creating retro pinup looks. One of my favorite vintage stores Playclothes Vintage hosted a cocktail party and brought in a couple of beauty pros to do pinup hairstyles and makeup tutorials for achieving that vintage era look.

First up was makeup artist Gloria Alex creating a 1940s pinup makeup look using mostly Besame products, a brand known for making spot-on vintage recreation makeup. She explained every step of the way how and why the ’40s look was the way it was – from patriotic red lips to keep-it-simple eye makeup. No winged liner yet ladies! That came in the ’50s!

Makeup Up Artist Gloria Alex at Playclothes Vintage

Next up was hairstylist Sandra Dee who showed how to do a dry set using a curling iron to roll the entire head of hair. Then she amazed us all with her speed teasing using a bore bristle brush to create a GIANT nest of hair. Then she magically smoothed it into a lovely ’40s pinup hairstyle complete with victory roll.

The two also walked us through a ’60s looked they completed earlier on one of the shop girls.

Pinup Hairstyles and Makeup Tutorial with Hairstylist Sandra Dee at Playclothes Vintage

Hair and Makeup demo at Playclothes Vintage

Then it was shopping time! Playclothes is a beautifully laid out store filled with vintage dresses, hats, shoes, handbags and housewares. Not only do they have great stuff at great prices but it’s lovingly art decorated in a gorgeous setting that makes shopping a joy. The staff is super helpful too if you are looking for a particular item or era.

playclothes vintage


What I Wore

For the evening, I wore a ’60s era dress that I had purchased there previously teamed with a vintage basket purse and earrings I picked up off eBay and shoes from Bait Footware.



If you’re in LA, be sure to pop into Playclothes Vintage for a great shopping experience. No fantastic vintage shops near you? You can always shop* eBay for some great finds!

Playclothes Vintage is located at 3100 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505 (818) 557-8447

Hairstylist Sandra Dee can be booked for appointments at The Local Salon 5229 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601 (818) 763-2977  

Makeup artist Gloria Alex can be reached via Playclothes Vintage or http://makeupbygloriaalex.com.

Stay stylish,


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Mad Men Style

Take one look at today’s fashion and it’s easy to spot the influence the hit show Mad Men has had on it – more ladylike silhouettes in voluminous full skirts, curve-flashing wiggle dresses and pencil skirts. Women in the ’60s really knew how to express the power of their femininity, even if they didn’t quite have their equal rights yet. All I can say is thank goodness – I only wear vintage when I go out and the main reason is I don’t find modern clothes to be attractive in the way they were in past eras. But some of that is changing, thanks to Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant, whose eye for fashion is transforming the way contemporary designers are creating their new lines.

And what better place to meet this taste-maker than my favorite store in town, Playclothes Vintage? Bryant stopped by to sign copies of her recently released book, The Fashion File. I have to say, I got this book for Christmas and I read it in little bites like sweet Bon Bons. It’s the ultimate fashion tell-all treat where Bryant reflects on how she built the style of the characters on Mad Men and how you can find your signature style with a just a few mindful tweaks to your wardrobe.

During the book signing Bryant was surrounded by admiring fashionistas who came dressed in their best vintage looks to show off for her. My pal Sandra D. turned up in a pink, candy-striped, strapless dress she found at a costume store clearout sale. It was the very dress that Bryant herself created for Betty Draper in Mad Men’s Season 2. Bryant took one look at it and said, “That’s Betty’s dress, where did you find that!” Then proceeded to tell us how she had added the pink stripes and bow to give a pop of “Betty color” to the vintage gown.

We had a great time hanging out with this superstar stylist, who is so down to earth you just want to invite her out with the girls for cocktails. And I personally want to say THANK YOU Janie for bringing back the idea of fabulous personal style!

And in this edition of the Stiletto Style Spotlight, I couldn’t help but notice Allyson Rowen Taylor, who stood out in the crowd in a hot pink sheath dress, artistic-looking brushed gold glasses and an ultra-chunky necklace of her own design made of found bits including washers, safety pins and various trinkets. Plus, she was great fun to hang out with! Now that’s some great style!

From the fashion files,

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