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Horton’s Hayride: How to Dress Rockabilly Style

k150_27Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDHorton’s Hayride came to town y’all and the Reverend Horton Heat didn’t disappoint with a day full of rockabilly music festivities for the SoCal scene.

I interviewed the Reverend years ago when I was working as a music journalist and he is as rowdy as a shot of whiskey in person as on stage but with a good dose of elegant Southern charm thrown in, so I was excited to put on some of my best rockabilly style and go see him again!

The Reverend Horton Heat at Horton's Hayride 2015

It was a perfect 78 degree day out on the San Pedro coastline. The wind was whipping up the girls’ circle skirts and retro-styled hairdos. The lines for drinks were long, the food trucks were a plenty and the vendors made for some good shopping – I’ll be showing my scores in future blog posts!

What I Wore

For the day I decided to go bad-girl-billie in all black with capri pants, a cool cotton t-shirt top with swallow tattoos on the shoulders, flaming head scarf, a nice big bag for all my goodies, some spiky punk jewelry, cat-eye sunglasses, and comfy black flats.Bad girl rockabilly outfit

But the main attractions were the many customized classic cars on display and of course, the bands. While I only caught a few songs here and there of most of the acts, which included The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Nekromantics, Cadillac Tramps, The Henchmen, The Hurricanes as we mingled ate, shopped and drank throughout the day, when the Reverend took the stage, we were front and center.

Kustom Kulture Rockabilly Fashion

He’s the baddest of the bad that Reverend, and he brought up some special guests to help him with his “Pyschobilly Freakout” including comic country crooner the Unknown Hinson (who has the most bizarre eyebrows I’ve ever seen!), Big Sandy and Deke Dickerson.

Reverend Horton Heat and Deke Dickerson at Horton's Hayride 2015

We had a great time rockin’ along and though we were there all day and didn’t sit down ONE time, the time flew by cause we were having fun!

How to Dress Rockabilly Style for a Music Festival

Here’s how to dress rockabilly style to bring out your inner bad girl. Remember, for day-long music festivals, comfort is key, especially your shoes! (Click the links to shop* the look!)

Wear a light top for keeping cool in the sun such as the Sparrow Tattoo Top that I wore or the classic Ooh La La Lady Black Top

how to dress rockabilly style - tops

I opted for pants instead of a skirt, which was a smart move with the wind blowing! Black capri pants are always comfortable and stay cool during the day and keep you warm after the sun goes down. Denium capris are just as cute and very rockabilly!

how to dress rockabilly style - capri pants

A patterned headscarf is alway cute and will keep your hair in check for a long day such as these darling scarves in red polka dots or black gingham.

how to dress rockabilly style - headbands

The shoes you wear will make a difference between a good day or a bad day. While I love to put on the heels, especially for a retro look, I opted for simple black flats or you can make a statement with these tattoo-style bird sandals.

flats and sandals

Baby, it’s bright out during the day so don’t forget your sunglasses like these cool cateye shades. Also, be sure to bring a purse that will hold all your needs for the day such as touch-up makeup, your phone, some shopping and snacks. Lux Deville bags always come in big sizes and look great!

how to dress rockabilly style - accessories

Hope you get a chance to catch the Reverend in you hometown or any other cool rockabilly show!

Dress to impress!

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Party Time with NicCoCo Creations Hair Flowers

k150_27Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDEvery fashion look can use one or two accessories to really make it pop and give it a touch of your own personality. A hair flower accessory is often the piece of choice for the retro pinup crowd and can be worn by anyone who wants to add a pretty flair to their outfit.

Nicolle Saccone of NicCoCo Creations has been making beautiful custom hair flower accessories for three years. While she can be found on Etsy like so many other crafty folks, she held a party to celebrate the launch of her own website.

Nicolle Saccone of NicCoCo Creations

I went to celebrate her big launch and catch up with her for few questions on how she started her business:

What inspires your hair flower pieces?

“Definitely retro/pinup style because the flower piece should become a part of the whole picture of the look you are going for. Also the burlesque scene – I love me some glitter and rhinestones!”

How did it start, was it a hobby or did you always plan for it to be a business?

“Total hobby/extra income. I work a full time stressful job so it was almost my therapy. An escape.”

Your pieces are really popular with the pinup lifestyle crowd. When did you feel it was taking off?

“Well thank you. I still don’t feel like it’s ‘taking off.’ It’s always a pleasant surprise when someone loves my pieces or say that they follow my social media pages. I’m like, ‘I just make hair flowers!’”

NicCoCo Creations

Held at the at Audrey K. Boutique in Burbank, a super cute little store where her hair flowers can also be found, local friends and customers of Nicolle’s showed up – many dressed in their pinup finest – to celebrate with her and witness a hair demo by Miss Rockabilly Ruby, who gave Nicolle a fancy update, accessorized with some NicCoCo Creations, of course!

Miss Rockabilly Ruby Hair Stylist

Retro Hair Style


What I Wore

For Nicolle’s party I wore a floral ‘60s vintage dress that I paired with a vintage purse, jeweled sandals and one of Nicolle’s double hair flower combs.

1960s Retro Fashion Look

NicCoCo Creations Hair Flower

How To Wear Flower Hair Accessories

Here’s how to put together some fashion looks with NicCoCo Creations hair flower accessories. (Click the links to shop* the look!)

Pinup Look

Pair the fluffy Elle Peony Princess Flower with a nautical-style dress that says 1950s with a modern flair.

Tiki Look

The fruity Holiday Flower pairs perfectly with a pineapple print maxi dress that will leave you longing for the islands.

how to wear hair flowers 2

Feminine Date Night Look

Delight your date in the flirty Laughy Daffy Hair Flower paired with a colorfully feminine floral print dress.

Little Black Dress

Jazz up a little black dress with a pop of color wi

The Southern Belle hair flower will jazz up a little black dress with a pop of color and pearl accents.

how to wear hair flowers

Up your fashion game with hair flowers!

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Summer Dance Party: Tips on Dressing Rockabilly Style

k150_27 Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDEddie Cochran once sang, “there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues,” but I think I found one. Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill in Burbank served up their summertime dance party with a full lineup of rockabilly music so I pulled out my rockabilly style dress and  joined a pack of gal pals to head down there for an afternoon of fun.

We got there in time for Lil’ Mo & the Dynaflos and both the summer weather and the dancefloor were heatin’ up. Then it was time for the Brian Hogan Band, some classic rockabilly sounds with Hogan’s big ol’ Johnny Cash meets Elvis presence up front.

Brian Hogan Band at Joe's Burbank
Brian Hogan Band

They were followed by the Crown City Bombers led by blond crooner Dave Bertiz. I really enjoyed watching singer Mandy McMillian tear it up with some dirty, bluesy backup vocals and great shimmying moves!

Crown City Bombers
Crown City Bombers
Crown City Bombers
Crown City Bombers


What I Wore

For my OOTD (Outfit of the Day) I wore a rockabilly style pinup look with a dress I scored on a recent trip to Nashville at the Tatyana Boutique, along with a handbag I picked up at a hot rod show a few years ago, some vintage shoes and earrings, and a hair flower by my pal Nicole of NicCoCo Creations. I have to say the custom cars out front sure made a pretty backdrop for my wardrobe!

Rockabilly Style Dress

OOTD Retro Rockabilly Look

OOTD Retro Rockabilly Look


How to Dress Rockabilly Style for a Show

For a night of rockabilly bands, get yourself a classic swing dress such as this little polka dot number that will have lots of movement when you twirl on the dance floor! You’ll be ready for some fancy footwork in a pair of great retro shoes like these in cherry red. Only the cutest cat purse like this one will be perfect for you, cool kitten. Plus, you can strap this one across your body so you don’t have to worry about while you dance the night away! (Click the links to shop* the look!)

rockabilly style outfit

Hope you hit the nightclubs in Los Angeles soon for some great rockabilly music!

Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill is located at 4311 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

Let’s dance!


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Pinup Hairstyles and Makeup Tutorial at Playclothes Vintage

k150_27 Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDI’ll never pass up a lesson in hairstyles and makeup. Us girly girls just can’t get enough of it, especially when it comes to creating retro pinup looks. One of my favorite vintage stores Playclothes Vintage hosted a cocktail party and brought in a couple of beauty pros to do pinup hairstyles and makeup tutorials for achieving that vintage era look.

First up was makeup artist Gloria Alex creating a 1940s pinup makeup look using mostly Besame products, a brand known for making spot-on vintage recreation makeup. She explained every step of the way how and why the ’40s look was the way it was – from patriotic red lips to keep-it-simple eye makeup. No winged liner yet ladies! That came in the ’50s!

Makeup Up Artist Gloria Alex at Playclothes Vintage

Next up was hairstylist Sandra Dee who showed how to do a dry set using a curling iron to roll the entire head of hair. Then she amazed us all with her speed teasing using a bore bristle brush to create a GIANT nest of hair. Then she magically smoothed it into a lovely ’40s pinup hairstyle complete with victory roll.

The two also walked us through a ’60s looked they completed earlier on one of the shop girls.

Pinup Hairstyles and Makeup Tutorial with Hairstylist Sandra Dee at Playclothes Vintage

Hair and Makeup demo at Playclothes Vintage

Then it was shopping time! Playclothes is a beautifully laid out store filled with vintage dresses, hats, shoes, handbags and housewares. Not only do they have great stuff at great prices but it’s lovingly art decorated in a gorgeous setting that makes shopping a joy. The staff is super helpful too if you are looking for a particular item or era.

playclothes vintage


What I Wore

For the evening, I wore a ’60s era dress that I had purchased there previously teamed with a vintage basket purse and earrings I picked up off eBay and shoes from Bait Footware.



If you’re in LA, be sure to pop into Playclothes Vintage for a great shopping experience. No fantastic vintage shops near you? You can always shop* eBay for some great finds!

Playclothes Vintage is located at 3100 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505 (818) 557-8447

Hairstylist Sandra Dee can be booked for appointments at The Local Salon 5229 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601 (818) 763-2977  

Makeup artist Gloria Alex can be reached via Playclothes Vintage or http://makeupbygloriaalex.com.

Stay stylish,


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Exploring Lakeside Cafe: How to Dress in Pinup Style

Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDThere are so many hidden gems around Los Angeles it’s almost impossible to know them all. That’s one of the many reasons I enjoy being part of the Art Deco Society and their monthly Cocktails in Historic Places. Not only is it a good excuse to dress up vintage and pinup style, but I get to discover some of the city’s best kept secrets.

The latest gathering took place at The Lakeside Cafe, a newly opened restaurant in Encino located adjacent to the charming grounds of Los Encinos State Historic Park. A little gateway leads you out to a path to explore one of Southern California’s most historic sites.


The exceptionally nice park ranger on duty took us on tour along the beautiful natural spring and duck pond and into the newly-refurbished De la Ossa Adobe, where displays showed how the families lived here in the late 1800s. We were able to get a peek at the decorative, French country-inspired, hand-painted finish on the walls, revealed through severe damage suffered in the Northridge earthquake. Learn more in this little film on the restorationDe la Ossa Adobe, Encino, CA

In the 1920s, the bunkhouse became a restaurant where locals were able to sip wine with their meals away from the watchful eyes of prohibition agents, that is until they were caught!

The Rancho remained vacant until 1944, when it was saved from developers by the Encino community and turned into this lovely café and grounds.

Lakeside Cafe, Encino, CA


What I Wore

For the evening I wore my Tatyana Megan dress. I waited FOREVER for this dress to come back in stock and it was so worth it. This slim-fitting retro shift dress comes with to-die-for details of a little keyhole in front and surprise of flaps revealing a low cut back. I paired the monochrome look with black and white heels from Pinup Girl Clothing and a Tiki-print, bamboo handled bag from Viva Dulce Marina.

Pinup Style Tatyana Megan Dress, Los Encinos State Historic Park

Tatyana Megan Dress, Los Encinos State Historic Park

What To Wear for Pinup Style

If you happen to make it out to Lakeside Cafe or any other romantically set restaurant in Los Angeles, here’s an idea of what to wear* with a little pinup style. You’ll turn heads in this emerald green retro dress with gorgeous details. Some cherry earrings are classic 1950s style. A pair of nude retro shoes with a high heel will put some elegance in your step, as will a cream-colored, vintage-style purse. (Click the links to shop* the look!)

Pinup Style July 2015 Stiletto City

Make history,


Photos edited with PicMonkey*: fearless photo embetterment. Get it!

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Dressing Vintage Style at the HMS Bounty

k150_27Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDTGIF! There’s nothing like going out with friends after a long week at work, getting dressed up in a great vintage style dress and wearing it out on the town. On a recent weekend I gathered my pals to meet at the HMS Bounty in Koreatown.

The Bounty is an old-school, barfly bar. With its red circular booths and classic nautical décor, it feels like the kind of place Charles Bukowski would have hung out in coming up with his next great novel.

HMS Bounty

The bar is adjacent to the Gaylord Apartments, a beautiful, Italian Renaissance-style building from 1924. To use the ladies room you have to pass through the lobby of the Gaylord, which is a treat in itself and great for photos ops! The area was once the hub of the famous and powerful with the Ambassador Hotel across the street and the Brown Derby restaurant around the corner. Later, The Bounty became the off-the-beaten path place to be for Hollywood rock ‘n’ roll scenesters. Now it’s in the middle of the bustling nightlife of Koreatown nightlife as the sidewalks fill with bar hopping 20-somethings. But inside The Bounty, things are mellow with local hipsters just there for a drink and conversation and maybe some of the classic meals such as a Monte Cristo sandwich or fish ‘n’ chips.

HMS Bounty


What I Wore

It was the perfect setting for some vintage looks and classic drinks. I wore my vintage style Bettie Page by Tatyana Sierra dress that I was lucky enough to score on eBay since they don’t make it anymore.

Kastle Waserman


How to Put Together a Vintage Style Look 

Round up your friends and head out in a vintage style wiggle dress like this plaid number with flirty little keyhole cutout. Add a pop of bright color to stand out in the dark bar with yellow retro style shoes and some girly fun with this purse shaped like a pretty perfume bottle. (Click the links to shop* the look!)

Vintage Style Outfit

Hope you add some vintage style to next night out for a drink! Looking for some bars in Los Angeles? Be sure to check out the Where to Go section in Stiletto City!


The HMS Bounty is located at 3357 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Make mine strong and on the rocks,


Photos edited with PicMonkey*: fearless photo embetterment. Get it!

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Cocktails in the Historic Tap Room

k150_27heel iconI always love a chance to dress up and head out to an elegant setting. Recently the Art Deco Society had a gathering at the Tap Room, located inside the historic Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena. A rare, surprise cold snap in LA had me ditching what I was going to wear and reaching for my velvet dresses. I opted for this slinky, black Film Noir Dress from Pinup Girl Clothing, black fishnets, stilettos and a vintage orange hat with pearl and rhinestone details.

Pinup Girl Clothing Film Noir Dress

I met my friends inside the lovely lounge setting designed after the hotel’s original bar, which opened in the 1930s, shortly after the end of Prohibition. The Tap Room features innovative cocktails and upscale bar food. The room opens up onto a terrace deck area that overlooks the sprawling hotel garden framed by palm trees and hilltop view of LA.

The Tap Room

The Tap Room

The Tap Room

The Tap Room

If you are interested in having a sit-down dinner before or after Tap cocktails, be sure to check out the hotel’s award-winning steakhouse, The Royce.

The Langham Hotel just celebrated its 100th anniversary last year and thankfully has not gone the path of so many modern-obsessed renovators. It’s maintained its style and preserved its history. There is a choice of classic rooms, historic suites, and cottages. I can tell you first-hand, it’s fabulous place to kick up your feet. I had a staycation there a couple of years ago and it really feels like you are away from the bustle of Los Angeles and in the heart of luxury.

The Langham Huntington Hotel is located at 1401 South Oak Knoll Ave in South Pasadena.



Bar photos courtesy of The Langham Huntington, Pasadena

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BlueBelle Vintage’s Colorful Lucite Earrings

k150_24heel iconA few months ago, I stumbled across a photo on Instagram of ‘60s Lucite earrings with interchangeable clasps. I loved the idea of being able to buy silver and gold clasps and just swapping out the earring part.

I tracked down the designer, Loretta Maurencig of Blue Belle Vintage Clothing out of Australia, and discovered the variety of styles and colors she makes – many with glitter, confetti or candy-like details mixed into the Lucite making playful and unique pieces, perfect for retro fashion lovers. I had such a hard time deciding which ones to order from her Etsy shop and she also emailed me more colors and styles to choose from. I was in heaven!

Here are the ones I chose, along with a few Loretta was kind enough to throw in* for this blog:

BlueBelle Vintage Lucite Earrings - StilettoCity.com BlueBelle Vintage Lucite Earrings - StilettoCity.com





I also learned a bit more about BlueBelle Vintage reproduction designs, which includes hair clips, shoes clips and clothing, and asked Loretta a few questions about her business and how she started:

“I love vintage fashion — the prints, colors, the eras — it tells a story.  Unfortunately a lot of real vintage doesn’t fit most women today so that is why I do reproduction pieces after I do a lot of research.”

“I am a Designer/Patternmaker. The Australian market is quite small and with China invading our shores with cheap products, it has been hard to find a full-time position. I am lucky that I am a good crafter and love vintage. I source dead stock and vintage pieces that I can reproduce into unique items that have a modern feel. I may find a pair of old Lucite clip earrings in an unusual shape, make the mold, then add a mix of hand-blended glitter or other bits and bobs to the resin. I’m trying to create a niche market and employment for myself.”

Be sure to check out her designs on Etsy and don’t be afraid to ask if she has more styles than the photos posted. She provides great customer service and loves to make her customers happy.

Here’s to creative entrepreneurs,

*Some styles featured here were compliments of BlueBelle Vintage Clothing

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