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Horton’s Hayride: How to Dress Rockabilly Style

k150_27Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDHorton’s Hayride came to town y’all and the Reverend Horton Heat didn’t disappoint with a day full of rockabilly music festivities for the SoCal scene.

I interviewed the Reverend years ago when I was working as a music journalist and he is as rowdy as a shot of whiskey in person as on stage but with a good dose of elegant Southern charm thrown in, so I was excited to put on some of my best rockabilly style and go see him again!

The Reverend Horton Heat at Horton's Hayride 2015

It was a perfect 78 degree day out on the San Pedro coastline. The wind was whipping up the girls’ circle skirts and retro-styled hairdos. The lines for drinks were long, the food trucks were a plenty and the vendors made for some good shopping – I’ll be showing my scores in future blog posts!

What I Wore

For the day I decided to go bad-girl-billie in all black with capri pants, a cool cotton t-shirt top with swallow tattoos on the shoulders, flaming head scarf, a nice big bag for all my goodies, some spiky punk jewelry, cat-eye sunglasses, and comfy black flats.Bad girl rockabilly outfit

But the main attractions were the many customized classic cars on display and of course, the bands. While I only caught a few songs here and there of most of the acts, which included The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Nekromantics, Cadillac Tramps, The Henchmen, The Hurricanes as we mingled ate, shopped and drank throughout the day, when the Reverend took the stage, we were front and center.

Kustom Kulture Rockabilly Fashion

He’s the baddest of the bad that Reverend, and he brought up some special guests to help him with his “Pyschobilly Freakout” including comic country crooner the Unknown Hinson (who has the most bizarre eyebrows I’ve ever seen!), Big Sandy and Deke Dickerson.

Reverend Horton Heat and Deke Dickerson at Horton's Hayride 2015

We had a great time rockin’ along and though we were there all day and didn’t sit down ONE time, the time flew by cause we were having fun!

How to Dress Rockabilly Style for a Music Festival

Here’s how to dress rockabilly style to bring out your inner bad girl. Remember, for day-long music festivals, comfort is key, especially your shoes! (Click the links to shop* the look!)

Wear a light top for keeping cool in the sun such as the Sparrow Tattoo Top that I wore or the classic Ooh La La Lady Black Top

how to dress rockabilly style - tops

I opted for pants instead of a skirt, which was a smart move with the wind blowing! Black capri pants are always comfortable and stay cool during the day and keep you warm after the sun goes down. Denium capris are just as cute and very rockabilly!

how to dress rockabilly style - capri pants

A patterned headscarf is alway cute and will keep your hair in check for a long day such as these darling scarves in red polka dots or black gingham.

how to dress rockabilly style - headbands

The shoes you wear will make a difference between a good day or a bad day. While I love to put on the heels, especially for a retro look, I opted for simple black flats or you can make a statement with these tattoo-style bird sandals.

flats and sandals

Baby, it’s bright out during the day so don’t forget your sunglasses like these cool cateye shades. Also, be sure to bring a purse that will hold all your needs for the day such as touch-up makeup, your phone, some shopping and snacks. Lux Deville bags always come in big sizes and look great!

how to dress rockabilly style - accessories

Hope you get a chance to catch the Reverend in you hometown or any other cool rockabilly show!

Dress to impress!

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Summer Dance Party: Tips on Dressing Rockabilly Style

k150_27 Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDEddie Cochran once sang, “there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues,” but I think I found one. Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill in Burbank served up their summertime dance party with a full lineup of rockabilly music so I pulled out my rockabilly style dress and  joined a pack of gal pals to head down there for an afternoon of fun.

We got there in time for Lil’ Mo & the Dynaflos and both the summer weather and the dancefloor were heatin’ up. Then it was time for the Brian Hogan Band, some classic rockabilly sounds with Hogan’s big ol’ Johnny Cash meets Elvis presence up front.

Brian Hogan Band at Joe's Burbank
Brian Hogan Band

They were followed by the Crown City Bombers led by blond crooner Dave Bertiz. I really enjoyed watching singer Mandy McMillian tear it up with some dirty, bluesy backup vocals and great shimmying moves!

Crown City Bombers
Crown City Bombers
Crown City Bombers
Crown City Bombers


What I Wore

For my OOTD (Outfit of the Day) I wore a rockabilly style pinup look with a dress I scored on a recent trip to Nashville at the Tatyana Boutique, along with a handbag I picked up at a hot rod show a few years ago, some vintage shoes and earrings, and a hair flower by my pal Nicole of NicCoCo Creations. I have to say the custom cars out front sure made a pretty backdrop for my wardrobe!

Rockabilly Style Dress

OOTD Retro Rockabilly Look

OOTD Retro Rockabilly Look


How to Dress Rockabilly Style for a Show

For a night of rockabilly bands, get yourself a classic swing dress such as this little polka dot number that will have lots of movement when you twirl on the dance floor! You’ll be ready for some fancy footwork in a pair of great retro shoes like these in cherry red. Only the cutest cat purse like this one will be perfect for you, cool kitten. Plus, you can strap this one across your body so you don’t have to worry about while you dance the night away! (Click the links to shop* the look!)

rockabilly style outfit

Hope you hit the nightclubs in Los Angeles soon for some great rockabilly music!

Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill is located at 4311 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

Let’s dance!


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