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Getting Nutty at the Edison in Punk Pinup Fashion

k150_27 Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDIt’s not often I venture out clubbing on a weeknight but every once in a while the stars align for a cool event at an early enough time that I can still get my beauty sleep.

The Edison is one of my favorite bars in Downtown LA for the visual pleasure alone. Featuring award winning interior design by Andrew Meieran, the nightspot is located in the subbasement of the historic Higgins Building and retains the architectural and mechanical artifacts of the original space that served as Downtown LA’s first private power plant. The design works around industrial generators and furnaces lavishly layered with a combination of art nouveau touches and gothic textures and lit in deep shades of gold and red. It just feels decadent and elegant at the same time. Check out the scene:

The Edison, Downtown Los Angeles


The bar often features live music and performances that fit the atmosphere in the form of cabaret, burlesque and jazz acts. On this particular night I went down to see the band Nutty, who call themselves a “hard-swingin’ octet” who create jazz arrangements around classic pop and rock song performed with the swagger and style reminiscent of the Rat Pack. I especially liked their versions of “Ballroom Blitz”, “Detroit Rock City” and “Pleasant Valley Sunday.”

Nutty at The Edison, Downtown Los Angeles

Singer Sonny Moon definitely got looser as the night went on the and the drinks went down, dancing with the girls on the dancefloor and struttin’ his stuff on stage. His cocky character fit the bill perfectly and got a few laughs when he stopped in the middle of their version of “Knights In White Satin” to do a little spoken word read from “The One Hour Orgasm.”

What I Wore

For the night I decided to do my own outfit mashup of punk pinup fashion, combining a vintage dress, retro hair, studded belt and spike earrings. My gal pal Eva went for a vintage Polynesian look and sampled the bar’s fantastic cucumber cocktail.

Vintage Punk Pinup

spike earrings

vintage tiki look


How to Dress in Punk Pinup Fashion

Punk and Pinup style seem to be go well together. I know lots of pinup girls who love punk rock as well as rockabilly and both looks go to the extreme in their subculture aesthetics. For a look of punk pinup fashion, try pairing a sweet, retro dress like this floral one or search for a vintage dress on Ebay. Juxtapose punk accessories with it to toughen it up. Here, a studded black belt plays off the grey tones in the floral print for an edgy fashion statement. A leather barbed wire accented bracelet cuff toughens the look further. For shoes, slip on some classic black pumps with studs to continue the punk theme that says you’re a rocker chick with an elegant touch. Then carry all your necessities for the night in a black, leather-style purse with silver chair detail. (Click the links to shop* the look!)

Punk Pinup Fashion


Try out this fun fashion statement next time you head to the bars in downtown LA or wherever you are!

The Edison is located at 108 W 2nd St #101, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Check the website for upcoming events.

Go get nutty,


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Dressing Vintage Style at the HMS Bounty

k150_27Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDTGIF! There’s nothing like going out with friends after a long week at work, getting dressed up in a great vintage style dress and wearing it out on the town. On a recent weekend I gathered my pals to meet at the HMS Bounty in Koreatown.

The Bounty is an old-school, barfly bar. With its red circular booths and classic nautical décor, it feels like the kind of place Charles Bukowski would have hung out in coming up with his next great novel.

HMS Bounty

The bar is adjacent to the Gaylord Apartments, a beautiful, Italian Renaissance-style building from 1924. To use the ladies room you have to pass through the lobby of the Gaylord, which is a treat in itself and great for photos ops! The area was once the hub of the famous and powerful with the Ambassador Hotel across the street and the Brown Derby restaurant around the corner. Later, The Bounty became the off-the-beaten path place to be for Hollywood rock ‘n’ roll scenesters. Now it’s in the middle of the bustling nightlife of Koreatown nightlife as the sidewalks fill with bar hopping 20-somethings. But inside The Bounty, things are mellow with local hipsters just there for a drink and conversation and maybe some of the classic meals such as a Monte Cristo sandwich or fish ‘n’ chips.

HMS Bounty


What I Wore

It was the perfect setting for some vintage looks and classic drinks. I wore my vintage style Bettie Page by Tatyana Sierra dress that I was lucky enough to score on eBay since they don’t make it anymore.

Kastle Waserman


How to Put Together a Vintage Style Look 

Round up your friends and head out in a vintage style wiggle dress like this plaid number with flirty little keyhole cutout. Add a pop of bright color to stand out in the dark bar with yellow retro style shoes and some girly fun with this purse shaped like a pretty perfume bottle. (Click the links to shop* the look!)

Vintage Style Outfit

Hope you add some vintage style to next night out for a drink! Looking for some bars in Los Angeles? Be sure to check out the Where to Go section in Stiletto City!


The HMS Bounty is located at 3357 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Make mine strong and on the rocks,


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Vintage Hair Accessories from Chatter Blossom

k150_24heel iconA few weeks ago I was scrolling through Facebook when I noticed a post of some beautiful hair pieces. I saw the word “vintage” and I had to click through. It led me to the Etsy shop of Chatter Blossom and a whole collection of gorgeous floral headbands, fascinators, crowns and clips.

Soon, I was in possession of the “Spiced Cider” gold and brown leaf headband to celebrate my love of the fall season.

Vintage Floral Headband from Chatter Blossom

I contacted shop owner Jamie Lee to find out more about her collection. Turns out she makes all of the pieces out of vintage materials and started her Etsy shop 2 ½ years ago, as well as vending them at swing dance events in the North Carolina area where she is based. I asked her about what inspired the pieces and her background in millinery.

Vintage Floral Hair Clip from Chatter Blossom Vintage Floral Headband from Chatter Blossom

What inspired you to start creating these vintage hair pieces?

I was inspired by my grandmother in the beginning. She rooted a deep love of antiques in me and taught me to treasure their craftsmanship. As I continue, I find inspiration in old photographs and in the flowers themselves. The silks, rayons, and velvets used were gorgeous and they would make nearly everything by hand, right down to the tiny plaster dipped and painted stamens of the flowers.

The materials are vintage – do you collect them? How old are they? Where do you find them?

All of my pieces have a vintage or antique component. Most of my headpieces are made with vintage millinery flowers. Some are made with modern flowers but with vintage and antique button centers. There is a wide mix, which makes it interesting and varied for me personally. Most of my buttons are 100 years old! I have thousands in my collection and love all the details and stories they depict. My vintage millinery flowers are mostly from the 1950s with a few from as far back as the 1920s. I found the largest portion of my collection in a single warehouse, all in their original boxes with tags. It was incredible!

Vintage Floral Facinator from Chatter Blossom Vintage Floral Crown from Chatter Blossom

Do you have training in design or millinery?

I am definitely a self-taught artist. I’ve always been resourceful and creative. Luckily, the very talented people making the millinery flowers decades ago have given me great bones to work with, so I just have to figure out a way to make them wearable now.

Be sure to check out her shop. They make great holiday gifts, I know I have a few on my wish list!

Chatter Blossom Shop
Chatter Blossom Blog

Live pretty,

Photos compliments of Chatter Blossom. Headband featured in this blog was purchased by the author.

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