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November Favorites!

k150_23SZDheel iconIt’s the end of November, time for me to think about and share with you some of the things I’ve been loving this month. Check out what’s on my favorites list from fashion to beauty to food as we head into the holidays and take a moment to give thanks. Watch the video below and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos.

Where to check out and purchase* the items mentioned in this video:

Victoria’s Secret Pajamas

Comic Print Leggings

Bandage skirt to wear over leggings


Punk Fashion Legging by Argentina designer Ona Saez

Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Eylure 65 Years Celebration Lashes

Sahale Glazed Nuts Snacks

Trader Joe’s Vanilla and Cinnamon Black Tea

Queenie the Cat is a cancer survivor. Two years in remission – yay!
Help curb animal cancers by donating to the Animal Cancer Foundation

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Be grateful,

This video is not sponsored. All items were purchased by me.
See *disclosure

Queenie was adopted from a local animal shelter when she was 5 months old.

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How To Cover Your Roots

k150_23SZDIf you dye your hair, you know the constant race to keep up with your roots coming in. With our busy lives, sometimes we just don’t have time to hit the salon or do an at-home dye job every six weeks, which is usually when your roots start to make themselves obvious.

So here are some quick and easy ways to cover them up!

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

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My Favorite Makeup Foundations

k150_23SZDheel iconFinding the perfect makeup foundation is always a challenge. It has to be right for your skin tone, your skin type and perform in the way you want – giving you the desired amount of coverage and lasting through a long work day or dancing the night away.

And now, with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, we all have cameras pointed at us all the time, so we need to be camera-ready just like a model or actress. The current focus is on HD Makeup – high definition beauty products, so the camera doesn’t pick up that you’re wearing makeup.

With so many expectations in one little bottle, how to do you know which ones work? I’m here to share the ones that work for me. Check out my video review of the best makeup foundations:

Products mentioned and where to buy them:

Stila Stay All Day® Foundation & Concealer* 

Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm (w/o SPF)* 

Clinique SuperBalanced Makeup* 

Make Up Forever Mat Velvet* 

Lancôme RÉnergie Lift Makeup SPF 20* 

CoverGirl AquaSmooth Compact* 

Let me know what foundations work for you in the comments below!

Picture perfect,

This video is not sponsored. Products were purchased by me. Links above are affiliate links.*
* Disclosure

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How to Apply and Remove Press-on Nails

k150_23SZDheel iconHave you been loving the nail art trend but just don’t have the time (or like me, the skill!) to do it yourself? Then press-on nails are for you! Find out how to apply press-on nails for a flawless manicure or easy nail art in this quick tutorial video.  You’ll also learn how to remove them properly – hint, you don’t just rip them off your fingers!

How to Apply and Remove Press-On Nails


4191_ORI_ET_HOH_Classy Nude_AW_Stg5 ElegantTouchGarnet

Nails featured in the video, Heartbreaker from the House of Holland Collection

4191_ORI_ET_HOH_Classy Nude_AW_Stg5

Here’s to great nails!

Nails provided by Elegant Touch Public Relations

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Stiletto City 2.0: It’s Coming!

k150_23SZDheel iconLights, camera, action! Stiletto City is getting an upgrade! It’s a very exciting time as I gear up to launch this blog 2.0 with more content on women’s fashion, vintage fashion, beauty product reviews, fashion trends, updating your look, hair how-to’s and makeup how-to’s.



Be sure to follow Stiletto City on social media to be the first to know when new posts are up and the opportunity to get in on some fabulous contests and giveaways!


Thanks and I look forward to seeing you in the City!



I am not affiliated with or sponsored by any advertisements shown below. They are placed by WordPress.

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The Social Scene and Street Fashion of Social Media Week LA 2013

k150_23SZDheel iconIf you love social media like I do, a whole week of discussions, Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagraming with like-minds is like being dropped in a little connected oasis. And that’s just what happened when a major digital marketing conference descended on the westside of Los Angeles. See what happened when I checked out the social scene and street fashion of Social Media Week LA 2013


The Social Scene of Social Media Week

Most of the events took place at ROC’s collaborative workspace headquarters in Santa Monica as hundreds of mobile-device-carrying social enthusiasts went from panel discussions to masterclasses to parties. I attended every day and got a headful of ideas to take back to my social media efforts for world domination!



Celebrity Faces of Social Media Week

Of course, some of my favorite events included those focused on the ever-exploding online opportunities in fashion and beauty online including:

  • Rodger Berman CEO (and husband) of Rachel Zoe on the transformation and disruption of the fashion biz with the mega success of Rachel Zoe, Inc.
  • A panel featuring blogger Aimee Song, websites WhoWhatWear, StyleHaul and brands BeachMint, ShoeDazzle  and Junk Food Clothing on who’s winning when it comes to brand marketing promotion – celebrities or bloggers. Answer: the bloggers!
  • A chat with Michelle Phan, one of the best known beauty bloggers out there, discussing her career and the launch of her new cosmetics line “Em.” Plus, even more projects she has in the works!



As a journalist turned blogger, I was also excited to see one of my favorite interviewers, Larry King, interviewing Star Trek star turned social media icon George Takei.


The Street Fashion of Social Media Week

I also hit a fashion and beauty soiree where a roomful of fashionistas flaunted their best outfits and learned how to grow their presence online. See my previous blog post. I had good time style spotting all week. Here are some of the fashionable folks caught on the Stiletto-cam!



I loved having the opportunity to meet all the people at all the parties. And of course, I had lots of fun planning my daily outfits!


1. Dress by Clever Vintage, 2. Pants by PinupGirlClothing 3. Dress by Forever 21All clothing purchased by the author.

Plus, I was excited to discover so many amazing companies who are doing so much with content creation on the web. You were nothing short of inspiring – and I’ll be contacting you! I see some partnerships in my future!

As I gear up to build up this blog and relaunch my YouTube channel (stay tuned for details!) I’m thrilled at the possibilities that await. Stay tuned. I have lots in store for you.

Thanks Social Media Week for the fun and inspiration!

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SMWLA The Style of Social Media: Fashion & Beauty Soiree

k150_23SZDheel iconSocial Media Week LA pulled in the city’s top talent in tech, social, entertainment, fashion and beauty to share, learn, snap photos and party for a week straight. My head has been spinning learning about all the amazing companies out there and exploring the potential of what can be done online. The sky seems the limit – especially when it comes to the fashion and beauty space.

I attended a very special panel discussion and evening soiree focused on just that at the Project Gallery in Hollywood. There I learned about best social platforms to be on, best times to post, and best practices for a successful presence online. Special thanks to the hosts Jackie Chambers, TGIF Guide and Bella Graham, Lipstick, Lace & Lattes and the panelists Style Fashion Week, Entertainment Reporter Nina Parker, Hello Society, 365 Hangers and Mark Quest of Forte-The Collective and of course, all the fashionable folks who attended who made for great style-spotting!

Check out the party pix!







Click here for more party photos!>>>

Always dress to impress,


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Take Your False Eyelashes On-the-Go

k150_23SZDheel iconPacking up your beauty products to get ready for an event on-the-go or for a trip can be stressful. Some products are bulky or fragile and just plain require putting them into a different container to take with. One of those products is false eyelashes.

I love wearing false eyelashes for evening events but I find when I have to get ready somewhere other than at home, I leave them behind because I struggle with how to pack them. But I recently found this super cute container from Lady Moss. It’s a gorgeous girly pink and holds three sets of eyelashes and a small tube of glue. It’s great for loading up with your favorite lashes and dropping into your to-go kit. Then you have a choice of what lashes to wear for the night. And it protects them from getting smashed.




TIP: I found it helps to put a small dot of lash glue in the center of each lash to stick into the container so the lashes don’t slide around or get stuck to each other. When your night is over, just stick them back in place and put them to bed in this cute-as-a-cupcake storage compact!

I could also see this being great for makeup artists to take a variety of lashes for their clients.

Here’s lookin’ at you,

Product purchased by the author.


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bareMinerals: BeautyCon Look

k150_21heel iconAt BeautyCon last weekend I was excited to see Leslie Blodgett, creator of bareMinerals, a unique makeup line I’ve tried off and on, and recently began re-incorporating into my beauty routine as I’m trying alternatives to talc-based products. She offered her words of wisdom, admitting that at age 50, she was older than the other YouTube Gurus she shared a panel with and had plenty of advice from her years in the beauty biz. She and the other panelists discussed taking your day dream to a dream job and encouraged beauty entrepreneurs of all ages to stay true and work hard and be grateful for every opportunity to work your passion. The one thing she said was that she’s always loved communicating with her customers, which she has done since the chat rooms of the ‘90s and now with social media.

It’s clear, because bareMinerals offers some beloved products and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take home a BeautyCon goodie bag of bareMinerals products*. I had been wanting to try their eyeshadow compacts since I’ve been loving their face products (particularly the “Warmth” powder and “Mineral Veil” finishing powder.)

Here’s a look I created from my goodie bag gifts:



Products include:


Stay tuned for a full report of BeautyCon’s Industry Night!


*Makeup samples provided by bareMinerals. See disclosure


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Make Me Over: Micheline Pitt Modern Pinup Makeup & Hair DVD

k150_20heel icon

The retro pinup look is such a classic, beautiful style. Those who love vintage know that nothing beats having fantastic hair and makeup reminiscent of the era to go with a killer dress you just scored. It always looks pretty, it always turns heads, but by golly, doing it right is not something that comes naturally. It takes a little know-how and a bit of practice. Thank goodness one of LA’s most stunning pinup gals, Micheline Pitt, is also a gifted hair and makeup artist and decided to share her tips of the trade in a DVD that both beauty professionals, and those of us who just love the scene, can take home, play over and over, and learn how to get our retro looks just right.

michelinePMicheline may best be known as a project manager at Pinup Girl Clothing where her work can be seen in photo shoots for the online catalog of their gorgeous couture line of vintage-inspired attire. For the DVD, she filmed hours of footage, some with the popular PUG models. For a mere $30 you get not one, but THREE DVDs of hair and makeup styles in eras from the 1930s to the 1960s, all done with a little bit of a modern spin on the pinup so it’s wearable for today without looking like you’re an extra on a movie set.

Originally planned to be just a makeup how-to, Micheline realized, you can’t have the look with just makeup alone. The right hair makes the image complete and who knew she was just as talented with hair styling as she is as a makeup artist. She does everything from glamour waves to a beehive.

There are also segments focusing specifically on eyebrows. Micheline is a self-proclaimed “brow snob” and rightfully so. Brows are one of the most important things to get right in your look and one of the hardest features to learn how to do.  I’ll admit I get brow envy every time I look at Micheline, so thank goodness she shared some of her expertise. Other segments include highlighting and contouring and Micheline’s own makeup routine where we get to see her as real as it gets, green sulfur facial mask on, hair natural and wavy. I also like the moments in the video where she shares a bit of her girl chattiness and we get a hint at her mischievous personality and some slips of raunchy humor.

While Micheline’s target audience for the DVD may be makeup artists, I think most aspiring retro pinups are going to get more out of this in doing their fun going-out looks. I know I personally have been trying out new looks from the tips I’ve learned. She is clearly ultra-talented and offers so much information here, it takes a while to get through all of the DVDs. I only wish some of the film production had been a little better to do her justice – for example, it would have been better if they used a hand-held camera instead of a camera planted on a tripod. There are times we can only see the back of Micheline’s hand or her head instead of the makeup she is doing.


Here are some of the best tips I learned:

  • Buying three shades of foundation – one slightly lighter and one slightly darker than the shade that matches your skin. Use the lighter shade for contouring around the tops of checks and nose, forehead and chin, the darker shade for contour under cheekbones, jaw and sides of the temples. This give the face dimension rather than flattening it out with one shade. Works best for darker complexions but I tried it and love the subtle effect.
  • Lips contouring – for the perfect pout. A bit of bronzer under lower lip, a bit of highlight on the upper and a darker lip liner on the “bow.” Magic!
  • Brushes – she demonstrates when to use natural and synthetic. Go for select goat hair  and look for them in art supply stores to save a load of cash!
  • Setting waves – curl hair (she shows how-to with hot-sticks, hot rollers and a curling iron.) and use fingers to adjust waves around the face to “mold” into place and pin. I finally learned to let go and use my instincts on this and started creating some great new looks! Next, I might have to try a clip-in weave as she does for even more oomph!

To officially launch the DVD, the Pinup Girl Boutique threw a release party. There were cocktails and sweets, the Rhythm Shakers performed and Micheline did a live makeup demo. Of course the PUG models were there in full effect as well as lots of shoppers eager to get that pinup look. Check out the PARTY PIX:







CLICK HERE for MORE party photos! >>

So a big thanks to Micheline for creating this DVD set and sharing her know-how. I’ve long been a big watcher of YouTube videos to learn new tricks but these are the most detailed videos you can get to completely transform yourself into a pinup babe! If you love vintage looks, you need this! Buy at the Pinup Girl Clothing Boutique in Burbank or online HERE.

Here’s to fun new looks!

The DVD reviewed in this blog was purchased by the author


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