Take Your False Eyelashes On-the-Go

September 25, 2013

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k150_23SZDheel iconPacking up your beauty products to get ready for an event on-the-go or for a trip can be stressful. Some products are bulky or fragile and just plain require putting them into a different container to take with. One of those products is false eyelashes.

I love wearing false eyelashes for evening events but I find when I have to get ready somewhere other than at home, I leave them behind because I struggle with how to pack them. But I recently found this super cute container from Lady Moss. It’s a gorgeous girly pink and holds three sets of eyelashes and a small tube of glue. It’s great for loading up with your favorite lashes and dropping into your to-go kit. Then you have a choice of what lashes to wear for the night. And it protects them from getting smashed.




TIP: I found it helps to put a small dot of lash glue in the center of each lash to stick into the container so the lashes don’t slide around or get stuck to each other. When your night is over, just stick them back in place and put them to bed in this cute-as-a-cupcake storage compact!

I could also see this being great for makeup artists to take a variety of lashes for their clients.

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