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Take Your False Eyelashes On-the-Go

k150_23SZDheel iconPacking up your beauty products to get ready for an event on-the-go or for a trip can be stressful. Some products are bulky or fragile and just plain require putting them into a different container to take with. One of those products is false eyelashes.

I love wearing false eyelashes for evening events but I find when I have to get ready somewhere other than at home, I leave them behind because I struggle with how to pack them. But I recently found this super cute container from Lady Moss. It’s a gorgeous girly pink and holds three sets of eyelashes and a small tube of glue. It’s great for loading up with your favorite lashes and dropping into your to-go kit. Then you have a choice of what lashes to wear for the night. And it protects them from getting smashed.




TIP: I found it helps to put a small dot of lash glue in the center of each lash to stick into the container so the lashes don’t slide around or get stuck to each other. When your night is over, just stick them back in place and put them to bed in this cute-as-a-cupcake storage compact!

I could also see this being great for makeup artists to take a variety of lashes for their clients.

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Tag: False Eyelashes

Pro Beauty Tips: False Eyelashes

k150_16heel iconNeed a beauty boost? Why not start the New Year wearing glamorous, flirty lashes? Whether you’re a regular false eyelash wearer or someone who’s been wanting to try them but doesn’t know where to start, I have some tips for you!

I met celebrity makeup artist Elle Leary at an Ulta Beauty demonstration for Eylure Lashes and not only did she make me up with fun Katy Perry lashes, she had some awesome tips for applying lashes (and was a super nice person to boot!) So I just had to interview her to find out all of her pro tips and we dished on an exciting new lash line Katy Perry has in store for you in January!

Read my article on Lashes 101 in my report for Yahoo! HERE


Lash out in 2013!


Katy Perry Lashes and Stiletto City Lash Tutorial Video

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Tag: False Eyelashes

Katy Perry Lashes: You Too Can Be a “Cool Kitty”!

Whether she’s rockin’ some blue hair or using her assets for her own version of cutesy sensuality, Katy Perry has a unique sense of style that seems to come with a little nod to retro pinup glamour and tongue ‘n’ cheek humor.

She’s been building a beauty empire with nail polish, perfumes, and she recently launched a new line of Katy Perry signature eyelashes that are perfect for a boosted sweet ‘n’ wholesome look or a dramatic night out.

Click here to read more about them in my report for Yahoo!

Learn some false eyelash application tips and see me wearing Katy Perry’s “Cool Kitty” lashes in the video below:

[youtube http://youtu.be/aNs-Dt4bEP0]

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Photos courtesy of Eylure

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