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Tonga Hut’s 10-Year Reawakening Party

k150_26heel iconWhen Jeremy Fleener purchased the Tonga Hut in 2005, he also bought a lot of history. The bar, with it’s Polynesian décor that was the trend in 1958 when the place first opened its doors, has endured a few rounds of generations rediscovering Tiki culture and coming to the otherwise sleepy strip mall in North Hollywood for fruity libations and a good dose of relaxed escapism. In the 10 years that Fleener has been in charge, the bar has grown in popularity, boosted by theme parties that include vendors and cookouots in the back parking lot, bands playing, a killer jukebox, great bartenders, and adding names to its Royal Order of the Drooling Bastard club who drink from the legendary “Grog Log.” They’ve even expanded to a Palm Springs location.

To celebrate the 10th year of its “reawakening,” Tonga had, what else, a big ol’ party with a parking lot vendor sale, coconut-themed art show, Durangos Tacos and DJ Tonga Tom spinning outside while DJ Dan Moses kicked off an evening 60s dance party inside. I went to check it out and came across some great Tiki fashion while hanging with pal and fellow writer Lina Lecaro. Check out the scene:Kastle Waserman, Lina Lecaro and Friends at the Tonga Hut, North Hollywood

at Tonga Hut North Hollywood

at Tonga Hut North Hollywood

Tonga Hut is located 12808 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606

Tiki on!


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It’s Wedding Season: Dress Ideas for Brides and Guests

k150_26heel icon**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. 

Attention, wedding belles and gorgeous guests – spring is at our feet and that means wedding season is right around the corner. Whether you are a bride to be or wedding guest, Modcloth’s Wedding Styles Collection has what you need to make the day as stylish as it is lovely.

Explore Modlcloth for beautiful dresses such as these to wear as a guest, which also work for great bridesmaid dresses that can be worn again long after the big day. Click the images and links below to shop:

Wedding Guest Bridesmaid Dresses

Time and Grace Dress
Geode Fleur the Dramatic Dress
Watercolors of the Wind Dress

For the bride herself, I love unconventional wedding dresses, especially when they are far more affordable than extravagant wedding gowns that will just sit in the closet after the event because they’re just not wearable in real life. Why not invest in a dress you can wear again and again, especially on special occasions such as your anniversary? Here are some styles I adore:

Short Wedding Dresses

Blissful Moment Dress
Fun One Like You Dress
Breathtaking Bride Dress

Don’t forget to share your Modcloth wedding look by using the hashtag #marriedinmodcloth!

Say “I do” to Modcloth for your wedding plans

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Oscar Night: The Winners and Fashions

k150_25heel iconThe Oscars are always a big night, especially in LA. So I couldn’t turn down a chance to watch all the fashions on the big screen when I was invited to a private viewing party at the Egyptian Theatre.

LA has barely had any rain this year, but it decided to start literally the same time as the arrivals. That didn’t dampen my spirits as I threw on a little vintage ‘60s leopard, number, a high ponytail, rhinestone hoop earrings, retro-style stacked pearl bracelet, and some rain booties.

1960s Vintage Look

I joined a few friends who turned the theater into a giant living room vibe, bringing their own picnics to munch on. Some dressed cozy in sweaters and others busted out the evening wear – it is the Oscars after all!


I watched the arrivals on the big screen then headed home to watch the full show at home where I could snuggle by the fire, tweet and holler for the winners, and check the fashions on multiple websites.

I’m a big movie watcher, which makes the awards shows fun because I’ve seen most of the nominees. My favorites this year were “The Imitation Game,” Theory of Everything,” “Selma” and “Finding Vivian Maier.” I was happy to see the song from “Selma” win, and Eddie Redmayne and Julianne Moore for best actor/actress. But I was not happy with seeing “Birdman” taking best picture. I really didn’t get that movie at all and didn’t enjoy it. Oh well.

Now for the fashions…I saw lots of nude hues and red dresses. I have to say, I’m over the trend of the super plunging neckline and side boob cleavage – I’m talking to you JLo! I don’t need to see that much of you! Here’s who I think won best dressed:

Oscars 2015 Best Dressed

And I really liked seeing the men show some style this year, working some colored tuxes.

Now, I’m on to movie watching for next year!

And that’s a wrap,

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Unique Vintage – “I Am Unique” Party

k150_25heel icont’s pretty clear that any girl who wears vintage-inspired fashion is usually a unique personality. For this reason, the store Unique Vintage, which a caters to retro fashion lovers, decided to showcase their customers and employees who live in looks from the 1920s-70s and also lead unique lives.

They kicked off their “I Am Unique” Campaign with a party in their Burbank store. Cocktails, photos ops and deep discounts does a party make! So I went to check out the scene and a say hello to my pal Nicolle of Niccoco Creations who had her own table selling her gorgeous flower hair clips.


Niccoco Creations

Also in attendance were many of the women featured in the Unique Vintage commercial and I have to say Queenie the pitbull stole the show in her pink tutu, pearls and sweet disposition. Queenie, and her owner Michelle Choi, represent Pinups for Pitbulls, an organization whose mission is to to educate people about the history, temperament, and plight of pitbulls, who often get a bad rap as being overly-aggressive animals.

I did some shopping from the sale rack (I love a good deal!) and scored a fabulous dress for a steal. Look for it featured in an upcoming blog post!

Unique Vintage Party Pinups for Pitbulls

Unique Vintage Party

Unique Vintage Party

Kastle Waserman

Great party all around. Look for Unique Vintage to build on the “IAmUnique” Campaign every month and if you have a photo you want to share with your “Unique” look, be sure to tag it #IAmUnique

Be you – nobody else can be!

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Discovering Little Osaka in DVF

k150_25heel iconI discovered yet another exciting area of Los Angeles this past weekend as I set out to support Small Business Saturday, or in this case “Caturday,” as Giant Robot and the gallery annex GR2 next door, featured a collection of writers and illustrators who prominently feature cats in their work.

Giant Robot has been a long-standing destination for Japanese toys, comics, books, art prints and novelties on the once desolate Sawtelle Boulevard in West LA. I was surprised to find the area has erupted in the past year as a street full of shops and restaurants. Known as Little Osaka, for catering to local Japanese-American residents and being to the west of (and rivaling) downtown’s Little Tokyo, it was quite the hot spot on this clear Saturday night with locals out in search of unique gifts, some karaoke or a taste for the boba tea, Korean tofu, traditional Japanese ramen or BBQ.

Diane Von Furstenberg Dress DVF n Little Osaka, Los Angeles

It was the perfect night to show off my first Diane von Furstenberg DVF dress. I finally scored one at a price I could afford on eBay and learned why everyone has talked about her silky jersey fabrics. It just fell so nicely around my body the minute I put it on and I just love the bold print. It made me realize why the brand claims to be for the girl who is “effortless, sexy and on the go.” I was so happy to finally be able to wear one of DVF’s designs after meeting her a couple of weeks ago. [See the report here.]

Inside GR2, authors Mari Naomi, Zoe Ruiz, Yumi Sakugawa and Jen Wang read from their books under a slideshow of some of their illustrations. I have the say Mari Naomi’s reading had me laughing the hardest with her witty writing and animated presence. I was also especially excited about the refreshments served – Hello Kitty Lotte Pies – meow!

Giant Robot Reading Los Angeles

After the reading, we strolled the bustling district in search of a good place for dinner and ended up at Hide Sushi for some super fresh and very affordable rolls. I highly recommend the yellowtail roll. Yum!

The best thing about this new lively area of Los Angeles is an opportunity to take a walk before and after dinner, and do some people watching, window shopping – and maybe show off a new DFV dress!

Little Osaka is located just north of the intersection of Sawtelle and Olympic in West Los Angeles.

Go fashionable or go home,
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Streamline Superheroes

k150_24heel iconMy love of vintage style and comic books finally crossed paths at the “Streamline Superheros” event at the Egyptian Theatre. With a lecture by film history writer Ann Marie Kelly, I learned how the origin of characters such as Superman began in the optimism of the between-the-wars era of the 1930s and how Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” inspired Gotham City. I also discovered why Superman wears his underwear on the outside – to model the strong men of the circus, and why he wears a cape – to show fast motion in the two-dimensional drawings.

Comic Books and Art Deco Lecture

For the event, I worked in a little superhero style of my own with a 1950’s-era vintage dress and purse matched with my comic-book socks and hair clip and had fun running into friends from the Art Deco Society who are always dressed to impress. I especially loved my friend Celeste’s dress, which featured gold bullet stud details and belt buckle!

Comic Book Fashion

Comic Book Fashion

Following the lecture, we were treated to shorts of 1940s Superman cartoons and the film, “Flash Gordon: Rocketship” from 1936 – with its endearing, early-era special effects that gave us all a good laugh.

To get the comic book look, there are lots of accessories available, especially from the creative folks on Etsy, where I got my hair clip. I put together a Polyvore collection of other comic book-inspired pieces. Check the links below to shop*.

Comic Book Hair Clip

Comic Book Socks

Comic Book Fashion

Comic Book Dress*

Comic Book Shoes

Comic Book Purse

Comic Book Necklace

Be sure to check out more cool events to get dressed up for at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood!

Be your own fashion superhero!

*See disclosure.

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Meeting Diane von Furstenberg at DVF Santa Monica

k150_24heel iconKnown for the iconic wrap dress of the ‘70s that made her a household name, Diane von Furstenberg is a legendary designer who has been turning out lines of gorgeous, colorful, flowing prints for several decades. The Belgian-born designer established herself not only as a fashion icon but became a strong supporter of women’s empowerment through the years. She’s a cancer survivor and the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, proving she herself is pretty tough stock.

When I heard Diane would be in LA this week, I had to figure out a way to go see her. So after a long day at work, I braved the traffic for the drive across the city to attend her book signing at her new store in Santa Monica.

Kastle and DVF

Diane’s been on my mind a lot lately, I recently purchased her new memoir*, “The Woman I Wanted To Be” on audio book and I’ve been watching her new reality show, “House of DVF” on E! Entertainment. She is such a strong, stylish woman, I can’t help but be drawn to her like the many others who showed up to meet her at the book signing.

Diane Von Furstenberg, Santa Monica

Diane Von Furstenberg, Santa Monica

The new DVF store just opened in Santa Monica this month and it is like walking into a fashion candy store – with all of Diane’s trademark pop art-style splashes of color, metallics and prints inspired by nature and pure glamour – leaves, flowers, stars, animal prints, kisses. And while she is known for the wrap dress, she does so much more – accessories from iPad cases to scarves and shoes. I only wish I could afford them!

Diane Von Furstenberg, Santa Monica

I did splurge to purchase the large, limited-edition table top book* “DVF: Journey of a Dress” to have her sign it and because I loved the exhibit in LA earlier this year (See Disco K.’s special report about it HERE.)

As I sat down with her on the hot pink couch in the boutique, I couldn’t help but be a bit star-struck. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of celebrities since living in LA and working as an entertainment journalist, but Diane is mega, and she holds a special spot in my heart for reasons I shared with her during our brief chat.

Diane Von Furstenberg, Santa Monica


Diane Von Furstenberg, Santa Monica

Post meeting, I strolled around the store looking at her beautiful clothes and headed back to my car to listen to Diane’s fabulously-accented voice reading her memoir to me on the drive home. I’m on the last chapter and wishing there was more, but she’s left me inspired in so many ways. As I work towards the goals I have for myself, I think, ‘What would Diane do?’

“Be the woman you want to be,” I would hear her say.

Thank you Diane for being a role model, an inspiration, a girl’s girl and a creator of fabulous fashions!

Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) Santa Monica is located at 395 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Fashion forward,


See disclosure.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Her

k150_24heel icon**This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

‘Tis the season to start shopping for holiday gifts. If you’re stuck on what to give friends and family, Modcloth put together a fab 2014 Holiday Gift Guide filled with items for her, him, trendsetters, animal lovers, party goers, vintage stylistas and more. And there are some pretty great things in there – I added a few to my own wish list!

When gifting for your fashionable female friends, I found sticking with accessories is always a sure bet. You can give something stylish to add to their fashionista collection, a practical layer of warmth or a quirky novelty item to make them smile.

I found three gift ideas to help you get your shopping list covered. Click the photo to shop* each item.

This turbin-style, wooly hat has a wonderful 1920’s feel to it.


These rosie earrings work with both modern and retro looks.

In the age of the selfie, this antique-style camera purse is a fun throwback!

Check out more gift ideas in the Modcloth 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!

Happy shopping!

*See disclosure.

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Modcloth Layered Look Challenge

k150_24heel iconThe weather is getting a wonderful chill in the air as the fall/winter season has arrived. That means it’s time to start adding some layers to your wardrobe. Layers can be a fun opportunity to play with colors and prints and textures. It can also be terribly intimidating in trying not to look like you got dressed with your eyes closed!

It’s hard not to have fun when it when you shop at Modcloth with all of their wonderful cardigan selections that can be popped over your favorite floral dress you just can’t give up after the summer. Then warm the whole look up with a cool coat and some snuggly accessories.

Modcloth Layered Look

For this layered look, I chose a color palette of red and blue with a couple of touches of tan, plus the retro feel I always lean toward. I just love the playful nautical coat and the animal lover in me adores the foxy scarf, which will keep your neck warm over the wide Peter Pan color of the more summery dress base layer. You’ll look cute through every layer as you peel down from coat to sweater to dress as you go from cold outdoor temperatures to indoor heaters or the sun coming out in the afternoon.

Don’t be afraid to mix prints and plaids with some novelty items or a pop of an unexpected color. Layering is not only about adding warmth but adding interest. Just keep your colors complementary and you’ll be good to go!

Here are the links to shop* the items in this look:






Fox Scarf


Happy layering!


*This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. See disclosure.

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Trip Report: Lake Tahoe

k150_24Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDEvery fall, as the summers linger in Los Angeles and the heat overstays its welcome, I get antsy to leave town and head for some cool, crisp weather. This year, I was particularly anxious to see the leaves put on their lush, colorful displays of golds and reds, which is just pure poetry to me.

We decided to head for Lake Tahoe, a place my parents always spoke fondly of because they went several times to celebrate special occasions, “You have to take the full drive around the lake” they told me.

Lake Tahoe

So we packed up and headed for Nevada. First stop Reno, affectionately known as the “biggest little city in the world,” which combines the quaint charm of small town life down the Truckee river, where we strolled down the river walk and stopped for a tasty lunch at the Wild River Grill. Then we did a quick exploration of the casino district which looked like it hadn’t changed since the Rat Pack ruled here. I love the vintage vibe but it also felt just a tad tawdry.

Reno, Nevada

Then a drive through Carson City brought us to higher elevations where we saw the gorgeous blue of the lake peek through the trees of Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe

The weather hovered around 60 degrees and we arrived in time for sunset and a few pictures before the temperatures dropped into the 30’s. Then we checked into the Zephyr Cove Resort, a rustic inn with a cabin-like feel. What we loved most about it was the cozy dining room of the restaurant, warmed by a big fireplace and a large bar. Decaf Irish coffees by the fire became my nightcap of choice for the weekend.

Lake Tahoe

We woke to perfect weather, not a cloud in the sky. We went shopping in Heavenly Village, a ski resort where a cluster of shops and cafes bustled, though at this time of year it was slow as they prepared for the onslaught of ski season. While they waited for snow, I was happy with having the place to ourselves and seeing the golds and reds of the trees in their fall colors. But I did need some warm clothes. Being an LA girl for the past many years, I am terrible at dressing for cold weather.

Heavenly Village, Lake Tahoe

So we stopped in Patagonia. I’ve always liked this brand because of their constant efforts in corporate responsibility and environmentalism (read about it here). Many of their clothes are made from recycled materials through their Common Threads program, and they work to ensure animal welfare by using Traceable Down from geese that are never plucked or force-fed.

I met Patagonia salesman, Tim, who educated me on how the layers work, starting with a light base layer, a warmer layer, a jacket and then a shell to protect from wind and rain. Since I wasn’t heading to the Arctic anytime soon, I opted for the first couple of layers with a Capeline 2 shirt in black and a Fleece Jacket in white that’s so soft and fluffy I felt like a little snow bunny the minute I put it on!

Shopping Patagonia

It was the perfect thing to wear as we headed out on a couple of hikes, first to Page Meadow where we hiked along the peaceful river and met some friendly people with super cute dogs along the way.

Page Meadow Lake Tahoe

Later, we stopped at Spooner Lake, a truly peaceful spot where you can really take a moment to breathe and be inspired.

Spooner Lake Tahoe

As my parents advised, we took a full day to drive around Lake Tahoe to take in its beauty from all angles. We were left breathless when we came across Emerald Bay and postcard perfect picture of nature’s full glory.

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

And we stopped for a bite to eat at Rosie’ Café in Tahoe City where lots of interesting vintage items dangle from the ceiling and our window seat had a fabulous view of the lake with our tasty quiche and salad.

Rosie's Cafe Tahoe City

Our 2 ½ days in Tahoe was just enough to explore the area and take a break from the city. It’s wonderful to get out in nature where the craziness of life seems to float away and you literally stop and smell the flowers. While we were lucky enough to see a group of deer cross in front of our car, we never saw any bears, though we heard about a bear called “One Eye” that hung around our hotel. It’s just as well because there were plenty of warnings to be careful about getting near them or leaving food in the car, especially now that they are trying to deter people from taking selfies with them. Hello! Can you say dangerous!

Deer crossing Nevada

But I did leave with a camera card of memories and a smile on my face. Thank you Lake Tahoe!

Until the next adventure,

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