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I Love Fall Most of All

It’s fall! I can’t express how much I love this season. I know I’m not alone in this feverish enthusiasm when a slight chill blows past, the leaves are about to change, pumpkin spice everything hits the shelves and I can wear the warm, yummy colors of fall fashion. Plus, October is my birthday month, which gives me one more reason to celebrate.

A Layered Look for Leadville

This year I started my fall adventures early in mid-September with a trip to Leadville, Colorado. This little, historic mining town sits at the highest point in Colorado and is the first to have cooler tempertures and the changing colors in the trees.

I did a little fall fashion shopping before the trip, and now that I live in a colder climate, I’m learning how to layer my vintage and vintage-inspired clothes. I invested in two cardigan sweaters in blue and tan, colors I never used to wear because I found them to be too conservative. Well, I’ve learned that paired with rich fall tones, these shades really pop. They are now staples in my autumnal wardrobe!

Fall Fashion Outfit With Orange Skirt and Leaf Scarf
For walking around Leadville’s main shopping street, Harrison Avenue, I created a vintage-inspired, fall fashion look with the tan cardigan over a black t-shirt and my favorite fall infinity scarf with falling leaves. I added a dark orange, vintage-reproduction swing skirt and a leather belt I picked up at Leadville’s main vintage store, the Mule Kick. Little black lace-up, moto-style boots were perfect for the 50-degree temperatures and taking in the scenery.

While we were there, we did some horseback riding through the aspen groves that were turning their stunning golden hues. These trees really are the supermodels of the forest. They are so tall and willowy and shimmer in the sunlight. I just love them!
Leadville Aspen Groves in Fall

Vintage Inspired Look for a Vintage Farm

My next fall adventure was out to the historic Ya Ya Farm and Orchid in Longmont, where they invite the public to come pick apples, pumpkins and flowers. For this, I wore another vintage-inspried look with my blue cardigan over a grey t-shirt and a plaid vintage full skirt and matching blue tights. I added my new vintage belt and a vintage satchel purse with tan lace-up and chunky, high-heeled boots.

Fall Fashion Outfit with Blue Plaid Skirt
In my hair, I wore headband I found on Etsy by Chatterblossom made with velvet, vintage leaves. So perfect for the season!
Fall Fashion Leaf Headband
Unfortunately, we were a little too late in the season for all the good picking, but we shopped the store where we bought pretty much everything they had made with apples and got to enjoy the lovely surroundings and pet the farm animals, including a huge white horse that took a nip at my hair! Naughty!

YaYa Farm Animals and Tractor

I’ve really been enjoying fall – and fall fashion shopping – this year and it’s not over yet! Stay tuned for more outfits and adventures in Colorado!



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Trip Report: Layered Look for Springtime in Denver

k150_28Stiletto_City_heel_iconSZDSometimes you just have to get out of town to escape the craziness of life. For me, a quick, budget-friendly, road trip up to Denver did the trick. I’ve had this city on my travel wish list and I was eager to experience some real winter weather (which we never get in LA!)

Denver seems to be on everyone’s radar lately, with the legalization of marijuana and lots of neighborhood rejuvenation, particularly in the downtown area, but it’s the beautiful mountain scenery and entrepreneurial spirit that drew me there. Craft beer is big, the art and media scene is booming with lots of creative energy, and big ol’ Google is moving into nearby Boulder.

There’s even a vintage scene for little ol’ me. I found some great vintage shopping along South Broadway, picked up a vintage purse at Night and Day Vintage and a lacy slip at Boss Unlimited. I checked out the punky alt styles at Fashion Nation where I met retro-lovin’ scenester and hairstylist Polly Rockett (be sure to check out her handmade hair flowers!).

Denver vintage on South Broadway

A hipster Goodwill store, which was super clean and organized, came to the rescue when we were surprised by an incoming snowstorm. I scored a snow-protecting winter coat and brand new waterproof snow boots on the cheap because this LA girl didn’t have warm enough clothes! After running my new-to-me coat through a dry cleaner, it kept me toasty warm while hurling snowballs at my man!

snowball Fight

SoBro, as they call it, is bustling at night with youthful energy and plenty of bars and restaurants. But it was the rockabilly hangs that I was interested in. We had dinner at Gary Lee’s Motor Club and Grub, crazy ice cream flavors at Sweet Action, popped our heads in for some live music at the Skylark Lounge and had cocktails and donut holes at Adrift Tiki Bar.

We explored other areas around town including strolling Larimer Square and 16th Street Mall, which is magical at night with sparkle lights and horse drawn carriages, One of my favorite stops was Union Station, a beautiful, historical train station, lovingly preserved, which felt ultra elegant, safe and clean, with lots of shops and cafes. That’s how travel should be everywhere!

Denver Union Station

I had pure food joy when we stopped for dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill, a restaurant owned by Ted Turner, where I tried bison meat for the first time. What a pleasant surprise! It’s a very light meat, a little sweet, low fat and ultra healthy. Not only that, it was cooked perfect medium rare. I’m a fan.

Bison Burger at Ted's Montana Grill Denver

I also discovered the wonder of Voodoo Donuts, I spotted a girl carrying a box of them and immediately hit Google until I tracked it down and had me a giant sugar rush with a “McMinnville Donut” (raised yeast shell filled with Bavarian cream, topped with maple frosting and a set of eyes and mustache.) I had heard about this crazy donut shop when it opened in Portland and was excited to find one on our trip – it’s worth waiting the ever present long lines to get that fix!

Voodoo Donuts Denver

What I Wore

For someone who lives in a warm climate, I’m always a little puzzled on how to look cute and sleek while bundling up. While the clothes I brought on my trip didn’t quite make the cut when Colorado’s temperatures dropped suddenly, they served me as best they could. I paired a mod striped black sweater, over a t-shirt and some skinny black jeans over thin base layer leggings, and pointy ankle boots. My e-tip gloves let me use my phone while keeping my hands warm, and a cute, cherry-print scarf kept my hair in check and added a festive pop of springtime color to counter all the black.

Layered Look

Wearing a Layered Look

In Denver, the snowiest month of the year is March. So while everyone else is celebrating the arrival of springtime, Denverites can find themselves digging out of a blizzard, followed by very mild days. So what’s a girl to wear? A layered look! And just because it’s still cold at the turn of spring doesn’t mean you can’t bust out some colorful florals, like this botanical print full skirt. Pair the bold floral with another bold print of a striped sweater with sweet bow tie to create a strong yet playful look. You can always take the sweater off to reveal a statement-making t-shirt such as this book lover’s tee (Denver is home to many bookstores!) And don’t leave home without a jacket to stay warm when the temperature suddenly drops. This storm-ready trench coat in bright red does the trick and adds to the overall look rather than just being practical for warmth. Click the links to shop* this look!

Layered Look

So even if spring throws you a surprise cold front, you’ll be ready.

Layer on,

Photos edited with PicMonkey*. Get it!


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Mad for Plaid

k150_25heel iconWinter is the perfect times to bust out the plaid. Something about it lends itself to snuggly warmth. From tartan red punk rock to catholic girl school skirts, plaid provides a touch of edge and innocence. Plus, it’s a great texture to layer with. Don’t be afraid to mix your plaids with floral and other prints, the key is always to help the colors play off each other to create an entire look. See example below.

Check out the links to shop* each item.

Plaid Winter Fashion

Shop* this look:

Dress | Jacket  | Scarf | Bag | Shoes

Mixed Texture Winter Fahion

Shop* this look:

Jacket | Dress | Hat | Bag | Booties

Snuggle up!


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Modcloth Layered Look Challenge

k150_24heel iconThe weather is getting a wonderful chill in the air as the fall/winter season has arrived. That means it’s time to start adding some layers to your wardrobe. Layers can be a fun opportunity to play with colors and prints and textures. It can also be terribly intimidating in trying not to look like you got dressed with your eyes closed!

It’s hard not to have fun when it when you shop at Modcloth with all of their wonderful cardigan selections that can be popped over your favorite floral dress you just can’t give up after the summer. Then warm the whole look up with a cool coat and some snuggly accessories.

Modcloth Layered Look

For this layered look, I chose a color palette of red and blue with a couple of touches of tan, plus the retro feel I always lean toward. I just love the playful nautical coat and the animal lover in me adores the foxy scarf, which will keep your neck warm over the wide Peter Pan color of the more summery dress base layer. You’ll look cute through every layer as you peel down from coat to sweater to dress as you go from cold outdoor temperatures to indoor heaters or the sun coming out in the afternoon.

Don’t be afraid to mix prints and plaids with some novelty items or a pop of an unexpected color. Layering is not only about adding warmth but adding interest. Just keep your colors complementary and you’ll be good to go!

Here are the links to shop* the items in this look:






Fox Scarf


Happy layering!


*This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. See disclosure.

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