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Dinair: Airbrush Makeup

k150_19heel iconA few months ago at the Mimi Mae opening party, I met two fun ladies from Dinair  who told me the awesome benefits of airbrush makeup. I’d never tried it before and was curious about how it work and what it looks like. They said, “stop by and get a demo to see for myself.”

So I did just that. Dinair has its corporate headquarters and a groundfloor showroom in the North Hollywood area, where you can get an airbrush makeover to see how the tool works and test-run the product.

Set up with Vanity Girl Hollywood makeup mirrors* and an assortment of little bottles in all shades and colors, I was shown how to load the airbrush tool with a few drops of foundation and use the right amount of pressure to apply for light to full coverage. The airbrush feels like cool air being blown on your face as the foundation mist is so light it never feels wet.

I was then given some blush and choice of eyeshadow – I chose a champagne color with some dramatic shading of dark blue. My makeup artist was even able to do eyeliner by holding the airbrush close to the skin and using a dotting technique. She also filled in my eyebrows with the help of a stencil.

She finished off the look with some highlighter on my cheekbones and a quick blast of  “sealer” all over.




I looked in the mirror and loved it. The foundation was so smooth and the coverage was way more even than I get with regular makeup applied with a sponge, my fingers or a brush.

I wore it out for the night and the makeup stayed put. I only had to do a little powder on my nose late into the evening but other than that, no shininess or creasing.

I was impressed. Want to try it? Ring up Dinair and get a demo. They’re open on weekdays and Saturdays. The kits are available in the showroom or for purchase online starting at $129 for the Personal Basic Makeup System. They also have more extensive professional artist systems, a body kit for “Air Tans” (a little more involved as you’d probably need someone to do it for you and a tent to stand in so it doesn’t go all over the room.) I was also intrigued with the stencils to do body jewelry, temporary tattoos and wild eye makeup.

Get airbrushed!


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Pro Beauty Tips: False Eyelashes

k150_16heel iconNeed a beauty boost? Why not start the New Year wearing glamorous, flirty lashes? Whether you’re a regular false eyelash wearer or someone who’s been wanting to try them but doesn’t know where to start, I have some tips for you!

I met celebrity makeup artist Elle Leary at an Ulta Beauty demonstration for Eylure Lashes and not only did she make me up with fun Katy Perry lashes, she had some awesome tips for applying lashes (and was a super nice person to boot!) So I just had to interview her to find out all of her pro tips and we dished on an exciting new lash line Katy Perry has in store for you in January!

Read my article on Lashes 101 in my report for Yahoo! HERE


Lash out in 2013!


Katy Perry Lashes and Stiletto City Lash Tutorial Video

Eyebrow Stencils: Put Some Wow in Your Brows

Lip Color That Lasts

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Beauty-ful Holiday Gifts Sets

k150_16heel iconEvery year, my mom asks me to send her a list of what I want for Christmas and the tradition began that the list is always beauty products –

for one, because she loves shopping for them as much as I do and for two, there are so many ultra cute beauty box sets that come out for the holidays.

This year I put together a list for YOU of some of the great sets I found to put on your wish list or gift to someone else.

Click here to check my list of products from Benefit, Kat Von D, MAC, Too Faced and Sephora in my report for Yahoo!



Here’s to a beautiful holiday!

*Photos provide by Sephora PR

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Lip Color That Lasts

There’s nothing like a kisser that goes POW! Color-drenched lips can really define a look. But I find so many lipsticks go on full of color and disappear a few minutes later. I recently discovered two fantastic brands that make highly-pigmented lip colors that LAST.

Read on to my article for Yahoo! Beauty – your lips will thank you!

Pucker up!

Products mentioned in this blog were sampled at an event and purchased by the author. See Disclosure.

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Mini Makeup Palettes: Looking Good on the Go

A much as I love the ritual of getting ready, putting on makeup, experimenting with color, trying a new look, using just the right makeup brush, sometimes I simply don’t have time. As a working girl and blogger-about-town, there are occasions when I just need to rush out the door with my heels in my hands because I can’t run fast enough. It’s those times when little cosmetic shortcuts really come in handy. Find out my secret to “getting my face on” when I just don’t have time, in the video below!

[youtube http://youtu.be/HWWPs3KXA2A]

The hurried glamourpuss,

* Products mentioned in this blog were purchased by the author.  See Disclosure.


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Katy Perry Lashes: You Too Can Be a “Cool Kitty”!

Whether she’s rockin’ some blue hair or using her assets for her own version of cutesy sensuality, Katy Perry has a unique sense of style that seems to come with a little nod to retro pinup glamour and tongue ‘n’ cheek humor.

She’s been building a beauty empire with nail polish, perfumes, and she recently launched a new line of Katy Perry signature eyelashes that are perfect for a boosted sweet ‘n’ wholesome look or a dramatic night out.

Click here to read more about them in my report for Yahoo!

Learn some false eyelash application tips and see me wearing Katy Perry’s “Cool Kitty” lashes in the video below:

[youtube http://youtu.be/aNs-Dt4bEP0]

The eyes have it,


Products mentioned in this blog were purchased by the author.  See Disclosure.
Photos courtesy of Eylure

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Besame Cosmetics & the Book of “Classic Beauty”

Creating a retro look is not just about finding a great dress in your favorite vintage store, it’s also about having the right hair and makeup.  And that means studying up on styles of the past because they vary with each decade. Should your hair have finger waves, victory rolls or be teased up big? Should lips be red or neutral? And what about that eyebrow arch? Nobody has a better handle on historical looks than Bésame Cosmetics and that’s validated by the fact that most of the vintage stores in town carry the line.  From the packaging to the colors to the application, Bésame has been giving aspiring pinup girls an authentic retro experience since 2004. Each item is like a little piece of jewelry – lipsticks in ornate metal bullet casings (Red Velvet is my favorite!) and equally pretty refillable powder compacts.

So who better to write the book on makeup than Bésame founder Gabriela Hernandez? She recently released, “Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup,” a sleek, substantial  book that explores the varying definitions of what’s been considered “beautiful,” through the years, including the color palettes that defined different eras and some amazing contraptions such as the “Hollywood Lift” skin lift bands (1964) and the “Lip Stencil” (1938) that women have used to create a desired look.

I got a chance to speak with Gabriela when I went to her book signing at ReVamp Vintage. She told me it took a few years to put together this chronicle of cosmetics, that by the way, makes a fabulous coffee table conversation piece!  She pointed out how the little details were lovingly researched, such as the history of the mascara spiral brush applicator that was invented and patented in 1939 only to become a staple of the cosmetics industry in the late 1950s after the originator’s patent expired.

Gabriella was a joy to speak with, it’s clear how much she loves  makeup and creating authentic looks based on some serious research. So pickup up “Classic Beauty,” it’s a great read for those who love retro looks as well as professional cosmologists and makeup lovers in general.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go powder my nose,

Products mentioned in this blog were purchased by the author.  See Disclosure.

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Michelle Phan: Glamour Star

I love YouTube makeup videos. I’m so grateful to makeup artists who put these out because I’ve learned so many tips and tricks to create new looks for the seasons, for retro inspired outfits, and of course glamorous nights out. One of the most famous artists is Michelle Phan, who became such a web sensation with her makeup tutorials that she was hired by Lancôme Cosmetics to begin demonstrating ways to use their products. Now Michelle has launched her own limited-edition kit for Lancôme. The set is called Glamour Eyes and features the “Chic by Chelle” palette used to create three different looks Michelle designed herself – natural, diva and a smoldering eye look (Michelle’s personal favorite.) The kit also includes inky Artliner Precision Point EyeLiner and Hypnose Drama Instant Full Body Volume mascara.

And nothing promotes makeup like Michelle herself, so she went on the road like a makeup rock star to make appearances at Sephora, signing the kit and meeting fans that have only seen her on their computer screens.

What would have been an otherwise quiet Monday evening at Glendale’s Americana at Brand outdoor mall, was lit up with eager girls, clutching their newly purchased palettes that entitled them to a wristband for a signing. The line  eventually ran all the down to the back of the store as makeup fans waited patiently to  see their YouTube idol up close.

Michelle arrived to cheers from the crowd, her petite frame stylishly dressed in a light beige, softly scallop-textured dress and killer high heels (love ya for that!) and of course her hair and makeup were flawless! She sweetly greeted and hugged each fan, signed their kit, and sent them off with a smile to try their new look.

Read more on Michelle on her website and see the photos of her signing at Sephora here:

 Michelle Phan at Sephora

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D50fpHtTDPc] See the video for the Glamour Eyes looks

Glam on,

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Happy New You!

It’s a new year, a time to start fresh, recover from the holiday madness, and make resolutions. One of mine for this year is to take better care of my skin. I found a great place to conquer this at a new, all-organic spa in Los Feliz. Heaven Skin Spa was opened by two sisters, Suchana and Tanawan, who both perfected their skills working at other spas around town. This intimate space is focused just on treatment with two rooms – one for the face and one for the body. Their prices are extremely reasonable, which makes it affordable to schedule on a regular basis (be sure to check out their special deals!)

Their services include facials, massage and waxing. I go for the facials, which are so relaxing I usually fall asleep for part of it – I swear Suchana has magic hands! They will examine your skin to determine the best treatment to do at that moment. The products they use are all natural from the Éminence Handmade Organic Skin Care of Hungary line and everything smells delicious. Every time I walk out of there, my skin is glowing, not just for hours, for days. Heaven really is a good name for this place!

Keeping up your looks also requires a good hair stylist. When you find one you like, you’ll stick with them for years and I found Elizabeth at Ellouise Salon in Pasadena after another salon’s hairdresser destroyed my hair by applying the wrong color then over-bleaching to try to get it out. A co-worker saw my ravaged hair and gave me Elizabeth’s number telling me she was an expert colorist. She took my damaged locks and reworked the color (see “after” photo above.) She’s been gently nursing it back to health for the past couple of years. She’s also great with cuts – I love the way she does long layers.

Another treat I discovered at Elloise, is makeup artist Rachelle. There’s nothing like having a professional apply your makeup to learn new tips and tricks. Rachelle taught me how to do smoky eye with a pop of color. I also have her wax my eyebrows – quick, painless, and at a great price. They look so good when she’s done I don’t  have to shade them in at all!

I also love the atmosphere at Ellouise, the place looks like a gothic loft you’d find tucked away in an old castle – owner Sandi is an animal activist, world traveler and supporter of the local arts community. The salon has rotating art installations and opening receptions, as well as jewelry sales by local designers, which often sparks some lively creative conversations while you’re getting your hair and makeup done.

Here’s to a Happy New YOU!

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Makeup by Video

I am a self-proclaimed girly girl and I LOVE cosmetics, the colors, the way they can enhance your skin and add to your wardrobe. I’ve worked as a copywriter for a cosmetics company (dream job!) and I love to try new products and looks. Recently I’ve been addicted to two makeup video blogs MakeupGeek.com and FashionFace.TV (aka Pixiwoo on YouTube.com) where I have learned new tricks in applying makeup and started keeping a list of lots of products to try out. (My poor credit card!) I’ve had fun completely updating my makeup and brush collection and highly recommend the tips from these ladies, they are professional makeup artists and they know what they’re doing. Find a new look for yourself today!




That’s all for now. Be sure to check out the Pajama Diaries on Stiletto City – and see what happens when the heels come off!

Until next time,

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