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Vanity Girl Hollywood: Bringing Glamour to the Party and the Home

Living in Hollywood, an abundant amount parties and clubs is a regular perk of the city.   At many events you’ll find a DJ, a bar, maybe even a goodie bag full of product giveaways. But one entrepreneurial woman is offering something us beauty lovers can really get behind – mini makeovers to liven up your look while you’re out. Maxine Tatlonghari, founder of Vanity Girl Hollywood*, began bringing beauty bars to the party – and I can’t believe we went without them for so long! If you are lucky enough to attend an event she is at, you can grab a cocktail, sit down in a chair in front of one of her fabulous mirrors, and have one of her “glam posse” of professional makeup artists give you big, sweeping eyelashes or a colorful new pout.

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Be the star you are!

Photo courtesy of Vanity Girl Hollywood

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