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Falling for Fall: Leaf Peeping

I love fall. It’s my favorite season – the weather turns cool, the leaves change to a bonfire of colors and drift from the trees to give me the delight of crunching under my feet like potato chips. I get to bundle in groovy jackets, stylish scarves and boots, and I just have more energy to go out and be adventurous.

I recently got to escape the relentless 90 degree weather of LA’s late summer go to to Eastern Europe where the weather was in the 40s-60s and I couldn’t have been happier, especially when we stumbled upon a gorgeous park in Warsaw Poland covered with a blanket of orange leaves gently touched by perfect sunlight. I just had to stop and play!

Read about my adventures in leaf peeping last year in Vermont in the interior design blog I contribute to HERE and on the Lomography site HERE.

(Look for a full report on my recent travels to Warsaw, Budapest and Amsterdam coming soon!)

Hooray for fall!

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