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Smart Beauty and Fashion Finds for Earth Day

k150_23SZDEarth Day is coming on April 22 – what it’s time to think about being kind to this dear planet we live on. That means recycling more, contributing to landfills less. It also means thinking about some of our purchasing decisions, to reduce our carbon footprint and use only materials that are sustainable and/or recycled. I found a few great products from The Ultimate Green Store that are practical and stylish. Click the photo to shop*.


Eco Makeup Brushes


Organic Terry Bathrobe

Recycled Seat Belt Purse

solar backpack

Solar Charger Backpack


Keep it green,

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Tag: Earth Day

Hooray for Earth Day – Let’s Have Green Drinks!

k150_19heel iconHappy Earth Day!  Our poor planet has been beat up – too much disposable consumerism choking the landfills, too many toxins in everything. It’s not only hurting the planet, it’s hurting our health and it’s making precious animals like the polar bear go on the verge of extinction – and that just makes me sad.

I try to do as many sustainable actions in my life as possible – to conserve energy, not be wasteful, recycle, reuse, bring my own bags when I go shopping, drive a Prius. I’ll admit I’m not perfect, sometimes I forget my bags, sometimes there isn’t a place to recycle something and I put it in the trash. Sometimes I really want to buy something I know isn’t planet-friendly. But I try. If everybody at least TRIES, all those little actions add up to a big impact.


And as you may know from reading this blog, I like to go out. And one place I found where I can let my green flag fly is Green Drinks, where like-minded greenies get together and enjoy eco-cocktails (yes, there are organic liquors, made with organic juices, you just have look for them.) The events take place in cities all around the world. In Los Angeles, the drinks are made courtesy of bartender Michelle Green Queen (see interview) and take place on the East and West sides of town alternately so no matter where you live, it’s close enough. We meet, chat about what we do, what we’re passionate about and inspire each other. It’s a friendly informal group that meets once a month and no matter what shade of green you are -from doing a little to a lot, all are welcome. Follow LA Green Drinks on Facebook to learn of upcoming events.


At the recent Green Drinks celebrating Earth Day, there were models wearing fashions designed completely from trash found on the beach – dirty Styrofoam paper plates and cups, cigarette filters and potato chip bags. It’s shocking to realize how lazy people are – really, you can’t even put something in a trash can, let alone a recycle bin and just leave it on the beach for others to have to look at? Makes ya think.

Check out the party pix below:




So this Earth Day, think little – little actions you can take every day to be more socially responsible. Turn off the lights you aren’t using, get a recycling bin in your home.  It all makes a difference!

Be green,


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Tag: Earth Day

Earth Month 2011

April is Earth Month and it’s a great time to discover new ways to lower your carbon footprint, go to events and discover new green products.

I kicked off my Earth Month by attending the rededication of the Whaling Wall mural in Redondo Beach, where I met marine life artist Wyland. You can’t help but like this guy who is so passionate about the ocean and protecting our waters, plus he has an amazing gift of art, and I mean BIG art! Wyland painted 100 Whaling Wall murals on buildings around the world as gifts to raise awareness of the beauty of our oceans in hopes people will work to preserve them. At this event, they rededicated the 87′ x 622′ mural to Redondo Beach after Wyland did a little restoration touch-up, including two new baby whales, on the 20-year-old mural. And it is a sight to behold, if you’re ever in that part of town, drive to 1100 North Harbor Drive and see for yourself, then do your part to keep our beaches looking that beautiful.

My next green stop was at the Go Green Expo at the LA Convention Center where rows of vendors gathered to show their eco-friendly wares. I picked up some biodegradable trash bags from BioBuilt, some super cute reusable snack bags from Wrap-N-Mat and Re-Pac (no more plastic zip-locks in my lunch bag) and a gorgeously soft sweater made from organic cotton and recycled materials from kikaPaprika. I also sat in on the green pets panel and learned one key thing to keeping your pets and yourself healthy – take off your shoes when you enter your house! We carry loads of nasty toxins into our homes by the soles of our shoes! Who knew?

On the eve of Earth Day, I attended the Earth Night cocktail party at Environment Furniture. This sprawling space filled with furniture made from sustainable sources (but sadly a bit out of my price range) was a lovely setting and filled to the brim with greenies looking to connect. However, my green scenester pals, including blogger/eco-bartender Michelle Green Queen and Caramie from Solargy Comfort, spent a good chunk of time swooning over Prison Break actor Paul Adelstein (pictured here with Michelle.) Nice to know he’s a greenie! And I especially enjoyed the speech from Grist.org Sr. Editor Lisa Hymas about being a “GINK: green inclinations, no kids” because overpopulation is using up our world’s resources at an alarming rate. She put it in perspective: “There are benefits to not having kids – if I had kids, I couldn’t be here partying with you tonight!” Read her article about it on Grist here.

That’s the green scene,


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