The Checkers, International Swingers: Rock!

January 27, 2012

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I’m a rocker. When I feel excited, happy, angry, frustrated or I just want to drown out my noisy neighbors, I put in my earbuds and rock out. Music has always given me a boost from when I was a teenager and decided I want to move to Los Angeles to become a music journalist (I covered music and nightclubs for the Los Angeles Times for 5 years) to now. I have an entire wall of shelves dedicated to my massive music collection including vinyl, CDs and books. I refuse to give it up in favor of much more compact digital versions. (Yes, moving is hell!) Though I don’t hit the clubs every night like I used to, I still get out for a good show once in a while. Below are some photos from a recent show with the Checkers and International Swingers that reunited me with some old friends and classic rock stars.

The Checkers

I feel like I’ve grown up with singer Julie Green, we’ve known each other so long. Her band is a savvy mix of cool girly pop, mod and new wave. She’s got a rad ‘60s style that I love but she can break you with some punk rawk attitude! Check out their CDs “Running with Scissors” and “Make a Move.”


The International Swingers

Talk about all stars! Featuring former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, Blondie’s Clem Burke, Gene Loves Jezebel/Generation X/The Alarm’s James Stevenson and 20 Flight Rockers’ Gary Twinn, this band blew the roof off lil’ ol’ Skinny’s bar in North Hollywood for a not-so-secret show before they headed out for an Australian tour. They performed hits from all of their previous bands and the crowd went absolutely ballistic, especially when they busted out a little Pistols’ anarchy. Yeah! Bring it!

See photos from the show here.

Rock on,

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