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Get the Look: Comic Book Fashion

k150_23SZDheel iconThe movie , “Thor: The Dark World” is coming out next weekend and I for one am super excited to see one of my favorite superheroes grace the big screen once again. With all the comic book based films coming out (thank you Marvel and DC Comics!), what’s more fun to get in the spirit than to dress with a little comic POW! WHAM! BANG! These comic book accessories are both fun and fashionable and perfect for a night at the movies or hitting your local comic book store or convention to add to your collection.

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ThorEarrings ThorCuff
MarvelBag WonderWomanBag
SupermanLeggings BatmanSocks

Tie one on with The Avengers with a bright scarf worn on the neck or as a headband. (As mentioned in my October Favorites Video: youtu.be/-IY-sGwPWQ8.) Thor hammer lightening bolt earrings* and cuff bracelet* are what you need this month to celebrate Thor’s return to the big screen. The Marvel Flight Bag* or Wonder Woman Hobo Bag* will hold all the essentials you need to conquer the world, while chilly nights call for Superman leggings* or Batman over the knees socks*.

Now go get ’em!


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Tag: Comic book

The Funny Papers

I got an art fix of a different kind over at La Luz de Jesus Gallery for the opening reception of  Pop-Sequentialism: Comic Art of the Modern Age. I’ve acquired a recent love of comic book art and their characters after developing my own comic strip superhero for a work project. So this was a great way to see a whole lot of classic works under one roof and displayed as the fine art they deserve to be thought as. This particular exhibit included the Watchmen, All Star Superman, Fables and the Walking Dead, Apparently I’m not the only comic book nerd in town as the reception (which took place the evening before Free Comic Book day at all the local shops) was packed with all kinds of interesting real life characters. I managed to snap a couple of stylish girls for our Stiletto City Style Spotlight. Thanks Danni and Victoria  for letting me take your picture:


That’s it for now,

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