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Violent Lips and Eyes: Get Your Sparkle On!

k150_16heel iconThe holidays are over and it’s always a bit sad when the decorations have to come down and everything looks so blah without the sparkle. I found a way to bring some festive spirit back – in your look! Check out Violent Lips and Eyes, glittery and patterned lip color and eyeshadow that is applied as a stick-on decal. I don’t care how good you are with a makeup brush, you’ll never get these looks yourself!  Violent Lips come in all kinds of animal prints, stripes, polka dots, even checkered.  Violent Eyes come in colored glitter and a Union Jack pattern. They are so much fun for an extreme look, a bold party statement or a costume/ theme look.

Shop the Glitteratti Mix Collection at ViolentLips.com*

Shop Violent Eyes at ViolentLips.com*

And with the Superbowl approaching, you can rock the colors of your favorite team with Game Day lips!*

Source: violent-lips.tumblr.com via Stiletto on Pinterest


And be sure to check out their videos on how to apply Violent Lips and Eyes.

Sparkle via YOU!

Photos from the Violent Lips Tumblr page via Pinterest.

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