Sixties and the City

June 30, 2011

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I recently feel in love – with a store. Invited to attend a product launch at the Lomography Gallery Store, I had no idea what I was in for. I walked into this colorful place and discovered hundreds of cameras in bright colors and designs – crazy fisheye lenses, panoramic shooters and more, all looking like some kind of crazy toys from Hello Kitty to pop art.  Lomography is the art of analog photography, all film, no digitals, these cameras perform all kinds of tricks from wild angles to double exposure to push the envelope on creative expression. With so much possibility, a creative mind could go crazy in this story – and they can help with that too – plenty of books on hand to show what can be done with these cameras plus workshops to try your hand. The store and website aim to create a Lomography community encouraging everyone to shoot from the hip, share tips, enter contests and swap photos. I’m in! The party was the release of the new La Sardina, modeled to look like sardine tin and the party theme was a night in Venice with mandolin players and sales clerks dressed like gondoliers, and don’t forget the Italian Ice- my pal Cary was on hand with his C.K. Farnsworth’s Vintage Soda Fountain serving up handmade, all-natural Italian ice and OMG those are good! All I know is I will be back to this store to start my new analog camera collection – look for some cool photos coming to this blog! In the meantime check out some snaps below from the party.

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