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November 9, 2011

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I got a chance to attend the BlogWorld New Media Expo at the LA Convention Center last week. Imagine if you will – thousands of manic, Tweeting, Facebooking social media movers and shakers, exchanging tips and Twitter handles, crammed in one building to lift the online world to the next level.

I was absolutely inspired and excited to see what can be done with branding and blogging in this new space. I was also quite taken with the speakers as I watched a full day of them. They were smart, charming, and even quite funny. And it was nice to be in a room with people who spoke my same hashtagging, bit.ly shortened @language.

I even ran into social powerhouse Ramon DeLeon who has put Domino’s pizza on the map in Chicago, yes Chicago, you know the town of the classic deep dish? Well, move over Chicago pizza, Ramon owns that town and has done it through being all over the web. He was more than willing to share a few tips with me in the lunchroom. Thanks Ramon!

Then I stopped by the WordPress “Happiness Bar” in the exhibit hall where they helped me adjust my blog template. WordPress really did serve up some happiness that day!

And I plucked out a few noteworthy (and Tweet-worthy) words of wisdom from the series of speakers I saw. Follow them on Twitter, heed their words. You’ll no doubt learn a thing or two about being a social media guru yourself!

From @Guy Kawasaki

“Google+ is to Facebook what Apple is to Windows”

 “What truly enchants me about this technology is that it’s going to be used in unanticipated ways.”

 From HARO’s @PeterShankman

 “Learn to write. Bad writing is killing America. And it will kill your business.”

 “Everyone tells you to have a backup plan for when you fail. Here’s a better thought, have one for when you succeed, when that thing blows up and goes viral. Be sure to put your contact information on it!”

 “As much as you’re going to do great things, you’re also going to screw up. Own it. Apologize, tell the world how you’re going to fix it and move on.”

 “If you don’t have haters, you’re not doing enough to change the status quo.”

From David Murray @DaveMurr

“Your content is your product”

 “Be a helpful resource of information, not just information about yourself.”

From Debba Haupert @Girlfriendology

“Spend your time strategically because we are all limited in the time we have.”

“Find other like-minded bloggers and promote each other rather than compete.”

 From @MariSmith

“This business isn’t B2B or B2C, it’s P2P – people to people”

 “Before you post anything, ask yourself – what is my deepest intent?”

From Amber Naslund, Radian 6 @AmberCadabra

“We are the wayfarers, we are the people responsible for ushering in this new era. We see the future nobody else sees – we can’t even define it yet.”

“We are the missing link for business of the last 20 years and the business we are creating for the future.”

 See the photos from BlogWorld, click the link below:

Photos from BlogWorld 2011

Thanks BlogWorld and all the amazing presenters and exhibitors. I learned so much! My Klout score is gonna go through the roof!

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